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35% off Storewide + Delivery @ Omnidesk


OmniDesk is on special again. Early Black Friday pricing.

Prices are not usually sold at full RRP but I haven’t seen it lower than 35% off, so if you’ve been holding out, now is the time. Discount applies to all desks and accessories including the Pro 2020 and Ascent with various table tops. Laminate and timber.

Credit to garbrain who found a few $30 off codes that work with this sale:

The Wildwood tops are quite nice, though I picked up a plain white with black Ascent base.

For those who aren’t familiar

Customise from the following options

3 table top sizes
  • Small (122x76.2cm)
  • Large (153x76.2cm)
  • XL (183x76.2cm)
2 table top types
  • Straight edge
  • Curved edge
2 electric Sit-Stand Desk bases




I hope this helps some of you.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2022

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  • +2

    Can’t find OMNIDESK ASCENT (2022) Wildwood top in curved edge nor the standard top has any colour choice. Looks like they just gave up in 2022 but still decided to charge more for it.

  • I have the curved tabletop and it's so much more comfy for long days of typing/gaming, highly recommended. I was hoping to pick up the castor wheels but $30 shipping put me off :/

    • +1

      out of curiosity, what makes the curved tabletop more comfortable?

      • +6

        Curved edges don't dig into your arms as much as a standard pointed edge would.
        Would come down to how you sit at your desk.

      • +2

        The curve has a chamfer on it that reduces pressure as it falls away. Straight edges are laminated edging, and just have a very small radius in the plastic laminate strip. You can feel it on your arms as you rest them on the table.

        You can get desk mats with a returning edge to help mitigate some of the effects of a normal edge on a straight desk.

  • +1

    Can someone advise the difference between the ascent and pro range?

    • +1

      Bluetooth app thing and easier assembly, I believe.

      • +3

        Yeah it's literally this. My gf and I have one each and I assembled both.

        Ascent is a bit easier, but we're talking like a few minutes shaved off the whole thing so nothing crazy. I would highly recommend going Wildwood acaia dark, really nice look/feel to it.

        Also the Bluetooth thing is real gimmick so don't let that be the thing to sway you. I've used it once total.

      • +1

        I’ve been using it for a couple of days and had originally wrote off the usefulness of the Bluetooth connection, but if you have kids who love to explore, you can monitor if they are mucking around with it from a distance.

  • Did they stop selling just the frame on its own?

    • +2

      Nope, you have to contact them and if you’re a returning customer they give you a considerable discount

  • Looking for an adjustable 180cm desk but keen to get closer to $500 mark

      • Much appreciated!

        • No worries.
          I've just finished assembling my 1400mm one this morning. Got to say I'm impressed with how solid it is and it goes way higher than I expected. Nice smooth and quiet movement too.

          • +1

            @pacer4000: How sturdy is the table? Any issue adding multiple single monitor arms to it?

            • @cathalm8: I haven't set up the monitor arm that came with the desk yet, so can't say for sure how the table will go having the clamp on it, but I don't have any doubts about it being ok. It feels sturdy enough to me, and I'm planning on using two single monitor arms once I get around to buying a second.
              Currently I just have my monitors sitting on top on stock stands. 2x 27" Phillips brilliance 272b's, so pretty chunky monitors. I haven't noticed any flex in the table and the desk movement is still smooth.

              • @pacer4000: what about the notch at the front?
                I would be all over this if there wasnt a 10cm cut out, but how does it feel?

                • +1

                  @philldo: I don't really notice the cut out. It's a very wide notch (1100mm), which makes it wider than where your arms sit anyway, it's just like having a 650mm deep desk.

                  I came from a desk that was only 580mm deep, so I was used to even less front to back desk space. If you are coming from a deeper desk it might be annoying, just personal preference I guess.

                  Pretty sure you can just but the frame and put your own table top on it too, so that could be an option if you think it's going to bother you too much.

  • +1

    Seems too expensive for a desk

    • Chairs too!
      Since WFH started.

    • +1

      They are expensive but they are quality
      Not so say that you can’t find the same quality for cheaper though

    • It's not aimed at people looking for a regular desk

  • +1

    How do these compare to IKEA ones?
    I believe the table top would be better, how about the lifting mechanism?

    • Ikea has standing desks?

