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Nintendo Wii $99 from DSE Online $10 Shipping


Looks like the Nintendo Wii is now $99 from Dick Smith Online with $9.95 shipping to most area's

Offer available online only and offer ends when sold out. Limit of 1 per customer. Personal shoppers only. No rainchecks. Not available for Click and Collect. Not available in retail stores.

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    That bloke from yesterday was right!

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    The wii successor will be arrive in about a year… However it's a good deal (if you are in the market for a wii) none the less..

    To be honest, I wouldn't impulse buy unless you are console collector or want to play old games on the cheap :)

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      The Wii U is rumored to be release before christmas. E3 is happening at the moment so more info should be out tomorrow.
      All Wii games and controllers are compatible with the new Wii U

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        Nintendo's conference is at 2am AEST tomorrow and there will definitely be plenty of Wii U info out.

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          Unfortunately, they've already told their stockholders that they won't be announcing the price or release date of the Wii U at E3.

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      DSE has listed Wii U for pre-order at $599. Expected release date is 12/12/2012


      This might help you to decide whether to wait or just buy this now.

      • Thats just a placeholder price. It'll likely be $399, and definitely no more than $499. The $599 price is a placeholder and nothing more, as is the release date. History tells us that it'll be out late-nov or very early Dec.

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    Just note that this looks like the Wii family edition which is not compatible with GameCube controllers and games.

    • -5

      why is that an issue? for $99 it's a bargain

      • +4

        Because the GameCube controllers give better control than the Wiimotes for many games including Mario Cart.

        • You can use the Wii Pro controller instead, plugs in to the Wii remote so you don't have any cords running to the console.

          I think its better than the GameCube controller but it probably depends what you are used to.

        • can you use that for emulators though?

        • +1

          Heard of the Wavebird? :P

        • I have 4 GameCube controllers and no Wii Pro controller. And two of them are Wavebirds.

        • abc: The Wavebird also doesn't work with the new model Wiis. :P

        • Manial: I'm sure he was replying to ezarc

  • wow !!

  • +5

    In 2009 ozbargainers flooded COTD servers just to get this Wii at $199, RRP was still $399. Just saying how technology evolves.

    • +1

      Absolutely fascinating watching the tech product life cycle evolve. Not my favorite console but good in the family room for casual games at this price.

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      Yeah we ran a give-away of two Nintendo Wii's a few years ago at $300+ e.a. (can't remember the price). Now feels being ripped off :P

  • -2

    wow, shops are still selling Wii?
    I have stopped playing mine for about a year now.
    $99 is a good price if this is your first Wii.

    • +1

      Xenoblade Chronicles, Zelda: Skyward Sword, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, The Last Story and Pandoras Tower all say hi. The Wii is getting all its best games in the 12 months leading up to the WiiU launch. I only had a Wii this gen and i've never been happier with a console.

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    Use the %5 off WISH Gift Card deal to get more discount

  • This is a very good deal as it comes with the Mario Kart & Wheel

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    My friend got an original white one with mario wheel free as a bonus a while back when he purchased a Panasonic Plasma tv. I think he only ever used it once. After that its just been sitting in the cupboard. The low resolution SD graphics were the biggest let down on WII.

    • indeed. If it had have had HDMI it would have lasted a lot longer I think.

      • +2

        I dont think HDMI would have made much of a difference. If it had decent graphics it might have. Different cable does not necessarily mean better graphics.

        • +8

          You obviously haven't tried MONSTER Cables :p

        • /Sarcasm Alert

        • +1

          I did buy that $1,200 (or $1,900 or however much it was) HDMI cable but then Jackie Chan jumped out of my TV so I put him back in and destroyed it.

        • -3

          I only use the original Wii HDMI converter cable http://www.ebay.com.au/sch/i.html?_nkw=wii+hdmi+cable. All you suckers are still running on SD

        • Those are as original as my WuMote from DX.

  • There was some new stuff about the Wii U already released by Nintendo yesterday in the leadup to E3.

    It showcased the new pro controller, gamepad, and community features. IGN was carrying the information, but I believe Nintendo posted something themselves on Youtube.

    Hopefully this is a winner for Nintendo. I have a soft spot for them. This was the first year in decades that they've made a financial loss.

    Then again, so did Sony so perhaps a sign of the times.


  • Thanks! Got one in black. Perfect gift for my GF's 3 year old nephew's birthday coming up.

  • Hi Guys

    Can anyone give a non-gamer some game recommendations

    I posted this in the forum to keep the thread on topic



  • Is this console OK for playing on FHD LCD/LED? I want to gift it for a 6y old Boy.

    • +2

      I used mine on a large LCD and it looks fine I did buy the higher definition output cables think its worth it for like $20

    • Its only got the old RCA connectors, so no HD.

      But it will work fine

      • +4

        For best results, buy component cables, even cheap ones from ebay are ok. Don't use the cables that come with it.

