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Novero Brooklyn Wired Stereo Headset with Mic - £12.94 Inc Shipping


Shipped from UK. Head about it via email which said offer was only for 24 hrs. Save 46% apparently.

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  • Those look like Beats imitations

  • They are probably beats quality with maccer's price.

    • Well I paid $30 for my Beats and they are apparently genuine and sound and look identical to the ones they sell in JB for $200. Literally cannot spot the difference.

      • ya, for sure. I can get it for $15 from HK. Apparently, they share the same source of material. sorry guys but no link will be included.

        • what do we have to do to get a link? :D

        • DealExtreme used to sell replica Beats which were good quality (according to reviews both on the site and on youtube) but I can't find them on the site anymore so idk if they still have them or not.

  • I bought some Koss Porta Pros from them (MyMemory) with a life time warranty. The left driver blew and all the music was distorted.

    Looking on their website it says they pay for return postage on faulty and defective items. I follows the return instructions word for word and asked the post office for proof of postage and they said its attached to the parcel. It had a big sticker saying $12.50 AUD or something for the postage costs.

    When MyMemory got the headphones back they didn't refund my postage, I asked when it will be refunded and they told me I need a postal receipt. I told them its on the parcel I sent them back in and they told me they don't have the package to find it so they cant refund it.

    I won't be ordering from them again.


    Seconds after I posted this they sent the refund.

    • wow, you gotta love the power of complaining on a popular forum. It's all about building their brand.

      • I doubt it had anything to do with this post, it was too soon after I posted it they sent the refund.

        Not sure why they changed their mind, also I actually wanted a refund for the head phones too but they sent out another pair.

  • VCSUMMER12 - 5% off coupon code at check out

  • Says item out of stock.