This was posted 1 year 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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25% off Any Item in-Store (Excludes Custom Cakes) @ The Cheesecake Shop


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Must order and pick-up by 12.03.2023. Excludes custom cakes.

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The Cheesecake Shop
The Cheesecake Shop

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    Damn literally just bought a cake via uber eats

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      Surprised the bank approved the loan for that

      • A deal on cakes is pretty unusual and rare so seeing this right after I ordered a cake made me feel the fomo!
        Also a potential saving of ~$18 warrants the 'damn' cause I've seen 300+ upvotes on $3-$5 cashbacks :D

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          Yeah sorry about that. I watched you order on Ubereats and waited till you confirmed payment to post this deal.

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      nice flex

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      Should have just gone there on foot. Would have been a cakewalk

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        Upvoted, but booo!

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        Meringue to order, but they were closed by the time I called :(

      • The shop is on the other side of the black forest

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      Order another one to DCA

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      Until the first bite when you realise something is wrong.

      • Yep. The cheesecakes have so much gelatine in them they just taste wrong.

  • What's everyone's go to flavour wise at cheesecake shop these days?

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        Its nothing compared to what it used to be. Gone through 2 changes over the past few years. A shadow of its former self unfortunately

        • Damn, i only tried it for the first time the other week and i was blown away. Can't imagine what it used to be.

          There used to be a god-tier cake called fruit flan. Not sure if it's still there or if it's changed as well but I couldn't find it last I checked

      • Black Forest? Too scary. You’re in a forest, oooooo

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      caramel glaze mudcake is god tier.

      • Yeh agree, if it's not caramel glaze then what is the point?

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      black forest or tiramisu torte would be my pick

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    Awesome thanks OP

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    Cheesecake cakes i would not even get them for free

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      I haven't had one for years but can't recall being impressed either. I don't think it had much taste and I think the base was really thick which I hate. (Who wants to struggle through a 1/4 of a packet of dry biscuits per slice.)

      I've made a few in the pressure cooker and they were brilliant… much like ones baked ones in a restaurant only without the top browning. Anyone who has a pc and hasn't tried it do yourself a favour. Just do everything the same as an oven recipe (some cream cheese boxes have a recipe) but sit it on a wire rack above, not in, the water. It doesn't get soaked on top like you'd expect.

      Brown it with a torch if you really have to but I don't like it done that way.

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        Anyone who has a pc and hasn't tried it do yourself a favour.

        I put the batter in my PC and it shorted everything. It won't turn back on and the heatsinks are all clogged with cake. Please advise.

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          Batter contains flour. It shouldn't have flour nor look like cake. You used the wrong recipe. Was it from a government website? (You should never follow government directions for anything you put in your body.)

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            @[Deactivated]: Oh I was following a baked cheesecake recipe. I'll try the no-bake version and see if that fixes my graphics card. Thanks!

    • Any suggestions on alternative cake stores? (Must exist in WA)

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        Choose-A-Cake in Huntingdale for cheesecake, custom cakes and other classics, Twenty Twenty in Thornlie for the mille crepe cake, The Honeycake in Northbridge and Freo Markets for this amazing Czech cake made of honey

        • Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check them out when I get the chance.

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    If ordering $30 cake, previous $10 off was better. But yeah if ordering bigger size or expensive one then this will be better.

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    My pancreas just cringed

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      My half pancreas is getting pancreatitis vibes from this 😅

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    They used to be so good.

    We had a pavlova from them a few days ago. It was awful. FA cream, a teaspoon of passion fruit and no kiwifruit.

    Never again. Not even at 75% off.

  • awesome, got a few birthdays coming up, so this will get some use

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    Just a quick FYI, looks like my ad-blocker stopped the promo code from being accepted. Turn it off if you run into the same problem.

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    Wish these guys would make Biscoff cheesecakes

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    Cheesecake shop has gone down hill over the last 10+ years I've bought them. Used to be at a price where I couldn't even buy the same amount of cream cheese for the price of the cake. They've since upped their prices and dropped the quality. Less toppings, some weird filling in the cheesecake that makes it taste grainy (assuming this is to pad out the cheese) , and generally poorer quality ingredients.

    If you can, make your own cheesecake. It's quite fun and cheaper than anything you can buy here + it probably will taste better.

  • About $23 for midi torte

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    lol why does 10 dollars off a 40 dollar cake get 100+ upvotes

  • 10yrs ago they were expensive, delicious and were the only cake maker that rarely used sponge layers.

    Today their cakes taste awful & flat, have a horrible grainy texture and many appear to contain sponge layers. They are a shadow of their former self.

    Even if free I wouldn't take one.

    • That's so sad

    • You sure about that? I had them for free for work birthdays every month (almost every week some months) from 2008-2015 and they were pretty bad back then!

  • They used to be really good. Have not ordered last ten years dunno now

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      I find a lot of their cakes taste like cream cheese. I think I prefer the American style baked cheesecake. Not that I wouldn't demolish a Cheesecake Shop cheesecake if offered…

  • One of the DRIEST sponges. Left cheesecake few yeas ago, buying from local cake shop & Miss mauds.
    Not going to buy even if for a 100% discount. Old saying"If you offer peanuts, it only attracts (———-)"
    Even my worst local cake has moist black forrest sponge than cheesecake. Such a poor quality.

  • Thoughts on the dessert box? Seems worth for the variety?

  • My tip is always check the cake when picking it up. If they don't open it and show you, they fcked it up and hope you'll just walk out with it.

  • got one a few months ago & they put cinnamon in the base which just overpowered the whole cheesecake & wasn't good, the quality has slipped sadly

    • absolutely bang on spot. everything just over powdered test.

  • I stg these literally have more gelatin in them than cream cheese, avoid

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    Their website is set up pretty poorly (and does not give confidence in freshness).

    If an item is 'out of stock' you cannot add it to your shopping cart for even a future pick up date. I would have thought they would be made daily (or at least maybe maximum a few days before collection). Even if it is 'out of stock' now (to pick up on same day), it should be in stock tomorrow. Unless they are out of ingredients.

    This makes me think they don't make them in store, and don't even make them daily and bring them in from a factory.

    (Just searched '' and average rating of 1.5/5 on 170 reviews. I know it's biased negative, but that is terrible. Too bad it's a franchise with so much variability).

    • So THATS why it always fails payment. My intended store does not have the item in stock. FFS. I wasted so much time on this.

  • Picked up a marble mud cake today. Had low expectations based on the comments above, but pretty happy with the quality of it. Will probably repurchase the next time there's another code.

  • As my wife says, “Life is too short for a Cheesecake Shop cake”.

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