    • +1

      I was wondering the same thing! The ikea ones look pretty nice tbh.

      • +5

        I have the IKEA desk and I kind of regret it… The table adjusts unevenly so one side is higher than the other. Thankfully I use the desk pretty low so its not noticeable but yeah… wouldn't buy again and can't be stuffed going back to IKEA with the whole table. This page kind of demonstrates the problems https://www.btod.com/blog/problems-ikea-bekant-desk/

        • Would the Ikea Trotten manual ones be a better buy then to skip the cheap Ikea electronics? I'm guessing hte lack of horizontal bracing + cheap build on both may make them Wobble City


        • +4

          I went pretty hard into looking at the desks last week before dropping some $$$ on an Omni. (Don't worry Ozb, it was the same price as this sale…)

          The Bekant has quite a few reports of it's legs being crappy, and it giving out after a few months. Ikea somehow managed to get a worse product than even the masses of Jiecang desks such as Omni, Desky, Zen Space, Assmann etc. (You heard me. Assmann.)

          It's just not worth it. If you want an Ikea standing desk, probably go for the Linak made Idasen. In theory the Linak should be the gold standard. I'm not sure who makes the Asus ROG collab desk. A bit flashy for my tastes anyway.

          As for the Jiecang desks, one can wire a esp32 inline to the control box if you want to control it remotely for some reason.

          • @Namidairo: Thanks all.

          • @Namidairo: "I'm not sure who makes the Asus ROG collab desk. A bit flashy for my tastes anyway."

            It has been spotted by someone that the Ikea Asus ROG sit stand uses a Jiechang controller. So most likely the entire system is Jiechang.

    • +3

      my bro has omnidesk (or was it desky?), and I have the ikea idasen range. They both work just fine. His has a better controller which can memorise several positions, whereas the ikea ones just has an up and down but if you set 'favourites' via the bluetooth apps, it'll stop at that setting for a moment as you hold the up/down button.

      Ikea desktop colour range is quite limited.

      I have no regrets whatsoever getting the Ikea idasen, in fact I consider it among my top 10 best purchases

  • How does Desky compare to these desks?

    • Price-wise, nearly the same. I just carted an Omnidesk with matching options to the Desky I got twelve months ago and including taxes and shipping, the Omnidesk is 960 vs the $917 I paid for my Desky.

      (For reference, electric sit/stand, no bluetooth control. Bamboo top with curved edge and a chamfer along the front. Opted for a cable-management tray but didn't get any of the integrated power outlet options as it's easy enough to lay a bog-standard surge suppressor into the cable management tray.)

      Quality-wise I don't know anything about the Omnidesk but I'm very happy with my Desky. Very stable, very durable finish, easy enough to assemble.

      • Thanks for the detailed response. Ill go with Desky, hopefully they have sale during Black Friday this year.

        • +1

          no worries. just remember there's no guarantee that Desky's pricing from 12 months ago will be the same this year. Inflation alone would put it up to $973.

      • With desky can you choose which side the controller goes on or is predetermined by existing screw holes? thanks

        • +1

          You can choose.

          In fact I did all the cable management of motors to controller backwards (because I was looking at it upside down). Complete facepalm moment. I seriously considered leaving it that way and placing the controller on my non-preferred side!

  • +1

    The homepage YouTube video shows a desk with a stylish and aesthetic epoxy. Can't seem to find any of their desks with this option?

    How do I get the epoxy desk table top?

  • https://theomnidesk.com.au/collections/ecosystem/products/ac…

    Can't find much info on this monitor light bar but I checked out postage cost out of interest. $25 postage. Nah.

    • You can find cheaper alternatives to many of the accessories.

      Also the dual monitor arms they have are a little over the top in terms of carrying capacity. Also prism don't seem to sell that model on their site?

      I also remember that the power riser makers have them on Alibaba, but the shipping kills it badly.

  • OMFG premium desk

  • +8

    I bought a Omnidesk Pro - Electric Standing Desk (large) from the 2020 black Friday deal for $499 + $50 delivery. For the same model now it costs $585 + delivery.

