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Paramount Plus Annual Subscription AU$53.99 (Normally $89.99) @ Paramount Plus


Was playing around with some of the old expired codes from hippo2s's previous post and it seems that there is a 40% off annual subscription for expired/trial users

Don't know when it actually ends, but I would assume the last day would be the 31st Dec 2022, from the promo code :)

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  • Reminder that if you want to split a membership, use classifieds NOT the comments section of this deal.

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    I would rather pay for plex life pass. Not much content.

    • Yeah, the only one I watched on para+ is only star trek prodigy, now that the other ST series are still on production.

    • I looked up plex but it says free, what does the membership provide?. Streaming tv is new to me.

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        Chances are, he sails the high seas and streams via plex.

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        Been using plex since 2014, just supporting them

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        @Low Punt
        Sailed high seas - means using pirate bay aka pirating and then using Plex to watch them.

        Plex can be used to watch downloaded content. You can also watch some free moves, TV shows and live TV but not the best quality.
        I don't use it so might not be exactly correct. Hope that helps.

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          Thanks, got one less question in life now.

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          *arr me hearties

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      What is plex ? What is plex life pass ? How do you use it ?
      I am so confused now.

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          Seems your this comment has Sailed Low Seas 🤣🤣

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            @ChipsChicky: Win some / lose some. The risk you play with comedy.


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              @Tommohalby: every time someone asks about it, there is no proper answer, i assume its to do with piracy and pirated materials i dont know that second service name that gives access to the content i did know it a few months ago when i did some research, plex is an organizer to an extended library of movies/shows that gets available on said services for a small fee with very high quality content some 4k most 1080p high bitrate.

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        Plex is a software that has 2 parts to it, Plex Media Server (PMS… yea I know) and Plex (client).

        It's a self hosted media server so essentially you download PMS and install it on a computer (can be Windows, macOS, Linux, or even on a powerful enough NAS). You then need to provide your own content which… some have indicated you may need to 'sail the high seas' to obtain. Let's say you now have two folders, one called 'Movies' and another called 'TV Shows'. You setup your PMS to know which folder to look for for Movies and TV Shows. Your PMS will automatically scan periodically (or if there are any changes to the folders) so that if you add more content into that folder, it will show up in your PMS.

        Now to view the contents you have on your PMS, you need to install the Plex client, either on your phone, tablet, computer, or even just access it via the web browser and then simply login. Once logged in, it will tell you if you have an active PMS and if you do, then your Plex client is like any other streaming service's client (like the apps for Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+, etc).

        PMS will download metadata for each Movie/TV show so you don't need to do that manually, it also remembers where you have watched up to (just like the other streaming services).
        You can even setup your PMS to be accessible remotely but this will depend on your ISP. For example, ISP that uses CGNAT (e.g. Australia Post Broadband) will cause issues with making your PMS accessible outside your local network (i.e. remotely).

        This is all free, but there is a paid tier to Plex which can be purchased on a subscription or through their lifetime membership. As a paid Plex member, you do get some fancy features which I'm sure you can find from just searching online, but to name a few, it will allow you to download and 'sync' your shows (e.g. Download season 1 of TV show XYZ onto your tablet so you can watch without internet connection and it will sync up next time it connects to your PMS and auto delete episodes you have watched), allows you to skip the intro of a TV show with a 'skip' button (but you can easily just scrub through your video), and hardware-accelerated streaming (useful if your PMS is serving to multiple users at the same time as hardware-accelerated streaming may make transcoding faster and more efficient).

        • +4

          Thanks, thats perfect simple explanation. I always feel more confident by talking to someone rather reading long articles.

          Can you confirm these questions please;

          1) Transcoding means that a Movie Downloaded at 360p can be watched as 720p on Plex Client ?
          2) Plex Client can be used on Smart TV ?
          3) For downloading content, i need vpn and torrent sites and that can be downloaded directly in NAS ?

          • @ChipsChicky: Mate, just download what you want to watch and stream it to your tv from the computer, no need to Plex

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            @ChipsChicky: 1.) Easiest way to explain transcoding is simply just a conversion of a video, it doesn’t make the quality better (if any it might make it slightly worse). Transcoding happens usually because the device can’t play the format the video is in. For example you might have a movie that’s in .mkv and you’re using a tablet which doesn’t support .mkv but supports .mp4, so PMS then transcodes that video on the fly as it serves it to the tablet. It can be very CPU intensive.

