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1 Month Free Trial of Paramount Plus (Normally 7 Days) Payment Information Required @ Paramount Plus


New accounts only. Enter the code at the bottom of the payment page.

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  • Thanks op, my last one month trial just expired yesterday…Time to make a new account. 😃

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      dont you need unique payment info every time to do that? Seems that way with spotify for me

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        First rule of ozbargain have many credit cards ready…😆

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            Debt = wasted money = yuck

            Only if you pay interest on it.

            • @Tardvark: Majority of people do. Same people wearing rose-tinted glasses.
              They play the game, most get caught… and ring the bank to give them a spray that they got caught… and demand they get the fees removed.

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          2nd rule of ozbargain club is not to talk about ozbargain club

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        Temporary revolut cards 😉

        • This

        • Yup, this is the way to go

      • It's more mobile no / email they look at

      • A different email address was all I needed iirc

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      My trial account just expired yesterday, I dont think I will subscribe to them, don't find any good movie apart from Top Gun

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      So did mine, didn't even watch anything much besides Tulsa King. Stuff all content.

      The app is hopeless too. Won't let you select an episode half the time and requires a force stop and re open on GTV.

  • Sweet!! Thanks!

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    is there actually anything good to watch on there?

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      I kinda struggled to find stuff during my free month through Amazon prime.

      Halo show has good visuals.

      It's got the Indiana Jones movies iirc

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        It's a joke of a streaming service, only a step better than 10Play.

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      1923 isn't bad … but they're very slow to drop new episodes

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      I would recommend the new Dexter series they released. I would also (surprisingly) recommend Sylvester Stallone's "Tulsa King" and South park. There are some good movies on it also (A quiet place, the new Top Gun movie, .

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        Yes, I quite enjoyed watching Tulsa King as well lol.

    • It has that show 1923 and a few other popular historical dramas, and Top Gun Maverick.

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      Beavis & Butthead.

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      The A League! Well, as long as we ignore last night when the stream died at the end of the 1st half and didn't return. They also haven't added basic functionality like 'rewind' to the player and often the stream quality is '56k modem' quality. Given the only teams that beat Australia at the World Cup played off in the final, the A League is either the 3rd or 4th best league in the world.

      • The service is so bad, like you said with poor quality and no basic streaming service functions, I'll just keep watching the Aleague via vpn and youtube

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      Binge has the majority of Paramount+ content too

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      There is a bit but video quality not great and no DD surround sound, even Top Gun Maverick is in 2.0 sound! Ridiculous

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        yeah, paramount+ in the US gets DD, but none here.
        that's a joke, and another reason to pirate.

        • -3

          That’s quite a stretch to justify your behaviour.

    • Tulsa king
      Mayor of Kingstown just started season 2 too

      • I enjoyed Tulsa king, and I liked Mayor of Kingstown season 1!

    • Been binging Avatar TLA on it!

      edit: glad I'm on a trial - suddenly anything I try to watch gives me the error "This page is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience and ask that you try again later"

    • Tulsa King?

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    Use Revolut to get a rando number for subs like this.

    You need at least A$1 for the tentative charge.

    • So you can use a new one every month?

      • If you want, Revolut offers single use cards for free.

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    Do you know when the code expires?

  • Thanks OP, always good to fire up a Revolut temporary card and a throw away email for a month trial ;)

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    Tokyo Vice is good and South Park. Have heard good things about 1883 and the other Yellowstone shows. Nathan For You is also exceptional.

    • I liked Tokyo Vice, looking forward to s2.

      • Tokyo Vice is on SBS On Demand I believe. Great show

        • Not all episodes are currently available on SBS.

        • Agreed, watched it on HBO ages ago

      • hated the season finale but will watch S2

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    I'm still on the free month from a previous promo. Have used it for 2 movies, then didn't find anything worth the hassle of watching it.

    Without app for Firestick I had to go back to the old very slow Google TV built into the TV. Even then I got errors like 'content not available in your location', but after trying a few times it worked. Paused, it lost where it was, and I had to start from the beginning and find where I had been. What are they thinking?

    • You might be able to side-load the android app to the firestick, I had to do that for Bing. However i just searched for instructions and found several sites saying you dont need to as its in the normal store for iinstall. Out at the moment, cant check my firestick.

