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16GB Kingston Wi-Drive $52.90 Inc Shipping @COTD


Just saw things on COTD under small fry deals. Thought the price is good and might be interesting. It's the 16GB version as no 32GB are left. Cheapest on static ice is $65

Kingston Wi-Drive
Wireless Portable Storage using Wireless network
Wirelessly share digital content with up to 3 Apple Devices at once
Easiest and most cost effective way to expand the storage space of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
Works with Android devices such as phones and tablets
Durable shock proof design with NAND Flash storage

UPDATE: actually just saw this is listed under warehouse deals also as "items with stock under 30 units". It is also now marked as "Almost Gone" so quantities are clearly limited.

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  • I lolled when I read that it "works with Android". Thankfully nearly every Android device has a much less ludicrous means of expanding storage, removable flash cards, that don't chew precious battery life.

    • Exactly, If I wanted to Max out the available memory on my Android I would just buy this: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005LFT40G

    • maybe it is the convenience that it works across platforms ie easily share files with everyone at once.? From my touchpad so sorry for bad typing

      • i have a vodafone pocket wifi 2 (~$34) with sim n 3gb data ….
        it has a micro sd slot… i think will support upto 32gb!
        also bought a sandisk class H (approx class 6) 16gb for $10

        i personally feel this is better…
        wait a minute.. let me check how to access the micro sd via wireless… probably through a browser…..

    • I use a usb OTG and just carry a 1tb in my bag :D

      idevices really have no support for expandable memory other than that camera kit. You want more storage? Too bad, go buy the bigger iphone or buy our refresh next year.

  • Catch of the day is an utter waste of time.

  • How does this compare with the Huwawei E585? If you put a micro SD into one of these you can access the data via iPhone, iPad etc Altough this is not its main function and the two devices are not best to be compared. The E585 can be purchased at a good price of $38 with 3gb data and its also a 3G modem.

    So the Kingston looks expensive at $50, and a firware update on a E585 may provide features that are lacking.

    • This is exactly what I'm thinking to do with my spare Vodafone pocket wifi device :-)

  • I was going to get this but ended up going with seagate satellite instead with 500gb for $145 after pricematch and rebate. http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/72342