    Review of the desk.
    Motors: work a treat, haven't seen any issues.
    Top: The finish has a good feel to it, I have noticed a few chips in the material due to wear & tear of a filthy dev sitting at it for the last 2 years.
    Stability: I'm still impressed by how sturdy this desk is ( I have 2x 34" monitors attached on ozb dells arms) when in standing mode the desk doesn't wobble even when my cats come flying in at all angles.

    I have tested out a few officeworks standing desks in the similar price range and found the omnidesk to be more sturdy and a better quality finish.

    Would recommend xo

  • Is not even black friday yet

    • +2

      Yeah Australian retailers seem to think BF is the first week of November

    • +3

      better get the discounts out early, consumers are tightening their belts this year!

  • +1

    This is the most confusing range of products I have seen.

    I have a 1.8m table top already. Need a standing desk legs, What do I buy?

    • +1

      You just answered your own question

      • +2

        Username checks out.

  • $665+delivery for Pro 2020 with cable bar is seriously good value, I paid $895 start of 2021

  • +2

    I can highly recommend this one in black at 180cm as alternative https://www.retaildisplaydirect.com.au/standing-workstation-…

    • Can you share your experience with it?

  • How do these compare to Zen Space Desks? Many look to be the same desk/mechanism but under a different brand name.

  • I have a lazy maison which is great but need a second for the missus. What are the perks of an omnidesk over an LM

  • Been wanting a standing desk for ages just haven’t pulled the trigger. Stumbled across the Secretlab Magnus the other day and it seems, not sure it’s worth almost double though

  • Is the Ascent worth the extra $130 over the Pro? The only differences I can see are app integration and slightly faster speed on the Ascent?

  • +4

    I have the old model of this Aimezo standing desk.

    You can also buy the Aimezo table top 140cm x 60cm.

    Total is $459.98 with the vouchers applied (check the tick box in the Amazon listings). Free shipping.

    My old model is similar except the controller has 4 memory presets and is lacking the USB-C charging port (it just has the standard USB charging port). I paid $335 total - got lucky as they were running a deal for a free table top at the time.

    I reckon the new model is better because I don't need 4 presets (I only have my standing and sitting heights saved), and the USB-C charging port is handy - don't know why other manufacturers don't steal that idea! I use the standard USB port to charge my wireless headset.

    Desk is very sturdy, has 3-tier legs, dual motors, anti-collision detection, and the table top has rounded corners.

    You have to drill your own holes under the table top, but I found it very easy to do (I'm not a handyman but still got it done with no hassles/mess/scratches).

    Other things I bought (to give you ideas):

    There are other standard things I haven't listed like monitor/laptop arms, desk pad, docking station, etc.

    Anyway, I hope this is useful for some of you.

    • the USB-C charging port is handy - don't know why other manufacturers don't steal that idea! I use the standard USB port to charge my wireless headset.

      People end up wanting USB Power Delivery with like 60W output if you put a type c port anywhere.

      At least for Jiecang, their type c ports seem to imply 5V 2A output, which won't be able to charge their laptops etc.

      Quntis monitor light bar

      Tell me that's pronounced how I think it is.

      • Tell me that's pronounced how I think it is.

        Assmann + Quntis = ? :P

    • But Ethernet cable too!

      Does everyone use WiFi on their desktop PCs now? You monsters

  • +1

    Been eyeing it for a while, finally pulled the trigger. Got the Ascent Large, shipping was $50. Thanks.

  • 10 year warranty if you leave them a (positive? :)) online review with pics, 7 years otherwise :p https://theomnidesk.com.au/pages/js-warranty

  • Does anyone know if the Omnidesk Bluetooth controller works with any other sit/stand desk controller box that has the Ethernet interface?

    • It should just be this: https://www.jiecang.com/JCP35N-BLT-pd44755680.html

      I doubt there's any vendor check, but you never know.

      • My controller has only one Ethernet port for the keypad. Any idea how I can hook up bother the Bluetooth controller and the keypad to the single port?

  • The power clamp seems cool, has anyone used it?

  • The TKNORTH $50-off discount code doesn't appear to work anymore.

    Has anyone found any coupons that'll work over the automatic 35% off?

    • damn when did that work? never even heard of it.

  • +1

    2020 PRO Standard and Wildwood black frame legs are sold out only white is available what a shame.

    • +2

      Looks like black frame back in stock

  • +5

    A little late but might chime in anyway. I bought an XL Pro with a curved bamboo top for full price (my OzB license has been revoked, yes) about 14 months ago. I'm happy with the desktop even though I was very aware that I overpaid for it.

