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Pepsi & Schweppes 2L Varieties: $1.24 **HALF PRICE** Woolworths [Nationwide]


Just went shopping to Woolworths Chullora and saw that they have the Pepsi & Schweppes 2L Varieties: $1.24 HALF PRICE This is the best price in roughly 2 Years or so and much cheaper then the COLES special last week.

Also just a side note

COLES regular price on this item is ~ $2.98 and the Woolworths normal price is $2.49 so not on special it is still 50c or ~16.5% cheaper EVERYDAY… RUSH in today or 2moro to get some

Mod: Confirmed nationwide. Edited title.

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  • why did u tick the rep box?

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    cause I work for another store within the company

  • Apparently this was on the radio in Victoria (wife heard it) so it may be a nationwide promotion for this weekend only. Can anyone else confirm?

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    Woohoo, if this is true I'm gonna load up the trolley with this and not scan the Everyday Rewards card when paying. F*** Woolies, I'm not giving them any info about where I shop when there are no points for under $30 anyway.

    • +2

      Facebook has more information about you (and does a lot more with it too) than Woolworths ever will.

      • I think he means 'purchasing information', i.e. what he buys, when he buys it etc. Chill.

      • There's actually some benefit to withholding buying info from Woolies. If they think you don't buy much, they are more likely to email you targeted offers.

        As for Fakebook, nuff said. :)

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      Just use a temporary card then you can take advantage of the EDR orange tag savings and not have them knowing what you buy? =="

      Don't understand the fear though, it's just data mining that every company and every information system can do…

      Too much Today Tonight and ACA perhaps?

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        No fear in this case, I just don't give out info for no benefit. I don't spend much at Coolies anyway, I prefer whenever possible to direct my money to other sellers.

    • Do you wear your tinfoil hat when you shop? Be careful of the smartmeter at home as well. I hear it logs your toilet habits.

      • You and others are missing the point. Why give out info for no benefit? It actually costs you effort to take the ER card from your wallet. Now if they actually gave me something in return, I would swipe it. As it is it's just an annoyance.

  • This is at all stores nationwide too.

  • 23c/can. Awesome!

  • well Woolworths does need some decent PR atm …

  • "To fork, or not to fork?" and then a picture of a sausage.


  • this doesn't require the stupid saver card then?
    orange ticket?

    im not used to seeing weekend only specials.

    i was a bit miffed my local safeway jacked price $4 for 2, to 2.50.
    guess to drive this bargain.

    • That was not a jack up, The 2 for $4 was a special, and previously $1.99 was a rollback which was not matched by coles and current shelf price is still 50c cheaper then coles.

  • Good deal - Hornsby no stock

    • Sometimes when there are no more on the shelf, there are more on display at the head of an aisle.

      • Yep, or ask and they can usually get it in for you at that price.

  • Went into my local (Brunswick, Vic) and managed to buy 32 bottles. No signage advertising the sale other than at the shelf. Remember if there is no stock, then you get them to write a raincheck for you.

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      32 bottles.. LOL!! you can get diabetes out of it >.<

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        Not if he went for Preppie Max.

        • That's right, it was Preppie Max. This is the best price it has been in the last few years, so got to stock up.

        • +1

          Got another 33 Pepsi Max from Warragul. This time it was advertised and fortunately they had boxes out the front.

          Pic of my combined purchased.

  • Ta for that, picked up 240 bottles today, and have a raincheck order for another 240 that ill pick up when it comes in.

    Cheap as chips.

    • Is that all?. Pffft, lift your game :)

      • Running a bit short on storage currently, only have space in the garage for 3 pallets of the stuff currently.

    • What tha?

  • No Pepsi Caffeine Free 2L bottles. Bummer.

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