            2.) Yes there are smart TVs out there that can install the Plex client but it all depends. I don’t own a smart tv so I really don’t know about this. That said you could use Plex client through something like Apple TV connected to your TV if you don’t have a smart TV or if yours don’t have Plex client.

            3.) Your content doesn’t have to be on a NAS. It can just be on your computer or external hard drive. As long as the PMS can access it. When I had my Plex setup I just used my computer and had 3 x 12TB connected internally and just had my content on there. This was because I usually keep my computer on anyways.

            In terms getting your content there are usually 2 options:

            Option 1: Using torrents which usually would require VPN and speed isn’t the fastest since it’s peer to peer.

            Option 2: Use ‘Usenet’ which is much faster since it’s downloading straight from a server. Usenet is ‘less trackable’* so you might get away without using VPN but you can still. (Note: this option usually will require some form of payment but it’s cheap enough that it’s worth it. I think for me the investment was $30 once off fee + around $5 per month).

            With both options there are automation opportunities too though I personally went with Usenet so I’m not too familiar with Torrenting + Automations. You can setup software called Radarr (for movies) and Sonarr (for TV shows) on a computer which allows you to select what movie/TV show you want (think of it like visiting IMDB and adding shows to your wish list). Then it will scan and automatically download (via another software called SABnzbd) movies or TV shows once it becomes available. This is useful with TV shows as well so as soon as a new episode is out Sonarr will grab it > tell SABnzbd to download it > Rename and place the file in your TV Shows folder (in the correct TV show and season) > tell Plex to update the library > then the episode is available to watch (can even setup notification with Plex for this so you get a push notification).

            *Less trackable (without VPN) in a way like this metaphor… with torrenting your ISP can see that you’re meeting this notorious drug dealer and exchanging drugs/money which is a no-no… so they bust you. With Usenet, your ISP can see that you’re going into this house (that’s known for drug deals) but that’s all they see, they can’t see what you’re doing inside… so they can’t prove you’re exchanging drugs/money but they know that house so they can guess you must be up to no good (i.e. can’t see what you’re downloading but knows you’re pirating).

            Edit, PS: I stopped using Plex + Usenet because I started to become a hoarder… and I’m paying to use Usenet (even though it wasn’t much) and was getting close to filling 36TB of content so another 12TB hard drive was on my Ozbargain notification list which is just more $$. I also already had Netflix subscription in Turkey and so… I decided to stop my Plex voyage and just stick with Netflix, Apple TV+ (have it through Apple One subscription anyways) and Amazon Prime. Occasionally I might want to watch a movie or TV show that’s not on those then I might set sail again but I would just watch it directly from the file instead of using Plex. I started to spend too much time tinkering… can’t be bothered these days.

            I know someone who has this setup and shares it with their family and close friends and asks them to pay a small fee (like $10 a month) and you could earn it all back. If you go this through you could also even setup another thing which is like a website where users can login and vote or request what they want to watch which will then trigger Sonarr or Radarr to download it automatically so you don’t have to touch a thing. It will be like: Family member visits website > Logs in > searches for a show > request download > then downloads and a few moments later it’s available in Plex. This I have never setup because I can’t be bothered and wasn’t sharing my PMS with a lot of people anyways.

            • @YeboMate: Thanks man, that's such an eye opening info presented in such a simplistic way, highly appreciate your time, bookmarked straight in my Notion page for OzBargain.

              After reading through all of the info, I was thinking that why people are using plex and not just relying on Netflix etc. but you already cleared that.

              For a normal person i think the best case of Plex + NAS will be to backup all family photos and see at your ease. I had done some torrenting in past and its really very addictive, even I wasn't watching anything but still i was downloading thinking that i might watch someday.

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    Still not worth it. Bought from previous deal and to be kind it's…limited

    • +19

      The $9 per year was about the max I would pay for it.

      • +3

        this. i paid for that. watched a couple things and there's nothing left that interests me.

        think after watching Dexter the new series and a rewatch of Becker I was about done. The other good stuff was available elsewhere. Oh also watched King of Queens. Which i have a boxset of but honestly cant stand changing and tracking discs anymore. Streaming has made me lazy and forgetful.

