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AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D Processor $499 Delivered + Surcharge @ Computer Alliance


AMD Ryzen 5800X3D for $499 delivered* - free freight cost.
It is the latest batch, having just arrived last Thursday according to the live chat rep.. if anyone's of the broscience affirmation that later production date = better silicon lottery (myself included)

Currently the cheapest including delivery out of Scorptec, PCCG, Centrecom.
Amazon is also $499 delivered but they are not a participating retailer for the Uncharted bundle so you wouldn't be maximizing your value-for-money.

  • 1% surcharge for credit card / Paypal ($503.99 delivered), no charge for direct deposit / BPAY.

NB: they have run out of promotional codes for the Uncharted Bundle. Something to consider - PCCG is $515 delivered but includes the game which is valued at $75 on Steam atm


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  • +1

    Looks like they are selling on amazon also, but for $539.00
    That might be better depending what shipping and surcharges end up being. not sure if that would still be applicable for the uncharted bundle though.

    • +5

      Shipping is free on Computer Alliance direct - surcharge is only 1% which brings the total to $503.99 delivered if you opt for credit card / PayPal.
      The only caveat is paying with direct deposit / bpay.. takes a while to clear.. so no instant gratification / dispatch.

      Amazon AU selling for $499 delivered with Prime. I wouldn't buy from Computer Alliance on their Amazon listing =p

      • ahh, I thought delivery was extra.

  • +1

    If only the price was the same on their eBay store. Could stack with coupons/discounted gift cards

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    Scorptec had it at this price until 6pm last night which was annoying because I had it loaded up in my cart and was looking at other stuff and it changed when I went to check out :(

    but yes, Computer Alliance ended up with my business because their price stayed at $499

    • +2

      Same here. I emailed their support this morning asking if they can price match and they couldn't. Must be promotional pricing stock.

      "Unfortunately, we do not price match with other businesses and have gone through the stock we had available for the price of $499. 
      We do still have plenty of these CPUs in stock at our distribution centre in Dandenong, so you are welcome to place an order for one. If placing for click and collect, please be aware that it will take a few days to get the item transferred to our store.
      Kind Regards"

      • +2

        Ah, thank you for that because I almost did the same thing but then decided I didn't want to miss out on the price so went with CA in the end anyway

        • Same - bit the bullet a few moments ago but opted for BPAY!
          The wait is excruciating already..should've paid the fiver ha! I presume they will send the redemption code with the tax invoice. Odd because AMD lists them as a participating retailer, but there's no promotional marketing material on their website.. but the CPUs are listed under the bundle page https://www.computeralliance.com.au/amd-ryzen-5000-game-bund…

  • +1

    I'm waiting for a cheap 5600x

    • +6

      5600 has already been ~$160, not cheap enough?

      • +1

        5600 ≠ 5600x

        • +12

          purely academic. they're functionally equivalent unless you're specifically going for some niche world record paired with a 4090.

          • +1

            @xrailgun: True, waiting for the 5600x to go under 200. Have an old 2600x so will be good to upgrade. Wouldn't go to a 5850 on a b450 board.

        • +2

          If you're gaming they are the same.

  • +1

    Will bite when it hits $450

    • +1

      why not $400

    • I'm waiting to get one for $200 in a few years time

      • +1

        i might be convinced to sell you a 3930k for that if you're keen.

      • Im waiting for it hard rubbish in few more years time

  • +1

    I think Ryzen 5000 chiplets have been in production so long that yeilds are already at peak. I doubt production date matters much at this point.
    It certainly doesn't hurt though.

    • +2

      Everything chiplet sold has been B2 stepping for quite a long time now, so should be no difference.

    • My B1 5600 59w AT max LOAD my 5700x B2 rocks AT 54w max LOAD

  • I love how on their website they have to clarify in bold that it needs a seperate GPU.

    • +8

      have you met….. people?

      • +1

        That's fair lmao

  • Any deal on 5600x?

  • Only if they list 500$ too on their ebay store.
    Would buy it with the 80$ voucher.

  • Bought this Saturday and got no uncharted code. Emailed support and they said "I believe all the codes have been claimed already" in case this was the deciding factor for anyone

  • How does this compare to 5900x fellow nerds?

    • +2

      Better in gaming, 1% lows

      • Thanks… may buy. I’m trying to build a gaming pc by literally buying one piece at a time. This would be my second piece.

  • Could somebody recommend me a budget mobo for this that is ok for use with a 3060Ti? My only real need is 2 x M.2 slots. Thanks!

    • you want this cpu assume you after gaming?
      why not get cheaper CPU so you can buy better GPU?

      • Yeah primarily for gaming. I’ve only had the GPU for a few months so upgrading that isn’t really an option.

