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Apple Pencil (2nd Gen) $159, iPad Mini 4th Gen (Wi-Fi + 4G/Cellular, 128GB, Refurb) $224 Delivered + More @ techciti eBay


Apple Airtag (4 Pack) - Link - Expired

Was looking for some Airtags and found these guys has them for $164, or $114 when you apply code JANHNG at checkout. I immediately bought it.

Can be used for your home & garden ;)

Apple Pencil (2nd Gen) - Link

$159 when you apply code JANHNG at checkout

All time low

iPad Mini 4 - Link

Looks like they have applied a store credit of $25 to the iPad Mini 4, and along with code JANHNG at checkout brings down to $224 (an ALL TIME LOW)

All colours are available and grade is excellent

Model: 4th Gen iPad Mini Wi-Fi and 4G/Cellular
Storage: 128GB

Key Features

  • Fingerprint (front-mounted)
  • Ridiculously light. Seriously thin.
  • Two amazing cameras
  • A8 chip with second-generation 64-bit
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Note: OS only can upgradable to iOS 15.7

Original Coupon Deal

Enjoy :)

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    Against Plant thieves

  • OOS

  • OOS, that was quick

  • +3

    Good find on the air tags. I think the store staff chose the wrong category.

    • Thanks. I think so too bud…

    • +4

      It's deliberate, not an accident.

      • I don’t know about that because the promo code did work initially but only after a few successful orders, they marked the product out of stock and now they have changed something so the promo code doesn’t even apply anymore but the product is back in stock again.
        It was probably a mistake on their end, that they have now since fixed.

  • +1

    Omg man i tried but code doesnt work. :(

  • +1

    Code didn’t work for the airtags

    • Same here

    • I was going to say, I felt stupid paying $40 for just one on Amazon AU.

      If it turns out 4 pack is still $160 then it's still only $40 each.

  • Not valid on the AirTags unfortunately

  • +2

    Airtags saved my luggage

  • +1

    As per eBay Revision History for the AirTag

    They changed the category back to 'Phones & Accessories', hence why the code doesn't/didn't work anymore.

  • Can’t apply code JANHNG

    • Code not working for Apple Pencil too

  • Wish I could find a genuinely useful purpose for these. Bought a 4 pack for travelling recently and since returning I keep forgetting about them

    • Have them on our pets collars . Purchased a 4 pack and they are a bit hit or miss. Firmware on each was different, so had to update (works better now). Put them on pets collars .
      Put the collars on when letting them outside and the airtags chime when moved which the pets recognise it means outdoors time and come running for it.
      Also have one hidden in a bike's bell. Hopefully if stolen they don't find the tag quicker than it takes to relocate the bike.

    • Keys? Wallet? Pets?

    • Attach them to your keys and wallet. I have trackers on those and it's saved me lots of frustration especially when I'm late for things.

    • +1

      I leave one in my car so I can find where I parked it eg at Chadstone

      • This is a great idea - thanks!

  • Are tile still the best alternative for android household? Want to get something before our next trip.

    • Yes. But if you have Samsungs, you're better off getting SmartTags.

  • +1

    Code doesn't work for apple pencil either.

    get "Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again."

    • I got the same error message also,

    • They store must be actively cancelling the use of the code with select items or recategorizing them as I was able to purchase the pen at the discounted price not long ago.

  • Is mini 4 worth buying? I don't own apple devices but like to get a taste of their ecosystem

    • Depends on your use.

      • Just normal use really. Browsing, reading, netflix, emails that stuff

  • Managed to snag one when you put the deal up, thanks! :)

  • For the ipad mini, when is the $25 applied? I can only see the JANHNG code

    • Add it to checkout and there should be a $25 offer applied automatically

  • JANHNG is the noise I make when I haven't had my All Bran

  • Wow a 7 year old Apple device costs 230 dollars?

  • entered the code JANHNG
    "Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order."

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