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      Just watch paramount plus content through the Amazon Prime Video app.

      • How do you set that up? I have followed guides cannot setup as channel on prime. First impressions is it is garbage. Installed the app on new google TV and continually saying not available in your country not matter what I try to play. Fair chance it will be unused for 30 days

        • Actually I couldn't do it through Prime app (maybe because I'd already signed up separately, not through Prime).

          But there were 2 Paramount+ apps on my FireTV.

          One says not available in your country, but the other one works.

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      I'm using the native app on my FireTV

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    Kids love paw patrol and blaze

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    This would be good for when you really wanted to watch the FA cup thanks OP

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    Nothing beats the $7.99 annual piece error. I struggle to watch anything in there except Halo

    • Is this still going???

    • +4

      I remember being so excited about the free year and I only ended up watching the South Park pandemic specials

    • Got 18 months for about 60c.

    • $7.99 annual piece error. I struggle to watch anything in there except Halo


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    I only watched Top-gun for the last trial. I struggled to find good movies.
    But my kids love blaze, shimmer and shine, paw patrol, etc.
    Paramount has good series of animations for kids between 4 and 9 years.

  • Thanks, subscribed for trial

  • Can you use this on LG TV?

    • +1

      There isn't an app for it but I used LG's Web Browser and saved Paramount Plus as a Favourite.

    • You can use it in the prime video app. But then the subscription need to be linked to your Amazon prime account.

  • I find its good for the kids, but not so much for adults. I mostly watch southpark on it.

    Ive only had a quick look , but international versions seems to have a broader range of content , so it would be worth setting up a vpn/dns for access.

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    quick question, if you got amazon can u use the same email to login via paramount app using thel amzaon account cause it includes the subscription to paramount and some others subscription

    because i can access paramount if i login on on prime and access paramount content if i click within the prime app then it takes me to the paramount content but i was just wondering if i type the same details what my amazon prime is would it still log me in on the official pramount app

  • I'm currently in VN. I use ExpressVPN to connect to AUS server. But I get "Invalid token" when I try to summit.

  • Awesome! I was waiting for something better than the 7 days trial. Thank you.

  • Thanks OP!

  • -1

    its showing 7 days free…not a month

    • Just make sure you put the code in at the bottom of the payment page (step 3). It should give you 30 days trial on a new account

      • sorry my bad. I hadnt noticed the code. thanks for that

      • Im assuming you mean the code MATCH in promotional code section? Cos when I put that in, it still says 7 days free and will not be charged until 4th Feb at the top.
        Is this meant to update? Never had paramount b4 etc so im a new user.

        • Code doesn’t seem to work anymore unfortunately

  • Nice one - you can cancel immediately too and still keep access for the month

  • Thank you. Watched Top Gun just now, and just started on Tulsa King. Great stuff.

    • Watched Top Gun just now,

      No 4k right?

      • Aus. gets 1080p and 2.0 sound.

        • Rubbish hey
          Netflix, HBO, Disney all coming across well with 4k and Atmos

      • +1

        Didn't matter, TV is only FHD and using the 2 inbuilt speaker. :D

        • nasty ;)
          upgrade the sound before you upgrade the TV.
          huge difference.

        • Time to upgrade, some good deals on here

  • "This promotional code is not valid" with my existing expired a/c from the first yearly iPad promo.

  • Mayor of Kingstown or Tulsa King? Which is better to watch given written by the same person Taylor Sheridan who also wrote Yellowstone and 1923.

    • +1


      • So far so good. Thanks

  • Thanks for the Code. Quick Question, no Dolby Atmos/Vision and 4K content? Tried using Fire Stick 4K MAX and Sony Android internal App. Only to see Stereo 2.0? (PS: TV and Sounds support Atmos/Vision/4K). Any way to work around or only paid subscriptions get them? thank you

  • Put MATCH in promotional code section but doesnt say 1 month free anywhere, do i need to agree and subsribe and it then tell you month free?
    Is this meant to update? Never had paramount b4 etc so im a new user.

    • +1

      Code doesn’t seem to work anymore unfortunately

      • Its odd, it accepts the code without any errors (as versus some random code i typed in and rejects), but doesnt update the free trial for a month…. 7 days, I will pass and wait until another code comes up

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