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10% off Health Insurance for Banking or Investment Product Customers @ Australian Unity


I called to confirm as I have an investment product. Their bank accounts are normal transaction and savings accounts.

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  • So as an existing customer, I can create a free bank account and get 10% of my premiums per month. How do i link the new bank account and my health insurance?

    • i called the call center. I just saw there is a way to register as a member in the link above

    • +1

      Where does it say about 10% off

      • i heard about it somewhere, and have checked with call centre, they said yes

  • Can anyone verify this 10% off ?

    • at least you know about it now

  • I can't see where it's 10%, it might be targeted

    • it is not written anywhere. i believe i first saw it at finder. Not targeted ANYONE CAN OPEN BANK ACCOUNT

      • Im negging this, I can't find any evidence of this online, and I'm not calling them up to ask them and waiting on the phone.

        • yeah sure, pay full price then. No need to thank OP for the heads up, makes perfect sense around here

  • https://www.finder.com.au/australian-unity-variable-health-w…

    Australian Unity Variable Health Wealth Happiness home loan package. As part of the package, borrowers can get a 10% discount on Australian Unity Health Insurance.

    Can't find anything about the offer for bank account holders on Finder.

    • you dont need to, i already checked it exists.

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