    • +1

      Bought the last one for Dexter and it was underwhelming thereafter..

      • use vpn for netflix usa, now you get dexter

    • +2

      With the amount of monopoly Disney's holding over the market I seriously question why anyone would waste money over another subs. Only Netflix has some enough alternatives worth spending money on.

      • +1

        I just got the prime free 6 months and enjoying some content there but don't see it being long term. STAN Same.
        Feel like it is good to keep switching to watch their latest and give it a rest for a bit.

    • +5

      1883, 1923, the offer, mayor of Kingstown, Tulsa king, the twilight zone (1959), Top Gun Maverick, Tokyo Vice, Dexter. It’s worth it.

      • +7

        So not worth it unless I'm into that one set of historical dramas and haven't seen Top Gun Maverick. Got it.

        • -6

          You mustn’t know how to read, Got it.

      • Yeah Dexter is an obvious one, watched Tokyo Vice on HBO, pretty sweet show. Got the paramount+ trial for a month, can't say I've watched anything and wouldn't bother with it.

        Netflix, prime and Disney usually enough

        • Old mate above says ‘historical dramas’, haha that’s 2 of 8

  • +14

    Got a one month free trial and watched pretty much everything on there worth watching already.

    • +2

      I'm on the trial now and watching Cheers. Good writing!

  • Replaced my paramount membership with put.io best investment ever

    • +1

      Never heard of that before, it seems pretty expensive for what it offers. 100GB total for $100 a year isn't much space. Is there other advantages? The download speed or something?

      • It's pretty much-using torrents based off a server in Europe. You add a torrent to it via their integration(no need to go to any torrent website, they have a cool search engine), and it gets added in micro seconds.
        You can then stream it like any service,

        • You wont download anything in Australia, it will stay in your 100GB could storage. There is an option to download it on to your local drive.

        • So how do you use it?

          Let's say you have a show you want to watch (Movie called: ABC), you then use their torrent search engine to search 'ABC', select it then it gets downloaded remotely (and since their speed is so fast, it's done within a minute), then ABC is then placed in a folder (on this put.io service) which you then stream from?

          Then once you're done watching, do you simply delete the file to save storage space?
          I'm assuming that the storage allocated for you does not count download/upload quote? So if you signed up for 100GB then you add a 10GB file, then later remove it, you'll still left with 100GB and not 90GB right?

          Do you just go for the lowest tier of 100GB for 1 year?

          • @YeboMate: That's pretty accurate. Once you delete you get that space back.

            I am on a monthly AUD12.99

            Usually a 5-6gb torrent takes under a second as long as it has enough peers.

            My 40gb add took about a minute or two because it was an old torrent and didn't have enough peers.

            • @abs898: How much storage does $12.99 per month get you, I can’t see that option.

              Also what would a referral provide?

          • @YeboMate: Referral is pretty limited as well. I could only refer 3 people in my lifetime I think. Have a slot left if anyone wants to try, can put that in the right forum.

            • +1

              @abs898: Have you considered getting real debrid and use CinemaHD, Cyberflix or similar to cast or watch on your Android TV? Works out much cheaper and without the limitations you have described?

              • @Lucille Bluth: I have use popcorn time a few times is it similar to it?

                That would need a VPN to secure myself.

                • @abs898: similar yes, but real debrid would make it better as it would give you access to premium links for these apps not available to normal people, so no buffering.

                  It's like $15 per 3 months or less. Have been using it for years. And yes can use VPN no issues

                  • @Lucille Bluth: VPN kills the deal, I don't like to run my devices on VPN all the time or keep switching between the due to work and other apps.

                    • +1

                      @abs898: You don't need a VPN. I certainly don't use one and I have had this setup now for 5+ years. I thought you wanted to run VPN in addition to my suggestion.

                      There is a login area of the apps I mentioned where all you need to do is enter your Real Debrid login details. You will then have access to all the premium links to stream whatever you want including the Put Locker links not visible to most. Stream also the torrent links in addition to videos that aren't torrent files (and not visible to those who don't pay the $15 for 3 months charge which are e.g. 4K links without buffering). Basically like Netflix type of interface.

                      IMO $12.99 per month for what you are using is expensive and sounds annoying with the quota limit you mention.

                      Anyway, was just a suggestion trying to help out another OzBargain member in case they weren't aware of other options out there.

