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Earn up to 130,000 Qantas Points, 2 & 6 Months Waiting Period Waiver @ Qantas Health Insurance


Higher than last few month's bonuses. The last promotion period was only offering 110k.

I decided to call and ask a few questions and was offered the 140k to sign up over the phone. If you are interested give it a go.

You will earn 1 point per dollar paid on your premium.

Points are added to your account after 60 days.

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5000 points for referrer and referee on select products. Details

Qantas Wellbeing App: random (508)

150 Points for the referrer (up to 20 times) and referee for signing up to the app.

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  • No you can't. You can no longer get the referal if the promotion has sign up bonus.

    • bugger, i will remove that part now.

    • It worked for me about 6 months ago signing up with referral and bonus points offer

      • It didnt work for me 4 months ago and also recalled seeing somewhere that it mentioned not in conjunction with any sign up bonus.

        • think that has always been in the t and cs though.. hmm well I've tried again this promotion so will see what happens

  • the bonus is only for gold hospital plus extras cover

    • +1

      it’s “up to”, that’s for families/couples also. singles will be half that.

      change to the highest cover a week before the 60 days. get the points. change back for a refund within 30 days. churn.

      • How does the charge back work?

        • +1

          they refund you if you downgrade cover within 30 days (if you haven’t claimed)

  • Might want to mention the 130k is only for couples cover. Singles up to 65k points - unless I am mistaken

  • +2

    No bonus if you have been a member of NIB, AAMi, Suncorp group in the last 6 months.

    • yeah i’m like 2 weeks shy of my 6 months, damn

  • +1

    Who is the underlying insurer? From someone who's checked the pricing, is pricing competitive compared to say NIB, HFC or Bupa?

    • Qantas Health Insurance is issued by nib health funds limited ABN 83 000 124 381 (nib) a registered private health insurer, and is arranged by Qantas Airways Limited ABN 16 009 661 901 (Qantas), for which Qantas receives commission.

    • NIB/ Suncorp group

      • NIB/ Suncorp group

        Are you suggesting they are one group?

        • +4

          nib health funds is the underwriter for Suncorp health insurance products.

          • -1

            @abs898: Yes, but your post above suggests they are part of the one 'group'. They are not part of the one group.

            • +2

              @YesPleaseThankYou: “nib” / “suncorp group” not “nib suncorp group”

              also not sure why this is such a big deal to you

  • +4

    $459 for a month gold cover couple, i rather sign up a new credit card if i only after the qantas points

  • +3

    My experience is that Qantas health insurance is more expensive than others and Extras limits lower than others. You are paying for the points.

    • +2

      This is the comment I was looking for… Thanks.

    • Yeah definitely, same with everything Qantas

    • Second that

    • Depends, as with all insurers. Actually is the cheapest for our family policy and we have basic hospital and some extras.

      Not sure the sign up points bonus is worth it though of course compared to CCs

  • +1

    spent 3 hours waiting to talk to someone on the phone and am unable to change my flight online even though the website i can…oh wait, thats a different post, i wonder if its the same Qantas "experience" with Qantas insurance?

    • +3

      It's Monday morning and you're already on weeds?

  • +3

    Just to add, anyone in the market for discounted health insurance is best off going for the 'Pay for one month get 6 weeks free offers'. These offers provide the best return. Bupa has this type of offer available now: https://www.bupa.com.au/health-insurance/join-bupa

    NIB and related brands are never part of the group I churn to as the minimum period required to hold the product is too long in comparison to other offers.

    All the NIB offers follow a similar pattern. Whether this is a financial decision or due to system constraints (or both) is not known.

    • +1

      Do you have any further thoughts about how to churn health insurance? Compared to credit cards it seems bewildering.

      • +1

        Many, see some of my past posts.

        Churning private health is super easy - designed to be that way.

    • personally qantas is the one health insurance churn i never miss

      • +1

        You switch up at day 53?

        • +1

          Yeah that's my plan too. From memory it used to be 160k points but now only 130k.

    • -1

      For the 8 week deal, can people join and just take the first 6 weeks free after paying for 30 days, then cancel? Or do they have to wait for 13 months to claim the whole offer?

      E.g. would BUPA not give you the 6 weeks free if you leave after 6 weeks after the paid 30 days? (Because you haven’t stayed for 13 months total to claim the total of 8 weeks free).

  • Which health insurance can you really pick for the most basic requirement of no MLS. It seems that qantas is the cheapest one at 22.5/ week + you can get like 15,000 qantas points through out the year

    • depends on your circumstances, for me frank has generally been the cheapest i just want to avoid tax cover.


