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Game of Thrones S1 Blu-Ray $29.88, DVD $24.62 + Delivery Big W Online

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Game of Thrones season 1

Blu-ray $29.88 (save $9.96)…

DVD $24.62 (save $24.20)…

Delivery worked out at $2.00 for me. Spend $50 or more and get free delivery.

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  • Great price it's $43.96 in the US (…) and 32 pounds in the UK

    • +4

      Interesting, JB HiFi have this for $46.98 (on sale). Pretty big margin there on sales prices.

      • Hah that's crazy!

      • Costco had it for ~$57 on Saturday.
        They had the boxed book set for $39.99.

  • +9

    does it have the beheaded bush prop head?

  • +13

    From this show I have learned not to trust Dwarves and Eunuchs.

    Valuable life lessons for a less than $30.


  • +5

    This is one show I definitely will support by buying the DVDs.
    I've watched the first two seasons and I'm reading the subsequent books and I think it's probably one of my top 3 series ever.
    However I am going to wait until later on in the series when they bring out a Bluray boxset of the whole series.

    • P.S. Is this even on Australian TV yet?

      • I think it's on 'Showtime' on Foxtel…..

      • Season 2 was on Showcase, but last week was the last episode.

        • I just unsubscribed from the Showtime package. Hardly ever watched anything on it.

        • wish they would put it on FX, hate that they put tv shows on channels in the movie package.

        • Showtime should be part of the basic Foxtel package. It used to be :(

    • +1

      "I am going to wait until later on in the series when they bring out a Bluray boxset of the whole series."

      Good luck with that. The book series is 7 volumes, only 5 have been published and the latest was 6 years overdue. It's a very real concern that GRRM will die before he finishes and even if he does, it'll be 2025 at his current pace. By that stage, physical media like Blu-Rays will be as antiquated as 8-tracks. Get the box-set now and support the shows you love.

      • at least he died knowing how great the show turned out..

        unlike some others like tolkien etc..

        also i think he might not write the book to finish but might give input to how the series can end, since he has the knowledge of the entire story

        so i don't think it is too big of a concern

      • I'm quite aware that there are currently 5 books. The series is not yet 7 but that is the ideal number he would like to make it. Now that it's been turned into a TV show and he's getting dumptrucks full of money, as he said it, I'm sure he'll be able to pump out the last two books in a more timely fashion.

        "Get the box-set now"
        What - the boxset of one season?

  • +3

    great show, hate the wait between series though

    • +2

      Get the books, and you can be in front of the tv series

      • Yeah they're really good. So many more characters in them too.

  • Great find….i was looking at getting this last friday and the cheapest i found was JB…Glad i decided to wait.

  • I noticed this on my order info page …

    Direct from supplier
    You will be contacted by courier to confirm the exact date of delivery

    Does that mean it won't be shipped immediately?

    • +10

      It has to get pass Customs @ the Northen Wall first.

      Given condition of the elevator, its gonna be a while.

    • I ordered a few dvd's last week, took about 5days it was shipped from QLD by AUS post.

  • +7

    Makes me feel like an idiot for "doing the right thing" and buying it on release for $60 or so from JB.

    Never again.

    • +1

      Yeah, I know the feeling!

      It's good to reward the production company by buying the package from somewhere.
      Even to watch it on TV will help them (if you are on the TV Ratings system)

      But screw these retailer/distributor oligarchs.. I tried to be a good consumer, but they reamed me for years.
      They can go to hell.

    • +1

      When you decided to step in to JB Hi Fi, that's when you did the wrong thing. Staff who annoy you to no extent.

      The series is priceless, you did the right thing.

    • +2

      Don't worry, I did the same thing. I downloaded it, and loved it, so I went out and bought the DVD.

  • awesome find been looking for this since the Limited Edition is no longer made, thanks op :D

  • +1

    Boardwalk Empire is also $28.88 for Bluray.…

  • +1

    sold out!
    Currently unavailable online and in store.

  • +2

    Great show highly recommend getting.

  • +2

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The Complete Season 1 Blu-ray $29.88 JB HI-FI $57.99…

    Chuck: Season 2 Blu-ray $22.34 JB HI-FI $47.99…

  • -2

    The Blu Ray version is sold out.

  • -4

    Sold out online and in store

    • +3

      deal is now marked as out of stock. in no way is your neg valid though…

    • Please don't vote negative just because an item has sold out. See voting guidelines.

      Vote revoked.

  • +1


    Game of Thrones Season 2 is available now on iTunes

    $28.99 in SD or $33.99 in HD

  • OMG, what is with half the world and this show? must be all the free porn. ;P

  • check this out

    pretty funny parody to do with game of thrones…

    • Haah

  • +1

    I heard that this show is the most pirated show ever.

    Not a huge fan of these epic drama series, but was convinced by housemates and workmates to watch it. Watched first 6 ep's over a few weeks, and it's good, but i wouldn't say i love it.
    My housemates love it, but they'd never buy it, they just pirate everything. Should i buy it…
    After the first few ep's i didn't think i'd continue watching it.
    I guess i'll buy it, watch it, then sell it for 1/2 the cost price. :)

    That's the biggest dilemma with having access to all these free pirated shows, i'm not sure if i'm going to continue to watch the show, or i don't really like it enough to pay for it. I don't do any "downloading" myself though.
    Cool story bro. :P

    • I thought it was a cool story.

      • haha, cheers :)

  • I would go and get it in-store but im not 18. Good show though…i may or may not have pirated a few episodes

  • Walked into my local big w (winston hills, nsw) and they had 1 blue ray copy left after I bought one. Ticket said 60 bucks, but scanned up as 30. I asked the lady what the go was and she said it has being recalled, hence the lack of stock, but she didn't seem to care and still sold it to me :D

    • +2

      Recalled thats interesting.

      Must be the first 'George W Bush's head on pike' discount

  • can anybody tell me if there is commentary for episode 5/7/9 please?

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