                      • +1

                        @Lucille Bluth: Thanks I will definitely look into it. Just wanted to be sure no seeding tracks back to my IP.

  • +5

    Yellowstone is a great show IMO.

    • +1

      Yellowstone is on Stan … or did I miss a joke?

    • In Stan

      • +6

        Dear Slim,
        I'll be the biggest fan you'll ever lose
        Sincerely yours, Stan
        P.S. we should be together too

        • +3

          If you vpn to the Uk paramount it’s on there.

          • @fozzie: Oh snap, didn't know I could do that with Paramount. You legend. Cheers!

            • @Ge3ks: No worries, also works for Us, Italy etc

        • I get the reference - awesome song.

  • How can i stack with existing 12 month membership ?

    • +1

      You read the OP.

      'for expired/trial users'

  • +3

    Wish could watch on lg webOS

    • Maybe I have misread your comment but I use Paramount Plus on my LG C1. Only thing is I access it through the Apple TV app.

    • Does it have a Prime Video app? I believe Paramount plus (and others) can be watched there (if subscribed).

  • +2

    Bought the last deal after giving Netflix the flick. Paramounts catalogue is average and UI is terrible. If sharing, it's acceptable, at best.

    • +1

      Agree the app was horrible, I’m glad I only paid $9. Watched a couple of series and that’s it, Netflix and Disney plus and YouTube premium has us covered these days!

  • +1

    Can watch aleague riots

    • +1

      More like some want to be Ultras from the Victory.

    • -2

      Can watch aleague riots

      In 4K ?

  • +11

    Not a bad deal but I still felt ripped off paying the $6 for the year last time. Very little content,

    • +5

      Yeah even at $6 for the year I was still thinking it was pretty average

      • +3

        I watched one doco. Daughter may have watched some Paw Patrol. That's it.

        • Lucky for me I found the Offer about 11 months in otherwise would of just been 1883 for me

  • -1

    NBZGeek is what I hear is great

    • +1

      Yep. Pair it with Jellyfin or plex and baby you've got a stew going

    • +1

      What is that?

    • +2

      What is the first rule about fight club?

  • They gonna get Yellowstone?

  • +2

    Hmm.. $4.50 a month ain't bad I guess…

    • +1

      Maybe for Disney plus or Netflix. But they have 5 or 10 times the amount of decent content, depending on your tastes.

  • I signed up with Netflix iia Turkey instead.

    • +1

      What vpn you using?

      • What Which vpn are you using?


        • He's a banger, jv, that's how they roll.

      • +3

        I used Nord, had to reconnect 3 times to get a server that worked

    • Did you do the gift card way? Which website to purchase if you did? I'm looking into this next year when my Aussie gift cards run out but don't want to do it incorrectly.

      • +1

        yes, gift card from Eneba. It's pretty fool proof unless they close the loop hole

        • +1

          Cheers. Wish me luck 😊. Appreciate your response

  • +2

    Does anyone remember that sick glitch from last year where we all got one year of paramount plus haha.

    • +8

      Yep, and even at 1/12 of the price it wasn’t worth it lol.

      • Agree. Although I did particularly enjoy Queenpins

  • +3

    I seem to get the error: This promotional code is not valid

    • +2

      Didn't work for me either

      • Me either, new trial user, not sure if that's why?

        • I'm guessing it's for people who have paid previously?

    • Just worked for me.

      • +1

        Could you please let us know how you used it?

    • +3

      Edit: I was getting the same error, but I worked it out. I am a new user and I just signed up to the trial period using the one month period code from this post (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/746443). I then went into my account and changed my monthly subscription to an annual subscription. I then went back to the account page and entered OPs annual subscription discount code. My account now has a 1 year 40% discount applied to it. Hope that helps!

      • Thanks! This worked.

      • Thanks that worked - nice!

      • When I try to change my subscription to an annual subscription (after having signed up to the deal that you've linked to) by clicking on the "Switch to annual" link, it tells me that Im going to be charged immediately:

        Upon switching to annual billing, your account will be charged immediately. If you switch before the end of your current subscription period, your account will be credited for the remainder of your subscription period. Going forward, your account will be charged $89.99 AUD/year plus taxes, if any, on a recurring basis beginning today.

        Did you get this same message?

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