    • I found that Westfund is the best cheapest option for the family

  • When do you get the points? I'd just churn out

    • after the policy has been held for 60 continuous days and will be based on the level of cover held at that time

      you may have to chase them about it though

  • +2

    Experienced churners please let me know if I have though about this correctly:
    1. Get cheapest extra's only cover and pay for that up until day 52
    2. Day 53 switch to most expensive hospital + extras cover
    3. Cross 60 day mark with aforementioned cover and be elligible for bonus pts
    4. Request refund on higher premium and then just close qanatas insurance entirely?

    P.S I am happy with my current provider, can I have two insurance policies running at same time?

    • can I have two insurance policies running at same time?

      Read the Fund Rules of the two insurers as some prohibit the holding of concurrent policies.

      I'm perplexed though, you seem to be willingly paying for a policy you don't need simply for the points. If correct, this doesn't seem like a good strategy to me.

      • at ~1c per point 65k points is worth $650. it can also help you hit points club plus if you're after that.

    • 3.5. chase them to make sure they credit the points.

      • -1

        Just to clarify, once you pass the 60 day mark, should you chase the points first, or downgrade to you original cover and request a refund first?
        How long should you wait to churn out? As soon as the points hit your account?

        • +1

          chase the points before you downgrade

          • @[Deactivated]: Cheers,
            Do you need to downgrade prior to churning out? I suppose it allows the refund of the higher fees due to the 30 day cooling off period?

          • -1

            @[Deactivated]: In your previous Qantas health insurance churns, do you do the switch the policies at the very end to qualify for the max points? or is it important that you stay on the top cover for the entire duration of 60days to qualify for the max points?

            • +1

              @churning: I think @ObnoxiousaAndRude and @DoctorDesolate answered this above.
              Join at the lowest level you want, e.g. Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold +/- any Extras Cover you want.
              Then at Day 53 upgrade to most expensive hospital + extras.
              Pass the Day 60 mark at this higher level, chase up Qantas for bonus points to hit your account, then downgrade back to original cover. and chase them up for a refund of the difference between highest cover and original cover.
              Once all points and refunds processed, churn to the next offer.

              • @Helmutson: These instructions for accruing points, from my perspective, look like a recipe for stress.

                So much chasing. You have to ask yourself, 'What am I pioritising?' Is it points? Is it continuous cover at the lowest price? is it something else?

                If you are churning, you are already having to contact the fund more times than the average consumer would over the life of the policy. (This is my anecdotal assessment as, if you are churning, the life of your policy with any one insurer is going to be relatively short and, you have to establish your policy, terminate your policy, and do everything in-between.)

                You are now further complicating your experience with the insurer by not only changing your level of cover (twice), chasing points, and seeking refunds. I'm sorry to say, this approach will end in tears.

                Fund can be very difficult to deal with. Although NIB is not the worst in terms of complaints, it's also not the best. Refer https://www.ombudsman.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0026/114…

                Good luck in your new life (which will consist of endless interactions with NIB). Is it worth the pain? I'd love to hear about your experience at the end of all this.

              • -1

                @Helmutson: Why do you have to do it on day 53 and not day 59?

    • +1

      Promo disclaimer fine print reads: " Points will only be awarded to the primary policyholder after the policy has been held for 60 CONTINUOUS days and will be based on the level of cover held AT THAT TIME."

      I'm confused as to whether the Day 53 switch to the max cover would still make it eligible for max points.

      Can any one shed some light?

      • I'd be keen to hear anyones experiences with this too please! :)

  • +1

    Today is the day my friends, https://www.timeanddate.com/date/duration.html
    Day 53 then Day 60.

    • Any update for the points yet?

      • tomorrow is D60 for me.

        • likewise, fingers crossed! if not at least next week.

    • +1

      What happened with the points?

      • +2

        got the points

        • Thanks for the update :)
          Hopefully it goes through for me too

          • @ikoniix: now downgraded to get refund. Then cancel last step.

        • got mine too, nice. You staying with qantas? I might switch to medibank to get some velocity points.

          • @Wimothy Jongingtons: Got my points the other days as well. Easy downgrade back to my original cover as well through their website.
            Now looking at what the next best deal is. Can't get away with a lower teir of cover and a quick upgrade witht the Medibank deal, have to keep the exisiting level of cover (Higher than bronze as the premium needs to be $130+ per week)

        • Planning to move to this, looks like most got their points at about 65 day mark? What did you need to tell them for refund?

          • @wordsmith: only 110k points now.

            • @hawkeye93: Also 12 months waiting period now

              • +1

                @shap08: Their phone support is happy to offer the larger points that were available before expiry and mentioned no waiting periods as well, unless I took a cover that I did not have those on existing policy.

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