        • +1

          a 5600 is enough to not bottleneck that gpu and even some better ones, I wouldn't waste hundreds extra for no good reason unless you think you'll get a 4080 or something next year lol

          • +1

            @nope: I actually just bought a 5600. Just wanted to make sure I grabbed a mobo that is also good for the 5800X3D in case I want to upgrade to it in the future :)

    • what games do you play?

      also the m2 slots, if you’re only going to use 2nd slot as game drive i’d say use a faster and larger sata ssd instead. for os drive nvme is totally worth it.

      • I play a bit of everything tbh, but most of my hours have been spent on stuff like RE remakes, Doom, cyberpunk, RDR2 etc. @ 1440p.

        That’s true, the second M.2 was a gift so I’ve just been using it for extra storage but I guess it’s not super necessary as I also have a few large SSDs.

        • also you can get NVME brackets for PCIE slots if you do end up with a motherboard with a single M.2

          my trusty old RIVE (socket 2012) is so old i use a PCIE to NVME adaptor.

    • +3

      MSI B550 Tomahawk for fulk sized atx or MSI B550 Mortar for matx

      • +1

        Agree with this ^ recommendation

      • I ended up grabbing a MSI B550M Bazooka for $130. I know it’s not as good as the mortar or tomahawk but I couldn’t find either anywhere within my budget. Thanks for the suggestions!

  • Worth the upgrade from a 3900x?

    • Search Hardware unboxed you'll find your answer there depending on your gaming or productivity needs. This from what I've heard is a huge uplift in gaming.

    • Yes.. its way faster in games but a 5600/5700x would also be faster in games

  • Would it be worth getting this for 499$ + a 3080/6800xt/6900xt or should I get a cheaper gpu like the 5600x/5700x and use the extra money to put into a better gpu? I want a fast gaming pc but I don't want my cpu to bottleneck my gpu.

    • +1

      It greatly depends on what resolution you are going to play at. 1440p with those cards will possibly be bottle-necking in some games even with a 5800X3D, but your FPS would be really high at that point. At 4k though only e-sport games and older titles will be cpu-bound.
      I think if you wanted to get a lesser CPU and even higher end GPU you'd probably be wasting your money (unless you only play new games at 4k), you will need a better CPU to be able to feed that GPU frames.

      • I've got a 165hz 1440p monitor so I'll be playing at 1440p… so you think I may as well grab the 5800X3D and the best gpu I can pair with it? bottlenecking is so complicated to figure out

        • +1

          Yeah get the 5800X3D in that case, if you can pick up a used 3080 or 6800xt you will have an amazing 1440p gaming system for a great price

  • +1

    Silicon lottery/better latter samples won't really matter much for the 5800x3d considering its clock speeds are pretty locked down.

    • Was wondering the same. I think there are some unsupported bios that unlock it, but then who would want to use such bioses.

  • If you thought 5800X3D was good, wait until 7950X3D

    • A 16 core X3D is not confirmed yet.

    • But I will need a new AM5 mobo.

  • +2

    I just redeemed the Uncharted code on one I got from PLE earlier in the month. For anyone who wants to know how it works. I know this is not for PLE this post, but most of this will be the same for other retailers, except for the first part i guess, same same but different way to get your code maybe.

    1. Goto your PLE account and check the the code redemption section, it will check if you have any valid purchases to redeem a code on.
    2. Redeem code from the invoice in your PLE account, this will generate the game redemption code you need for AMD.
    3. Sign up for account at AMD redemption site, and paste the code you got from PLE into your AMD account, it will trigger the redemption. It will ask what retailer you got it from, just the name, nothing else.
    4. It makes you download this program and run it on your pc to verify eligibility. You must run it on the PC that you have the hardware in that got you the code.I didn't try it on a pc that didn't have the 5800x3d in it… didn't want to jam the code or invalidate it. I ran it on the PC with the 5800x3D cpu in it. This pc MUST be online and logged into your amd account at the time.
    5. Once you have done that, you can go back to another pc and finish from there now. (i did it all on my main pc, the 5800x3d is in a sim racing machine so it's tucked away in spare room).
    6. Once you have done all that, you can redeem the game into your steam account from the AMD portal. You click redeem to steam, and it makes you login to your steam account, then it activates it in your steam account and the game is there.
    7. Finished.
  • Worth upgrading from a 5800x Since I play on 1440p Ultra wide and not 1080p? Isn’t that we’re all the performance gains are?

    • +1

      Same boat, did some research and it's about 10% uplift in frames. Still mostly bottlenecked by GPU in our case. Would be better spending money towards new GPU IMO

  • Boo that the Uncharted codes have been redeemed. That was part of the appeal when I purchased last week. There better be some sweet gains on my 5600x!

  • Well I just redeemed Uncharted with no issues then. It was a purchase from JW.

    As for speed specs, I am running a 6800XT and went from a 5600x to a 5800X3D. Gave me a 10% boost on 3dMark and some decent gains on the CPU score.

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