Coles Free Lollies/Cookies/Ice Cream

I noticed the deal has been taken down, but can we still redeem the voucher? I got one printed out earlier.

MOD: See reason why it has been unpublished. It's an error on Coles' end and the voucher cannot/should not be used.

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  • I don't think theres anything stopping you..

  • hmm unless coles disable the voucher code in the backend… lets wait for someone to update teh thread…

  • The deal has been killed, doesn't mean the coupon has.

    Not surprised about the end result though, unless some users were trolling, there was some clear abuse of this offer, bordering on shoplifting LOL.

  • Anyone know why it got pulled down? I just used the voucher now and it worked.

  • Coles probably sent in an email requesting it to be taken down.

  • Coles sent in an email at around 5pm today:

    Hi there

    I have been alerted to a Coles coupon which has been posted onto your forum. This coupon is not intended for general use and is only available to members of our Coles product testing community.

    So basically they made a mistake putting out a testing coupon code in public. They then requested to have that coupon withdrawn.

  • lucky I saved it =)
    I redeemed it and it frooze there register but printed out a receipt

  • Dammit, missed out :(

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      I can email you a copy if you like?

      • Can I get an email too :D?

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          haha yer no worries pm me your email address.

          Edit:actually i think you might be the coles rep so i'll have to reneg on my offer sorry.

        • -4

          I doubt the mods would appreciate that.
          We don't want to see Coles sending another email, as technically it was only meant to be for Coles circle members. Its not in Ozbargain's interests IMO

          Edit: People really are very sensitive here. Neg more I guess.

        • actually i think you might be the coles rep so i'll have to reneg on my offer sorry

          who, mechafrog? Do tell how you came to that assumption. We could all use a good story after this disappointment. ;)

        • +2

          I guess thats because he (mechafrog) only signed up today and this was his first comment.

        • well, i suppose… but just to play the devil's advocate, mechafrog could also be a long-time lurker and really wanted those goodies. Haha.

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          Yeap, and in a "Forum".. not the "Deals".. For a noob..

        • -5


          can I get a copy from you?


        • +3

          Guys, don't send it to the leechers, a few people joined up OzB just for this :\
          No other activity at all.
          Instructions to obtain the voucher are already on this page, if you can't read between the lines.. you don't deserve it.

        • Yer had one of those a few hours ago.

      • -3

        hi, could u please email me the voucher as well? i don't know where to find the pm…

      • please send me a copy, thanks

      • hello,
        can i please have the voucher as well. Thanks very much :)

      • please email me a copy =]

  • Just used it, indeed still works.

  • +6

    I bet you the guy from Coles saved a copy of the voucher and will use it himself

  • just used it in Adelaide city (on Grote Street). Bought something else with it and had no problems with self-checkout but had to swipe the barcode discreetly as i made multiple copies on one page à la Hungry Jack's $2 deal.


    • Isn't HJ $2 deal expire?

      • à la means 'in the style of'. Remember how someone uploaded a word document filled with those $2 coupons? Well i basically did the same thing, except with coles' barcode instead of HJ's coupons. Get it?

        • mine wouldn't scan and I pressed assistance req but the staff were to busy talking to each other.. after waiting a few secs I was like hrmm cancel! and worked out I could enter the barcode code manually :)

  • +1

    As of now - the code crashes the machine. It still processes the purchase though. Just take the receipt and go after scanning the product and the code ;)

    I vote that the Almond ice-cream is duh best. :P

  • Redeemed it ok but the lady at the checkout was really keen to extract ~$4 from me no matter how many times I pointed out the details to her.
    She was not happy nor very helpful for that matter, when she finally did accept it I politely reminded her to write Redeemed across it and put in the bin :)

  • Can someone Email me the voucher please?

  • -1

    can someone please msg it to me too please

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    Crashed about 4 self-checkout machines at Cannington WA…. everytime you use the voucher, the machine freezes….but it atleast prints you the receipt in the end (before freezing)…

    The guy at the self-checkout duty said, "please next time, do not use the voucher at the self checkouts…"

    Better to go through the normal checkouts…as long as you can explain to the checkout staff….

  • Worked a treat for me 3 hrs ago at Bendigo. But she took my voucher :-( no more free ice creams for me .