    I had an issue on arrival where one of the controller outputs wouldn't put the desk down, and getting a replacement was pretty easy with just a video of the issue.

    If you're not specifically interested in their pre-prepared desktops, the mechanism is the bulk of the cost and can be found on its own for about $400 I think. But the curve of the top is very comfortable for me and the pass-through hole is good for running keyboard/speaker cables. I'm fairly tall (198cm) and the desk raises and lowers to every height I need. Had no issues with stability or weight with 3x27" monitors and a desktop tower.

    For addons, I'd advise against their cable basket as it's only barely wide enough for a standard power board, so it's hard to plug things in and out of it (I've settled for strapping the board to the support beam), especially if you have plugs take up extra room in any direction.

    • +3

      By cable basket, are you referring to their normal cable management bar or their "advanced" cable management bar?

      • +1

        The regular one, didn't realise they had a bigger one.

  • +2

    I love my Omni Desk Pro, the only thing that I dislike is how the display always stays on (believe fixed in newer versions).

    An ex work colleague wrote this awesome guide to standing desk options in Australia (didn't include Omnidesk though):

    • I love my Omni Desk Pro, the only thing that I dislike is how the display always stays on (believe fixed in newer versions).

      Newer versions as in the Ascent? Or the 2020? Or do you mean in later shipping 2020's units?

      I remember spotting someone turning on the display via the control pins, but I don't remember there being an off

      Obviously "does my desk needs a firmware update" would be a weird thing to ask them. (Although I did spot custom firmware on Github for the craptastic Ikea desk. Just to implement memory on a up/down only controller.)

  • +3

    Is there a significant difference between the omnidesk and this one?


    $499.95 + free monitor arm

    • +1

      Main differences I can see is that this one has 10kg less capacity and slightly less range. However its 150 cheaper plus you get the monitor arm (unknown quality).

  • Just wondering how long does the deal last for? I know it says 20 days still but doesnt black friday ends on 25/11.

  • looking to add castor wheels for my desk but thinking of purchasing from ebay or amazon, anyone know if they would work with these omnidesk

  • Do we know what is the difference between "Advanced Cable Management Bar" and "Cable Management Bar"? Is advanced version worth extra 35$ ?

    Are the holes pre-drilled for connecting the tabletop to the frame and for the cable management aswell ?


  • +7

    I found a few $30 off codes that work with this sale while scouring the omnidesk instagram account.




    • absolute legend

  • These have a solid top, right? So clamping monitor arms work no probs?

    • +1

      Depends on what you mean by solid top. There is hardwood and there is laminate. Both are technically solid.
      Hardwood is 100% real wood very strong no problems with arms at all. Laminate is particleboard with a very thin layer stuck on top. It depends, should be ok but I would not rely on it for heavy monitors (ultrawide) on badly made arms with a small base.
      I currently have a laminate tabletop non standing desk and a 32 inch monitor with a well designed arm, no problems at all. Laminate will bow though over the years (the middle bends down a little bit). Mine is 1 inch thick laminate and very old so it bows, but just sitting at the desk I can't notice it.

      If you want hardwood you need to choose Eco bamboo for the cheaper desk or choose the Wildwood desk variant. Both will cost extra.

      • I meant hardwood - great, thanks for the info!

        • +1

          Yeah you just have to watch out for IKEA desks, some of their tabletops are literally hollow. Those are the worst they have cardboard honeycomb in the centre.
          Make sure you click Product details then "materials" on the IKEA product page and check the tabletop material. Even some of the most expensive IKEA standing desks come with hollow tabletops. Better off buying just the frame and getting your own laminate tabletop from bunnings.

  • Has anyone received a shipping notice?

    • I ordered about a week before this post and only received it today.

      That and I received two shipping notices. They're busy.

    • Dropshipping takes time

      • Scratch that, I just received a third shipping notice this morning, but it looks like the marketing version.

  • 2 weeks in and I've received 2 out of 3 boxes. It's a mess

    • I'm guessing the their will be the desktop, hopefully the courier doesn't damage it. That's the issue I had last year, took forget to get the replacement which the courier damaged as well.

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