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30% off All Games $59.95 or under at DickSmith E.g Resistance Burning Skies PS Vita $41.97


Dick Smith has 30% off all games priced $59.95 or less. I thought i would give Resistance Burning Skies on PS Vita a try for $41.97. Online & instore - i do not know when it ends. I hope it helps someone.

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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    not that cheap..


    Going by DSE website it ends tomorrow 22nd.


    Good price for a local copy

  • +5 votes

    Resistance BS sucks big time. I returned it after finishing the game 100% in 5 hours. The online was a joke, something you'd expect from an iPad FPS not a big PS franchise.

    30% off is a good deal, just don't waste your cash on RBS - if you do then price match at EB so you can return it and get a decent game when you realise I was right.


      Wow, really that bad? Anything like the PS3 ones?

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        Nothing like them, they were developed by Insomniac, this was developed by Nihilistic who have yet to make a decent game. Total trash, really. Check the review scores on Meta.

        Oh and I'm a big fan of the series, I was totally gutted by this crap.

        • -9 votes

          Didn't stop you from finishing it

          And asking for a refund,

          Shops ain't for rental. Do what's right

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          You really should know your consumer rights before you go making a dill hole out of yourself.

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          There's a difference between rights and abuse of rights.

        • +3 votes

          Not in this instance with Eb games Australia, it's a well known policy that they Eb encourage

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          its an EB policy finish it within 7 days and you can return it, you dont get a refund i believe you get to swap it for another game.. correct me if im wrong Tal.

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          lol, like others said its EB's no question asked policy. You can play a game and if you don't like it within a week you can return for cash back or exchange. Its the reason why I pay extra to shop at EB when I could import for 30%-50% less. I dropped the store credit on Gravity Rush which is excellent.
          Get your facts right before judging others champ.


    i bought resistance burning skies for vita 28 dollars deliverd of ebay.