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Nongshim Shin Ramyun 600g 5 Pack $5 @ Woolworths


Our famous big, bold flavour, and one of our best sellers around the world. Why? The soft and chewy noodles in a spicy, flavourful broth, mean consumers like you can get a delicious meal at affordable prices in just 5 minutes. Produced from farm-fresh produce, premium quality grains and the finest blend of spices, you’re guaranteed a distinctive and delicious aroma and flavour.

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  • +3

    Amazing value. Five meals for $5
    That's the kids' dinner sorted

    • +9

      add in some vegetables and boiled egg. bueno

      • +7

        I just crack an egg on it as it boils.

        • Yeah I've done that before, can work well if you get the technique right

          • +2

            @Budju: Generally you add the egg near or at the end, depending on preference

            • +2

              @Phoebus: I followed this recipe using a pan instead of pot and it worked really well.

              • @Budju: Interesting tip. I'll try that. That's not typical Korean way though. Of course you should add all the chilli powder

                • +1

                  @Phoebus: He mentions slightly earlier in that video frypan egg cheese thing is known as Kujirai style ramyun. I think he does less powder because it's semi-dry noodle not in much soup

              • +1

                @Budju: Cooking ramen in milk sounds absolutely crazy to me. Gonna try that one day.

                • @quanticism: Ramen in milk sounds disgusting

                  • @hippyhippy: It's actually pretty good, it becomes like a spicy creamy sauce and takes the edge of the heat. I use this method for black Shin Ramyun, the heat on those using just water is pretty intense, but with milk comes up a treat.

        • hard when i do it in the microwave

          • @Jazza2400: Microwave works marvels too! 1 minute microwave noodles, then microwave another minute with the egg to get a perfect poached egg.

            • @cockandballmanoeuvre: thanks, I'll give it a go! usually I got 4-5 minutes on the noodles then let it absorb the water for additional 5-10 mins, goes from being a soup to a sauce.

        • -1

          What I do sometimes is get a tin of soup, heat it up, poach an egg in it, serve that with a pork pie sausage roll

      • +2

        Crack egg in swirling water, and serve with fresh coriander and sesame oil is my go to. Add mushies too if i've got em.

    • Yep. My suggestion is to add kimchee and an egg. All the nutrients you need

      • +7

        ur a msg load

        • +1

          they must be salty

      • +5

        Allergic to flavor.

      • +3

        Make sure to avoid tomato too then. Also loaded with msg.

        I personally, like the taste, so dont mind.

      • +3

        lol MSG so what?

      • +3

        Why so weak?

  • nong shim nong shim

    • +1

      You can say that again

  • +4

    Cheaper at Asian (Korean) grocery stores

    • +2

      $6 at my nearest Asian grocery store.

      • +2

        I bet you live in a white suburb

  • +2

    Korean students can live on two bowls of rice, one Shinramen and three eggs per day…. About $4/day.. and some soy sauce of course

  • I was watching video and saw fish cakes with the shin logo on them and had to look it up.…
    I want to try!! But where to buy..

    • My local Woolies sells this.

  • +1

    For those who have Costco membership, a pack of 20 cost $17.89.

  • its usually $5 in local shops tho lol

    • I guess that once factoring in the use of gift cards for a 5% discount, and fractional EDR benefits, purchasing from Woolworths is marginally better.

  • +1

    For anyone looking to spice this up I recommend Rambokki. With some cheap sausages and bean shoots or home grown spring onion it is a very cheap meal.

  • -5

    This ramen tastes absolutely terrible, no idea why it's so popular.

    • +4

      Because it is quite yummy.

      • +4

        I love it too. Black is better of course.

  • It's always been that price, relatively at aldi

    • I was about to buy some in Aldi last night until I noticed it was only a 4 pack

  • how stupid..its cheaper in asian stores…

    • +1

      Not necessarily.

      • -1

        That's because you live in a white suburb.

        • Who knew that white supremacy is a pricing policy

    • Next time double check which country is on the packet when you get it it from the asian stores. This brand is made in both China and Korea

      And i know which one i would rather eat.

      • Really? I didn't know that. That's a little deceptive them

      • …which one ?

  • try in cosmos store in townhall

  • I usually buy it at my local Asian grocery store when it's on sale for around $3.60, with $5 being their normal price. Of course, such grocery stores may not be easily available to everyone.

    • +2

      are they the ones made in the Chinese or Korean factory?

      i tend to find the small local asian stores in my area stock the Chinese made ones, whereas Coles & Woolies has the Korean made noodles.

    • They are $4 at the shop at the gabba

  • FYI saw these in my local Aldi today in the instant noodles section (so it’s not promotional), couldn’t find the price tag tho.

    • +1

      4 pack for $5.39

  • farm-fresh produce LOL

  • Farm Fresh Ingredients and very healthy :-)

    Noodles Wheat flour, starches (potato, wheat), vegetable oil (contains antioxidant (307B)), salt, mineral salts (501, 500, 452, 339), emulsifier (322, (soy)), soy sauce, green tea extract. Soup powder Hydrolyzed vegetable protein (soy, corn), salt, maltodextrin, yeast extract, soy sauce, spices, sugar, fructose, sweetener (420), flavour enhancers (627, 621, 631), soybean, wheat flour, vegetable oils (contains soy), thickener (414), corn flour, glucose, vegetables, emulsifier (322, soy). Flakes Dried vegetables, soybean, soy sauce, wheat gluten, yeast extract, sugar, salt, cocoa, corn starch, vegetable oil (soy).

    • flavour enhancers (627, 621, 631)

      Yum yum.

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