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Join & Maintain Hospital & Extras Cover & Earn up to 120,000 Qantas Pts, 2 & 6-Month Waiting Waived on Extras @ Qantas Insurance


10 day frenzy 140,000 thanks to 50centscheaper

Earn up to 120,000 Qantas Points when you join. Ends 30 November.

Skip 2 & 6 month waiting periods on Extras with combined cover. Ends 30 November.

Earn 1 Qantas Point per $1 spent on your premiums.

Previous deal has comment on brining cover to highest on 54th day to get max points on 60th

Bonus: If you use a referral code from ozbargain (on this page), you can get an extra 5,000 points!

Qantas Points table for each type of health insurance policy can be found here. *Points will be awarded based on your level of cover after 60 days. Offers not available if you’ve recently held health insurance issued by nib.

Referral Links

Health Insurance: random (89)

5000 points for referrer and referee on select products. Details

Qantas Wellbeing App: random (508)

150 Points for the referrer (up to 20 times) and referee for signing up to the app.

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  • +1

    Reselling nib which is the lowest paying healthfund of all so expect the highest out of pocket costs should you actually claim. Keep in mind when considering if this is actually a bargain

  • Just wondering if people switch between private insurance like credit cards or NBN providers to take advantage of the bonus points or free 6 weeks?
    Would there be any consequences?

    • +1

      Just have to make sure just like credit cards that you follow the waiting period s for instance going back to qantas for a deal would not be possible if you were with them before on same year / 12 month. Also other negtives is 12 month on extra may not be waived so you would need serve another 12month wait on extra but need to check with health fund.

      • +1

        I thought we dont have to serve another 12 months if already similar level health cover?


        • +1

          I am sure that's the case for hospital but I am not sure about extra's.

          • @HunterxHunter9000: Thank you, I will research further

            • @Edsanwong: I just switched between (different) providers recently and the new one contacted the old one automatically and transfered:
              - waiting periods served (hosptial and extras)
              - $ of extras cover used
              I was suprised by the 2nd one - I was thinking I'd end up with full extras caps available again, but did not

              • @aurum87: Many thanks. This churning health insurance is new to me. I will give it a go

  • +2

    To get the 120K you'll be paying the highest cover.

    • on last deal someone stated on 54th day you can jump to highest cover, get 120k on 60th day then leave before paying next month.

      • +1

        Interesting. I actually have the basic cover - so I'll test that out.

  • Compared to comparable cover with HCF , the qantas one is very over priced. Much better to get 120,000 points with credit card sign up bonuses. Mind you if you need 120,000 points soon then this will give you that. The around the world ticket with one world airlibed good value for 130,000 points so this option is good for attaining that.

  • https://insurance.qantas.com/health-insurance

    Qantas has increased the bonus points from 120k to 140k now , unfortunately I signed up three days ago .

    • Call them and try explain situation and that you just signed up, maybe then they can up it for you.

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