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Nongshim Shin Ramyun 20 x 120g Pack $13.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


New catalogue deals starting tomorrow at Costco. Shin ramyun is cheaper than the current offering from Woolworths.

Note: removed Vodafone Prepaid Starter Pack 240GB duplicate from the title.

Mod Note: The description on the Costco page states 12 x 120g, however product images and item number (same as previous) suggest that they are 20 x 120g. Make sure to double check when purchasing. Confirmed as 20 Pack.

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  • +4

    It's a 12 pack not a 20 pack. Terrible deal on the Ramen.

    Cheaper at Coles and you don't need a membership

    • -2

      Enlarge the image and see for yourself. BTW, Costco doesn't stock a 12 pack.

      • -1

        $0.97 per 100g would make it a 12 pack. They used the wrong image

        • -2

          Guess we'll find out tomorrow.

          • +1

            @RSmith: In saying so I looked at the previous deals for Shin Ramyun from Costco and they share the same item number as this one. Could very well just be a typo

            • @brandogs: That's highly likely. I have been buying shin ramyun from Costco on a fairly regular basis and never have I seen a 12 pack in store.

              • @RSmith: The Costco item number is the same as my 20-pack at home so I'm fairly certain this is actually 20x120g.

                • +2

                  @sushico: I know that, but mods modified it from 20 pack to 12 pack. I have reported it to change it back to 20 pack.

  • +2

    To save you from doing the calculation….If its 20 pkt, then its $3.50 compared to Coles $3.95.

  • +1

    It's a 20 pack. I was in Costco Adelaide yesterday and they had already started this promotion.

  • It's 20 pack. I got this on Saturday for this price at Bundamba - promotional price.

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