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Google Nest Cam Battery (GA01317-AU - 1 Pack) $278 Delivered & Other Nest Products @ Mobileciti


Google Nest Cam Wireless Camera (Outdoor or Indoor, Battery, GA01317-AU - 1 Pack)
Model: GA01317-AU

2.1% cashback at Cashrewards or Officeworks price match should apply too.

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  • If you're planning on getting more than 1, this 2-pack from Catch of the Day for $487.63 +Delivery, or this 3-pack from Harvey Norman for $718 +Delivery look like better value.

    These are also stocked at Officeworks, so you should be able to pricebeat any delivered or local pick up prices by 5% as well.

    Recently Harvey Norman had this same price with a $150 gift card, and I don't believe the price has moved much since, sans the gift card. You could do well by waiting to see if they do anything during Black Friday sales in November.

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    Less $13.95 with eBay plus

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      nope, can't get it for $13.95

  • Just so everyone knows you can't put a routine on these cameras as you can with similar offerings from other brands like Arlo - it's either turned on and will record, or it's not. Really stupid missing feature that makes me wish I'd gone with Arlo instead.

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      I'm running Arlo here and the major frustration is that a lot of useful features are disabled unless you pay $14.99 a month. Things like setting detection zones within the field of view, this is an inherent function within the camera and its nuts that its disabled unless you keep paying to keep it unlocked

      • Arlo sub or google sub?

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        I dislike the subscription based model. Not cheap and taking away features unless your paying monthly for them.
        All services should have all features enabled and an offline solution for recording

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          I prefer local recording. These subs all add up and event-based -only recording is meh. And that's why I'm sticking with my el cheapo Eufy indoor cams. Wide FoV, budget-friendly to get 1-3, and they work 'relatively' well.

          • @danielkcheung: And reolink. Local recording, accessible remotely (should you chose).

  • Are you supposed to hide security cameras (so they don't get stolen/damaged) or have them visible (open to theft)?

  • Currently showing on the mobilecity eBay store as $278.88 plus a $20 discount code = $258.88 (I dont have eBay plus)


    My brother and I bought 2 X 2 packs from the mobilecity eBay store in recent weeks.
    The two pack is currently showing as $519.99 plus a $60 discount code = $559.99 (similar to what we paid)


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