  • just curious, for those who jammed the self-checkout machine- did you scan the product before the barcode or after?

    • +1

      Scanned the product first…and then the voucher…Jammed 4 stations last night !

      • hm. I did the same thing but scanned a box of cereals before i scanned the freebie. System probably isn't familiar with the concept of 'i'm here for the free stuff- nothing else'.

        • yeah I think if you'r buying something else with the freebie, then it probably wouldn't crash the system…

        • I Figured maybe it was getting confused with "I'm meant to say "if you have a flybuys card please scan it now", but wait, I have already printed out the docket!!"

  • What you do here between yourselves is up to you. But posting a link here will result in a ban on your account.

    As explained above, it was requested that this be taken down. Agree or not, please do not jeopardize the site by ignoring this. That benefits no one here.

    It should be obvious. Some are so taken with their sugar addiction they aren't thinking clearly.

    And this is not the place to discuss the merits or otherwise of this action, its offtopic. Start another thread if you wish.

  • Could someone please PM me a voucher as well?

    Thanks :)

    • You could always sign up at and get the voucher legitimately.

      • +3

        You obviously haven't actually tried signing up yourself or else you'd know accounts aren't just instantaneously approved

        • +1

          Yes I have tried signing up and I know accounts are not instantly approved.

          However rather than exploit the current voucher, I suggest you sign up and get invited to legitimate trials in the future.

        • fap fap fap

      • Actually I doubt it. The original link has already been removed from Coles Circle, and as commented by Coles, it's their testing coupon code - not meant to be used in pubic.

        For those who have known the fact but still decided to claim it in Coles retail stores, they are just trying to deliberately ripping off Coles, which is not something I will suggest ozbargainers to do.

        • +6

          A lot of people probably figure Coles deliberately rips them off on a daily basis for years, so a free box of icecreams is Coles just paying it forward LOL. However, a freezer full of icecreams is probably overstretching the "friendship".

        • +4

          Well maybe not the best argument to use

          Following that same logic, I think the fed govt rips me off for taxes, so I can….

          or State govt speeding fines are rip offs…

          Yes Mr Magistrate, these are legitimate arguments…

          And like the Govt, Coles can recoup the costs from someone else, if they cant from you

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    Google is a wonderful thing. never know what you will find if you google the right thing :-)

    • real subtle. But i like it. :D

    • A great tip !

    • Your googling skills are obviously a lot better than mine, mika!

    • cant find anything xD

      • +9

        well lets just put it this way
        google- is great at finding things
        Coles Circle: is an interseting phrase
        tpg: is an easy TLA to type
        ohh and don't forget that Acrobat reader is a must for every computer

        If that doesn't help brighten your day I suggest don't plan on being a detective !

        • good one !

        • Thanks mika ;)

        • Thanks buddy :)

        • thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont know how it relates to TPG though haha

          EDIT, did TPG user upload it>?

        • Thanks for the 'dumb' down… I was starting to doubt my google skills, lol..

        • lets just say Quality food costs less

  • +1

    Again its the retailers fault here. If they want to do this legitimately they should use a system similar to reedeming petrol vouchers on the Woolworth's everyday rewards card. Upload the voucher/offer to a persons fly buys card and once the voucher/offer has been redeemed it can't be reedemed again. The lazy buggers have the technology but don't think to use it.

    • Maybe not.

      Given Scotty's explanation that this was test code, maybe they didnt expect it to get out.

      As for the rest, yes I totally agree with you. A little wisdom would surely tell you that a traceable code would make more sense for security PLUS for marketing it would be a great tool to know which member redeems codes.

      But at least some dweeb in Coles will be a little wiser now

    • +1

      @unity1: My thoughts exactly.

      It is not so difficult to generate unique codes, very simple solution actually… and popular - used by many companies in numerous offers/promotions/etc.

      Anyways, if everything was perfect we (ozbargainers, myself included) wouldn't have the chance to grab freebies :) Thank you lazy buggers :)

    • I agree. It's the retailer's fault that people are dishonest.

  • Could i also please have a copy sent to me? Thanks heaps!

  • someone please pm/email me the coupon :)

  • +4

    Decided to join it after redeeming the voucher. The right thing to do anyway.

  • ohh just joined up Coles Circle but dont seem to join straight away? No voucher

    Could someone please send/PM me the voucher? Thanks!