  • Thanks. Does it come with HDMI port & cable?

    • Mine doesnt, only RCA.

    • No HDMI port on the console, BUT, you can buy a Wii2HDMI converter on ebay and then connect it to your television with an HDMI cable. It won't give you better resolution than the component cables you can buy but nice to only run one cable to it.

      Also great if you have cabling through walls and HDMI is all you've prepared for! I didn't run any old school cables when I did the job.

  • Nice deal

  • Can anyone who has already bought this bundle confirm whether the Mario Kart is a proper game in a plastic case, or just a cardboard slip.

    • +2

      Proper game with plastic case.

      • +1


  • +1

    Are these still able to run homebrew content and 'hacked'?

    • Depends on installed FW, the newer it is, the harder it is to homebrew

  • Would make a great gift!

  • +1

    Bought a PS3 for Final Fantasy and Littlebigplanet alone. Since then it's been collecting dust for years.

    I like Wii games a lot more.

    • You should watch Kevin butler's e3 2010 speech, fanboy allegiances aside, "there is only one god, he's name is gaming!"

  • .

  • +1

    Excellent, thanks OP, great Wii for the girlfriend to have! I keep the original that plays my old Gamecube games, she gets a new console :-)

    • Give your GF one from everyone at OzBargain ;)

      • Well there's a lot of people here, but I'll give it a go! :-D

  • Great deal, thanks guys!

  • Does anyone know the firmware version of these consoles.. Also is it 100% impossible to play Gamecube titles on this 7th gen console?

    • Definitely impossible. Nintendo took out the Gamecube ports and disk-reading technology several months ago to save on costs. They'll be adding Gamecube games to the Virtual Console for the WiiU.

  • I'm curious about the firmware version as well. And no I don't think you can use any Gamecube-related software or hardware. It sucks because I loved my Gamecube and wanted to use the controllers and games on it, but eh.

    • Yeah electronically its different. No longer can plug in GC controllers… sucks.. I would have 100% purchased one for old skool gaming.. now hmm have to think hard.. maybe source a older one from somewhere.. I think firmware version 4.2 is still okay looks like simple firmware update to play copied games.

      • errr….backups you mean.

        • errr yes backups!!! Does anyone know if WODE can play GC games on 7th gen consoles?

        • I'm pretty sure its missing the Gamecube controller ports.

      • Just use an emulator

  • Got 1 for spare parts

    • My Wii doesnt read Wii disks anymore, nor does the rear fan spin, so im thinking of buying one for parts too.

  • Just got the email for this from DSE now (7hrs after this deal post)!

    • +1

      Got the same email. Was going to reply to DSE: Dupe!

      They do have other bundles including

      with WiiFit $227
      with Zelda Skyward Sword $183.94
      with New Super Mario Bros $178.94

      but seems to be just bundle with option at RRP so no great bargain

      • Yeah Lame bundles. No extra discount for the extra purchase.

        • I got this offer this morning via facebook and only just got the email now

  • +1

    Cheaper then most RRPs for a single game on PS3/x360. Well worth it if you dont already have one :)

    • +3

      Recommended by a ps3? must be good

  • impulse buy FTW

  • When the WII U is released these will probably be even cheaper. Retailers will be offloading these since WII U is backwards compatible with all the original WII titles.

    • +1

      C'monnnnnnnnnn $50 Wiis!

  • It states it comes with Mario Kart.
    Does this still come with WiiSports packed in as well?

    • Nope. You're not missing out on much anyways.

  • What are some good first-party or third-party exclusive games on the Wii? So far, I'm planning to catch up on Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, New Super Mario Bros., and Xenoblade Chronicles. What else is there?

    • +1

      Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 are both must-buys.

  • I've got one already, and it still sees some use, but almost worthwhile getting a second one for the bedroom at that price!

  • +1

    That's insane price, considering the Wii remote plus controller cost 60 bucks !

  • Why "expired"? I just visited DSE website it is still $99 + delivery but it is for black.

  • Thanks op, arrived today

    • Hi, can you advise what firmware the wii has when u get a chance? Thanks!

  • Seems liek they changed they removed the expiry and unit limit so will update accordingly

  • @nickpowell, just powered on my Wii. Firmware is the latest one available.

  • Anyone got a price match to avoid shipping?

  • got this one before when it was ~200, withint a month it became display material & dusty.

  • No more Wii's on the Dick Smith site…

  • This is a good price for Wii but its a dying product and should not be more than 100 in the first place. Good for those looking for one right now.

  • I purchased mine for $138 about 18 months ago so this isn't that much better given it's close to end of line and was $109 delivered.

    Our existing wii will go into the kids playroom and the WiiU take its place in the lounge setup provided the product entices me when it launches. Not overly exciting based on recent E3 presentations. Hopefully more hype to come. $599 pre-order on DSE site.

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