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Moccona Barista Reserve Instant Coffee 95g $5.50 ($4.95 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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After you've picked up your free can using the 100% cashback deal, grab yourself some more of Ozbargain's favourite instant coffee.

Available in all 3 varieties. Personally I like the 'Goldilocks' (not too strong and not too weak) number 7.

Barista Reserve Creme: Blonde Roast - Elegant & Balanced - Intensity 5

Barista Reserve Crema: Classic Crème - Smooth and Velvety - Intensity 7

Barista Reserve Crema: Café Black - Rich & Full-bodied - Intensity 9

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  • +2

    95% dried instant coffee, 5% ground coffee beans …. hardly seems worth it!

    • It's not cheap coffee @$58 or $51 per kg!

      • +1

        Bearing in mind, though, that you can make a cup of instant coffee with a rounded teaspoon of the product.

        • Bearing in mind, though,
          until recently these 95g tins had almost twice the contents (175g)… and were given away free last year.

          1tsp per cup… Yes, different to buying beans.
          But ordinary Moccona instant is a far more economic choice, and it's dearer than many others.

          • @INFIDEL: Sounds like you've made your preference.

            The dark version of this one is my favourite.

            As you point out, the old cans were almost twice the contents, but were also a bit more expensive.

            Unit price on this deal is quite good right now (when compared to the jars).

            • @Dalton: Yes, we purchase what we prefer.
              Most here would buy when on special, like these.
              Recent Deals for 400g Moccona have been as low as $12. Bought mine around $14. But $20 on Amazon now.

          • @INFIDEL: it depends on how often you drink coffee.

            i got one of those free tins from that particular giveaway, i only just ran out last week. it lasted a fair while, for 5 bucks, i'd say it's worth it, especially when the taste is great.

            to put it into perspective, 1 coffee from an ordinary coffee shop is usually around the $5 mark these days

            • @[Deactivated]: The tin has recently shrunk from your free 175g tin to 95g for about $5 here! It won't last that long.

              Usually only drink a couple of coffees a week. And drink better coffee at coffee shops - when free (6 with free Deals in last 2 weeks - for International Coffee Day).

              • @INFIDEL: the tin i received for free was 95g, not 175

                5000 95g Classic Crème tins

                • @[Deactivated]: You are economical!
                  My mistake - just had my first strong Turkish style coffee made with this☕

      • Not cheap floor sweepings.


  • +1

    Worst tasting coffee I've drunk in years!
    Prepared as per instructions on can (1 tsp to 180ml water @85c). I enjoy normal Moccona when travelling. Waste of $.

    But if you like it - it's 100% cashback, but not if bought at Amazon.

    • +3

      Different strokes for different folks i guess. This is the best instant coffee i've ever drunk.

      • That's the usual very positive response in these Deals. Based on that, I bought (@$4.50) in previous Amazon Deal.
        Bought instant to take when away from home. Will stick with cheaper normal Moccona for that purpose.

        Have tried preparing different ways, hoping I'd enjoy it too. But taste is unpleasant to me. Had a cup an hour ago - mouth is so dry. The only coffee to have that effect. Now thrown out. Definitely not for me.

        • Just preparing as a Turkish style coffee with a cezve on stovetop - sweet & black.
          Changing my mind about this coffee. Tasted great!
          Bit slower to prepare than instant coffee, but worth the wait for a better taste.
          Finally found a good use for my purchase☕

  • +1

    I built a pyramid of these in my pantry from the last time this was on special for a similar price.

    • +1

      As did I. It lasts a long time and I hate paying full price when I inevitably run out and it's not on special.

  • +2

    I'm not entirely convinced that Baristas would see Barista & Instant Coffee in the same sentence.

    • Agree. It's instant coffee. Decent instant coffee, but instant all the same

  • +1

    I usually drink the normal No. 8 Moccona. I find I really like the Classic Creme No.7. Haven't tried the others yet but intend to

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