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20% off RM Williams + $7.95 Delivery ($0 with $50 Order) @ THE ICONIC


RM WILLIAMS 20% off at the iconic

Appears to be 1 day only and works on all products including craftsman boots.

I received a pop up message stating “I’m invited” to save 20% off RM Williams however seems like a generic code.

First post btw & enjoy!

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    For those never bought RM previously, the sizes are different to your normal shoes. Best to try them on in a store.

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      @\Doesit usually run bigger or smaller?

      • +4

        Smaller in my case. I’m usually size 9/9.5 but AU8G with RM

        • +18

          So it runs bigger then

          • +2

            @orly: In a smaller sort of way, yes.

          • @orly: RMs will fit tight at first (if you get them store fitted and you should first time) and you will worry that you have the wrong size, but they 100% fit like a glove once you wear them in. They stretch so well to your foot that it is seriously glove like. Best to get first pair fitted in store.

            • @x414141: my leather sole ones didn't took about 6 months just to get reasonably comfortable.
              Wouldn't get those again but most people would get the comfort version anyway.
              not keen on any leather shoes to be honest (but will keep mine until they're trashed and maybe fit the rubber soles).

        • +2

          That's bigger

          • @abs898: RM Williams has somewhat odd sizing you’d best bet is to compare your Euro sizing equivalent of your regular size.

            Also RM Williams numbers are similar to UK sizing on their numbers (ie RM AU9 is closer to a UK9 than a US9)

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      And there’s the width too. Shop assistant recommended Ultra Wide X but thought it looked ugly so I settled with H. I usually wear US10 but I wear 9 / 9.5 with these boots.

    • don't the iconic have free exchanges?

  • Thanks for the find

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    Also want to add that the representative who sized me in RM Williams said that they no longer allow size swaps unless shoes were purchased in a RM Williams store. Apparently they got in a bit of strife for allowing it prior.

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      Iconic is pretty good with swaps

      • +1

        Can confirm. Have had to swap out my pair before, and they had absolutely no issue!

        • They were ok with a straight swap, rather than making you buy a new pair in a separate transaction (ie not at the sale price?). Most stores ask you to return one and buy another, which is no good for one day sales.

          • +1

            @y2k: THey are pretty good tbh, this one time, I couldn't wait for the exchange to happen, and the sale was not on anymore. They asked me to place a new order and then refunded the original item and also refunded the difference in item 2.

            • @abs898: Nice. I haven't had to use their customer service for a while , glad to know it's sensible like that

            • +1

              @abs898: I had the same experience. I swapped the sizing once very easily, but the second time I had to re-order, and they refunded the difference.

    • That sounds like bs to try and get you to shop in an official RM store to me..

    • +1

      bought a pair from The Iconic at the last sale (a couple months ago) and was able to swap sizes at an RM store.
      The first assistant claimed it wasn't possible to swap sizes but the second assistant said no, they do allow it now. Seems strange they would backtrack only a couple months later? I was able to go from a G that I bought from The Iconic to an H from the RM store (Victoria, Doncaster).

      • Not sure. Was told this at the Melbourne Central store. Specifically mentioned the iconic and she said no stores would be able to swap sizes for me as they got in a bunch of trouble.. Hard to say, happened maybe three weeks ago.

  • Does this stack with first purchase discount?

    • No luck with that, I tried stacking with both codes and it would only accept one.

      • Thanks for letting me know, would have gotten another pair if stackable

  • +1

    Very good. I've been backwards and forwards to RMs a few times for sizing. Slightly adjusting each time. Finally made the jump.

    • +1

      Worth noting that these are not the best shoes for jumping, although you will look very stylish doing so

      • Perfect for jumping over poor people

        • That’s very considerate

      • Need the Kangaroo leather for that!

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    Did the price rise recently? So deal not as good as a few months ago?

  • The sizes don’t allow you to choose G or H as it would in stores?

    • They have separate listings for each width.

  • +7

    Price is over $500 with discount code. Not a great deal.

    • +7

      Agree, people were getting them for ~$370 not long ago IIRC.

      • +2

        They (RM) upped the prices in July 2022

        • yes, price rise at least once a year sometimes twice.
          Was referring to a combo of good vouchers/cash backs.

      • +1

        I bought mine for $370 and got $30 back from cashrewards a few months back.

    • All the boots had a price increase from RM

      • +1

        $50 across the range it seems

        Bloody Twiggy!

    • Prices went up permanently. Still worth it though.

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    Comfort Craftsman used to be available for 400 with no discount. With this discount, it's over 500.

    • When were they available for $400 with no discount?

  • Can gift cards be used for the whole amount? Macquarie Bank has 4% off The Iconic gift cards.

    • +1

      Yes, redeem GC as credit. Payment will prefer existing credit.

    • +2

      Shopback has 5% off Iconic gift cards.

  • +4

    No Dynamic Flex from Iconic.

    • Bugger. I wear orthotics so that's a deal breaker for me. It looks like DF is the only one of all of its different models where you can remove the default insole.

  • +6

    is this the part of the day where ozbargain saves $130 by spending $520?

    • +7

      Not wanting to brag or anything

      That's a relief.

    • +5

      Sometimes confession is good for the sole

  • Do they stock F widths?

  • Anyone have the leather sole craftsman? I bought a pair as rubber sole comfort craftsmen out of stock in my size. I guess the sole wears out quicker and a bit more slippery?

    3.5% cashback with cashrewards available too.

    Edit. Cancelled after reading reviews.

    • +2

      Go to a cobbler and ask them to put a sole protector on. It's a piece of rubber that's applied to the outsole. Costs me $30 at mine.

  • code CHEDDAR20 is 20% off all full priced items at iconic with 7% cashback and $30 for signing up to cheddar

    edit: seems like rm's are excluded

  • Can this be used with gift card? I remember it doesn't allow stackable code. On checkout shows apply voucher code or gift card. Don't want to buy gift card from shopback and pay full price for the shoe.

  • Thanks for the code, worked well.

  • Thanks OP bought $500 gc on shopback and stacked with code - total cost $494.2 (~24% off)

  • Thank you OP, been meaning to grab a pair for a long time!

  • Gosh. Gone are the $300 + 2000 QFF points and swapping those for kangaroo ones.

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