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Dog Slip Lead Training Leash $26.99 (Was $39.99) Delivered @ Doodee Dog


Dog training lead 175 cm long adjustable collar @Doodee Dog Down from $39.99 to $26.99. Free Delivery.
Available in black, blue and orange
Diameter: 0.8 and 1.2 cm.

Discount end Monday 29 Aug 22.

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    Dog trainer recommended this for our husky. Was completely pointless. She'd pull until choking herself but it didn't discourage her. Have had sightly better luck with a no-pull harness that attaches at the front.

    • Yeah, they're the only thing that worked for one of our dogs. Even managed to bite through a halti while walking without us realizing he was doing it…

    • Did he show you how to use it? Its a training aid, not a regular walk around leash.

      • Yep. Just no effect.

        • The idea is to "check" the dog before she gets to the point of choking and be able walk on loose lead. If you tried to walk her without spending the time doing the ground work (sometimes that means literally one step at a time) she will pull. The correction needs to be made at or just above a dog's threshold of discomfort for it to be effective as a negative association with that undesired behaviour. If your trainer didn't show you any of this, I'd suggest finding another trainer.
          I started with a check chain collar and moved over to a reputable e-collar (mini educator) as the physical demands to reach ToD for my dog was too difficult for my wife, haven't looked back since the swap, so I understand what you're going through.

          • @cplagz: Yeah, he showed us. Stopping when she pulls, or walking the other way. He even tried a thinner leash they increases the discomfort.

            It's possible we did it wrong, but we certainly tried. Huskies are notoriously hard to train through.

            • @Make it so: This isn't correct. The post above explains it. You check your dog when they lead. If the leash is tight before you correct the dog it's too late already. You need to understand the check method. It's quick and sharp and will lead to a more comfortable experience overall once they know not to pull and choke themselves.

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                @Sometingwong: We were shown all this. Kept applying it. It did not work. She doesn't give a hoot about the discomfort.

                But I'll pass on your feedback to our dog that "this isn't correct".

                • @Make it so: No stress I was just making sure you had the right info. Didn't work on our GSD too so we had to switch up the methods. Worked a charm for our cocker though.

                  • @Sometingwong: You're right to check, as some people think buying the equipment gets them 90% there. We really did try, but I suspect the people experienced in training dogs underestimate how much their own personality brings to the equation. By this I mean that different people using the same tactics on the same dog may get a different outcome. Maybe we're not "alpha" enough :)

                    Our dog is fairly dominant and strong headed. Not aggressive though, fortunately.

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                      @Make it so: It took me a long time to work all this out and a lot of questions and research, all which I wish I knew and applied whilst my Kelpie was still a puppy. I was definitely "afraid" of damaging relationship with my dog early on but have since learnt a dog appreciates clearly set boundaries and rules. They have a logic brain and don't consider emotion. They also need continuity which I find the hardest to maintain especially when tired/distracted you let them get away with a little bit and undo 3 weeks of hard work on a certain behaviour.

                      If you're interested in going down the ecollar route, check out Larry Krohns book and some of the upstate canine academy YouTube videos. Then work out there is a difference between pressure training (what the aforementioned use) and ToD behaviour modification. Happy to answer any questions you might have, feel free to PM..by no means an expert or even a trainer, just very passionate about a well trained dog and how great the relationship can be.

    • Can you share what you purchased? I'm looking for a no-pull harness but theres a heap out there

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        this one.

        Works quite well for us.

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        FWIW we have this on, and it's been great. Easy to get on and lightweight. Had it about 4 years now with twice daily walks, and still holding up well.

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    This was posted twice last year for just under $22.00 & only received a few upvotes so not sure why it's being posted again at a higher price.

    26/11/2021 - No Pull Dog Training Lead $21.99 (Was $31.29) + Delivery ($0 with $99 Spend) @ Doodee Dog
    15/09/2021 - No Pull Dog Training Lead $21.86 (Was $31.29) + Delivery ($0 with $99 Spend) @ Doodee Dog

    Ozbargain is a community website for sharing bargains, it's not meant to be used for free advertising.

    • Inflation ? What was the price for petrol or transportation cost in 2021?

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        I think the point watchnerd is making is that there doesn't seem to be any interest in the item unless it's actually a bargain. Hence they are just using this site for advertising.

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          I am not against with you or @WatchNerd and i am the same boat like you.
          Refresh the website and see how many crap ads posted

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          For those concerned about this, you can hide these deals from your deals page by going to Settings > Edit > Deals and ticking "Do not show deals posted by Store Representatives on New Deals listing."

          There is also the option to block specific stores.

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            @ihfree: The problem with that is it's a max of 50 stores you can block. I maxed mine out 4 years ago with all these spam stores

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    Yeah this is not a bargain at all! I wish these companies stop using Ozbargain as their free advertisement page!

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    Cheers got one for my daughter. Goes well with the adult costume deal the other day.

    • sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove nodejs
  • My local dollar shop sell an incredibly similar looking one for $7.99. So I can only assume these are from AliExpress or similar.

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    As above, previously priced lower & overpriced versus other offerings. No deal, this is just spam.

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