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Samsung Galaxy A32 128GB (Black) $224 + Delivery ($0 C&C/In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Key features

64MP quad camera with Macro lens
6.4" Display with 90Hz refresh rate
5,000mAh battery lasts up to 48 hours**

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  • Hope A33 at this price.

    • It may be out of stock by tomorrow, they will say no.

  • 4G network for this mobile phone. Hope 5G version will be available for sale soon at JB.

    • +2

      Not sure if you want the 32 5G though, faster SOC but far worse screen.

  • Resolution 1,600 by 720 pixels.

    • +2

      Which is starting to get pretty rough at 6.4".

      • +7

        That's what …said?

      • +1

        Really? I use a 27" Dell screen with a deliberately chosen 1080x1920 resolution and it looks great. You're telling me that 1600x720 on a tiny screen is somehow bad? 🤣

      • +2

        so this is 1080 x 2400 pixels?

        ok yes it is 1080x2400. is there any problems with this phone? looks decent for the price

      • Good catch. That's a lot better then.

        • +3

          The SOC is antique though. 12nm A75 cores

          • +1

            @annarchon: Eh, 4 years late isn't too bad. The sd835/636 gen is when efficiency gotten good enough battery that you barely would notice it in every day life. I imagine this one would be ok

          • @annarchon: just saw a video on youtube (wasnt in english but time is universal)

            screen on time with 1hr activities + 3hr gaming was over 7 hours overall… thats massive…

            can you change from 90hz to 60? to get more?
            might not be worth it for what you scarifice…

            anyway seems to be no stock at stores - ordered at jb online because ow site gave me errors… see if they fulfill…
            would be a decent phone for mum… who just wechat/fb messenger video calls all day…

    • That's the res on the 5G version. This has the better 1080P 90Hz display instead

  • +4

    Note that the 5G variant has a 60Hz 720p TFT display. This one has a 90Hz 1080p AMOLED display.

  • -1

    Ram is 4gb I'm guessing??

    • -5

      You don't have to guess. Just Google it.

      It does have 4GB of RAM.

      • +14

        I thought this is ozbargain and not reddit where people don't click on links….

        128GB on-board storage with 6GB RAM

        The 1080p screen is right there as well, and yet people are saying its the 720p from the A32 5G.


        • my bad, I googled the model didn't realise there was 2 versions. happy to be corrected.

          Resolution is the first thing I look for.

      • +3

        Wrong. Maybe you should google it next time.

        • +7

          Or just click on the frikin link and read the description… Lol

        • -1

          I did haha. My favourite site for phone specs has failed me :/

          Sorry guys, I would downvote my comment too if I was able to

  • Looks like a very good price. What's the catch?

  • Mediatek kills it

  • Bought one for mum. Too good to pass up.

    • I'm sure your mum will be happy with it. I know that mine would be.

      • Wait….your mum and my mum is the same mum? Does it mean we are the long lost siblings?!! *Mind-blowing fact!

  • +1

    So tempted but hesitant getting a phone without a decent waterproof rating.

  • Price beat at OW before it’s too late

  • +1

    Thanks OB, ordered now with C&C ( it will be gone by tomorrow) to replace my wife Galaxy A50, similar specs, but 2 years younger, newest software, better camera, 5000mA and FHD+ AMOLED. I consider a huge deal at this price.

    • Major FOMO.. bought one for my mum

  • Ordered 2 Thanks OP ;)

  • Tempting, been waiting for a Xiaomi phone deal but this price is good.

  • +1

    I assume not a real upgrade from TCL Plex, except the software and 90Hz

  • Got one for mum, replacing iphone6s.

    • Your mum won't be happy for sure, I found previous generation would stick to one mobile O/S, otherwise you would get the constant complaint from them

  • +17

    Officeworks just dropped their price to $217:


    • Thank you, ordered 1 for my mum, i want to buy this phone few day ago around $360 at Samsung Edu but some nice deal show up now :D

    • +1

      Thanks, even donated the difference.

  • +2

    $217 with free delivery at OW

  • +1

    Thanks OP, ordered 2, perfect phone for parents.

  • Note that because this phone was released in February 2021, it only has a further 1.5 years of security updates planned from Samsung.

  • +1

    Is this dual SIM?

    • Just click the link. It says "yes" under details

    • +1

      Ended up getting one from OW beacuse of the dual Sim and dedicated SD card slot.

  • How is the camera compare to something like S10?

  • Is this an upgrade over LG V30+?

  • This is insanely good value. Think of the contrast with phones that are now costing nearly 10 times more, with barely any real increase in utility

  • Thanks OP. I got one.

    BUT the time was wrong, and when I checked, it was set to the Indo-Pacific (Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to be exact).

    That's very strange.

    If it didn't come from JB HiFi, I would have thought that it was a grey import.

    • Look up service provide software version, it should end with XSA

    • Mine was the same?

      • Go to

        About Phone
        Software Information
        Service provider software version

        There will be a string, and it should be ending with XSA which means Unlocked Australian version.

        Or it might be one of these


        Telstra, Vodafone, Optus versions all have their own codes as well. But an unlocked device like this is mostly likily to be XSA, at least my one from OW is.

        If its a non-australian version, you might run into problems with vowifi and samsung pay.

        • Thanks a lot mate.

          I haven't had time to put a SIM card in it yet, and the phone is unlocked.

          But XSA is there, so I assume it looks good?

          My service provider software version (in case someone wants to compare):



  • Go one for my son who is going to highschool next year… Good enough for him

  • No stock online for both jb hifi and officeworks. Ozbargained?

    Who knows about in-store stock.

    • There was plenty in almost all stores South of Brisbane last night.

      I just checked, and all stores here (about 7 or 8 have them in stock) just enter your suburb or postcode and check.

  • +1

    Grabbed the last one in Toowoomba at noon on Saturday. Thanks heaps OP

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