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Western Digital 3TB External Drive AUD $149 @JBHIFI Hoppers Crossing


Hi guys,

this is my first post, sorry if i make some mistakes,

Went to JB HIFI at Hoppers Crossing, i saw the 3TB Western Digital External for $149, this is very cheap considering JB used to sell it for $173

they have plenty in stock

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    good news for us, as the hard disk price finally come down now,

    • -3

      they're still artificially keeping prices high and still blaming the tsunami…

      • +5

        tsunami really…….I dont think so!

        • +3

          none of those articles are actually current, and i highly doubt a print article is valid after 6 months….

    • +1

      making way for the SSD to come into play..

      • It'll be a while before we get 3TB SSD's though…

  • Usb 2 or 3?

    • +3

      USB 2

      • usb2 is old .. blahh .. LOL

        • +3

          usb 1.1 is older…

        • +3

          usb 1.0 is oldest :)

        • -6

          i beta tested usb 0.3

        • +3

          Pfffttt… usb's nothing. Old is an external Zip drive running on a lightning-fast parallel port. :)

        • +1

          they WERE awesome!!!

    • -1

      I doubt USB, especially at this price.

      • +21

        you reckon it's using a parallel interface ??? or maybe even a serial bus ???

        • +4

          classic jv.

        • +19

          are you serial?

        • +1

          no just com irq al

        • +4

          he's getting smashed tonight… he could type pretty much anything he likes and BAMM… neg vote!

          he should do an experiment and type "i love teddy bears" and see how many negs he gets for it :).

      • +1

        I think our good friend here just forgot the number 3 after USB, which anyone [mod: removed unnecessary personal attack] could of figured out anyway.

        but just for you JV, he meant to say "I DOUBT USB3, ESPECIALLY AT THIS PRICE"

      • How did i forget the 3?

        I gotta get more sleep.

  • +16

    i don't know why but every time someone posts a 'first time, please be gentle/sorry if i make mistakes etc post' my mind always gives me a filthy, filthy image.

    "It's my first time, please be gentle… I'm sorry if i make any… mistakes…." ZOMG

    Yeah good luck getting that out of your mind.

    • +1

      You just ruined that for me… for life xD

    • +1

      thanks for being "nice" …. :) i just want to share …

  • +2

    Comeone guys focus.
    What drive is inside?


  • I just saw it at my local JB at Castle Hill NSW for $199 this afternoon.

    • -1

      and $188 online…

      JB are all over the place with prices… no consistency…

  • +13

    What is with all the negativity on here? This is supposed to be a site where people help each other. Instead it is being hijacked by abusive trolls. Guys, either be positive or troll youtube if you need the release :)

    • if you're referring to me, i voted +ve to this deal…

      some people need to resort to personal attacks when someone points out to them they are wrong…
      lots of people with low self esteem in these forums is my guess…

      • says the guy who had a comment removed for a personal attack…

  • Would it be the WD30EZRX inside?

  • Will other JB stores price match their own stores ?

    • +1

      proves my point from earlier…

      "JB are all over the place with prices… no consistency…"

      • -1

        Too true. I saw it at this one for the crazy price of $449:

        • +2

          Can you do one for $49, and I'll see if i can get OW to price match in the morning…

        • +3

          I have no part in your shenanigans.


        • cheers… ;)

        • if you manage to price match it @ $49, can you get me 3 and ill pay you for you effort, only cause im overseas

        • +4

          People like this jv are the reason that Officeworks won't pricematch pics of receipts etc…

        • that is some brilliant photoshopping. Background blended in perfectly.

        • Haha, thanks, but it was just a simple use of the clone tool.

          Oliver - I did it as a joke. I have no intentions of actually trying to price match nor have I done it in the past.

    • Which shop is this?

      • +15

        Which shop is this?

        photo shop

      • +1

        Ignore my post above, looks like you photoshop it.

        • -2

          damn… i got sucked it… :O

        • :P

  • Has anyone here managed to open these up without damaging it to use as an internal hard drive in a PC? Are they standard sata hard drives with sata power connectors? Thanks in advance.

  • Is a portable hard drive (such as this one) suitable for connecting to a PVR or HD recorder to provide extra storage space? If not, could someone more knowledgeable than me advise please on what I should purchase/use?
    Thanks in advance.

    • +1

      Yes, its really easy to open it, and i raid them for my HP N40L with no problem :)

      • yep yep, already done on my 3rd 40l

  • +1

    Thank you for this "hippies". I got 2 of them. I was waiting for a good deal on WD 3TB. Saved me from buying the internal one from MSY for $185. My local JB had it for $199 and tried to talk to someone to price match and they were all busy and I had to drive all the way from Epping to Hoppers Crossing, but this is worth the drive.

    • +1

      glad can help :) how many left are there ?

      • actually i work around broadmeadows, you should ask me to buy it for you :D
      • There were around 5 or 6 left. Yes, next time I will ask you :D

  • I got a 3TB WD My Book at Moonee Ponds Dick Smith for $179. USB2/3 so I think that trumps this one!

  • -1

    LOL JV, your neg votes streaks here is…GODLIKE!!!

  • expired, all gone :(

    • +1

      Southland JB Hi-Fi has plenty of stock. still listed price is 188$. but i asked it for 148$ and sales guy said OK. I got one !!

      • seriously? they gave you an discount of $40 on an $188 item? based on what? @[email protected]

        do you have a scanned receipt so I could get one from them?

  • I got it price matched for $149 too at Merrylands. I had to use up all the Stockland cards…

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