  • Hi can someone please pm or email me the voucher thanks :-)

  • Has anyone tried using the code today? I just got back from Coles where the checkout was unwilling to process the coupon.

    • Have used it today in Tas no problems, not sure what's happening with self serve checkouts crashing that didn't happen to me?

      • +1

        Did you buy anything else? Or just got the freebie?

        I suspect the crash was happening for people that only got the freebie and nothing else… it couldn't handle a $0 transaction.

  • +1

    yep bought other things, sounds like you're right with the $0 transaction

  • just used mine now, no problems at self check out. did but meat for dinner also.
    thought it wasn't going to reduce the price then when i hit finish and pay the amount came off!

  • can someone please send me the voucher via pm, thanks in advance

    • +1

      Need to change your settings to accept private conversations.

  • CAn someone please send me the coupon? :)

    What can I use this for?

  • Worked a treat for me at self serve with no other purchase.

    Before asking for the voucher to be pm'd how about spending 1 minute actually reading the thread. You can find the voucher yourself, online as a pdf and there is no link or connection to OB

    PS. The icecreams are really nice, but you couldn't eat more than one
    The chocolate chip cookies are really nice
    The mixed lollies were as expected but a bit chewy

    • maybe you u didn't use the same machine twice in a row to see if it froze?!?

  • are they still honoring the coupons? i thought since they asked OZB tp remove teh deal, they would have stopped the redemption as well..

  • +1

    Well, I've been thinking for a while that Coles should be rewarding me for my new check out operator duties. I suppose I am fairly cheap, they save cash by sacking their cashiers and pay me in lollies and icecreams to do the job. Hope there is another one next month though, I hate working for free.

    • +1

      I'll assume the negs are from the people who sell the self service machines or who didn't see my elderly disabled mother yesterday afternoon when she couldn't walk after standing too long waiting for a checkout.

      • Nobody is forcing you to use self-serve.

        And assuming you are not 12 years old you would know that checkout lines are not longer then they used to be.

        • Umm yes they pretty much do at my Coles.

        • -1

          Nobody is forcing you to shop at Coles

        • -3

          Nope and I usually don't anymore. I have noticed a lot of the pensioners etc that can't use the machines because of walking frames etc have also shifted to the Franklins.
          But my original point was more that Coles (my coles anyway) have decided to cut costs by not rostering checkout personel this was verified by a very harried staff member and that a prob with a deal like this is the result.
          With no checkouts open and me having to put a trolley full of items through self service, no conveyer belt, not able to double scan multiple items, have to go slow so they can weigh, wait 10 minutes everytime the flashing light wants a staff member,(had this happen 3 times in one shop once), negotiate with the machine if I want to start a new bag, have the machine insinuate I am shoplifting if I move an item on the scale, after this I have earned a bag of lollies.

        • Umm exactly why does a person get negged for disliking bad service, then feeling better about it for getting a freebee or am I flushing out the Coles reps?

        • +1

          You could stage a protest. Gather all these pensioners you know, have them fill their trolleys to the brim with random items, and leave the trolleys at the self-check-out if no cashiers are on duty. When asked why they are doing so, they can say that they don't know how to use the self-check-out machines.

          Alternatively, you can use the coupon to crash all their machines.

  • @Tonka - that use to happen to me when i first used the machines, but you'll just have to learn how to use them. when the light turnes green than take the stuff off so it doesn't think you are stealing them!

    i'm very surprise they dont have anyone helping out with the self checkout, they usually need to verify cc. I see theif going up if not one person is as least standing around!

    • I don't mind if the attendants don't want to stand around and watch me purchase a couple dozen "brown onions" ….

      • +1

        Are "brown onions" slang for something?

        Urban Dictionary: "brown onion"
        1. The least attractive female of a group of females.
        2. A term used when you hold a towel over another person's face while they try doing a sit-up. With the towel covering their eyes so they cannot see, another person stands over the blindfolded person with his pants down. While the person is struggling with the sit-up, the person holding the towel lets his grip loose. This will allow the person to successfully complete his sit-up, with the suprise of ending up with his face in the other person's sweaty ass!
        3. Slang term for anus.

        None of which have even 10 thumbs-up…

  • Does it still work?

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