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Anker Eufycam Solar Panel $57 Delivered (Was $99.99) @ Amazon AU

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Lowest price as sold by Amazon according to the camel

Officeworks have matched the price online

  • Compatible with All eufyCams: Provide continuous charging for your eufyCam, eufyCam E, eufyCam 2, eufyCam 2 Pro, eufyCam 2C, or eufyCam 2C Pro
  • Solar-Powered Continuous Charging: The 2.6W high-efficiency solar panel means that with just a few hours of direct sunlight every day, your camera will stay charged around the clock
  • Easy to Install: The 13ft (4m) cable allows for flexibility when choosing the location of your solar panel and ensures it can get maximum sunlight exposure; The 360-degree mounting bracket and wall anchors make installation easy and flexible
  • Certified Safe for eufyCam: Only certified eufy Security solar panels can sync with eufyCam to ensure correct power management; Non-certified solar panels may damage the eufyCam battery
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  • +3

    I'm using ones off ebay. Got them for <$100 for 4

    • whats the quality like on those?

    • Same, got mine from aliexpress - work just fine! Only average thing were the screws that came with the mount are average

    • What watts do you use?

    • +2

      Same here, got an aftermarket one for the front door cam(which id say looks remarkably the same as the official one)for about $21 and has been keeping my cam charged at 100% for the past 6 months with no issues so id save the $$ and go with that instead

      • What did u use for the front door? None seem to fit behind the bracket

      • do you have a link to the one you bought pls

    • +2

      I fried my Eufycam using aftermarket ones. They fried at different times after around the 2 month mark during winter.

      The battery refused to charge.

      See my comments https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/660093

      • +2

        Did you do this?

    • Can you share the link of the item which you bought off eBay?

  • +6

    and now.. just need a deal on the cameras…

  • +2

    I bought these from ebay and they're solid. < $30 with ebay plus vouchers, etc.


    • +2

      does this recognise it as an OEM panel or just constantly on charge?

      • +1

        When you connect the panel to the camera, in the Eufy app, you can specify the "Power Source" as a "External Solar Panel".
        Then you get an additional icon in the app.

        I assume because it's set as a solar panel, it should know how to behave and not crap itself.

        I've had mine for close to 2 years without any problems - one in a half shaded area, and the other in full sun.

        Then I can set to max surveillance, etc, without worries of flattening the battery.

        • I can mount these on the roof and not worry about the rain? Just run the cable to the camera which is under a eave

          • @richmond12: The unit won't have any trouble being in the rain.

            One of mine, I mounted to a wall, and the other I bought this bracket from Amazon so I can mount it to the gutter.


            I think the bracket gives it a very clean look and it's easy to install without drilling holes into things.

            • @roozmik: How is the cable management done with this mount?

              • @Slave1: Leave enough to run to the camera, fold the rest and ziptie it to the base of the panel, that how I did mine.

              • @Slave1: The panel itself has a place to wrap the excess cord around

    • This ebay panel and the "official" eufy one look identical.. mounting hardware, length of the cord is the same, back of the panel is the same (you can shorten the cord by winding it around) and the front looks the same.

      Only difference is the white notch where I guess some company could put their brand (mine was blank).

      I don't think panels have any microchips or whatever in them do they? Not like the panel has any brains.. it just feeds power.

  • +3

    Wish these would work with the Eufy doorbell

    • Is the doorbell any good?

      • +1

        Yep the doorbell is awesome and locally stored video without subscription

    • Why couldn't you?

      • Says that not compatible with their doorbells, not sure why not

        • how would you get the cable into the door bell, as the port sits in the back of the doorbell.

          Also could be wattage

          • @dasher86: I would drill a hole and then just go between the double brick to the roof, the cable can come out at the tile when the panel is mounted.

  • -1

    will this charge my tesla?

    • It might maintain the charge, if you’re lucky.

      • Apparently you can expect to lose ~1% a day. That would be 600w a day lost on the smaller batteries assuming 62kw. This panel would make 30w a day if you were lucky. I was sleep deprived when I made this comment.

        • Yep, someone tested with sentry mode off and only lost 0.5% a day. So it would only cover about 10% of your losses 😂

    • Wait. Telsas don't have solar panels??

  • Any thoughts on this https://www.bigw.com.au/product/laser-smart-home-solar-panel…?

    Figured it would do the same job. Or similar to eBay options

  • So do we believe this?

    Non-certified solar panels may damage the eufyCam battery

    • +3

      The comments on this previous deal were enough for me.

      • Maybe those people just connected the panels and didn't set the power source as being a panel.

        I've used $30 ebay panels for about 2 years and haven't had any issues.

      • +2

        Glad my comments in that deal were useful. Dealing with warranty was a shitty experience

    • to an extent all solar panels will prematurely damage the lithium battery, because you're holding the voltage very high, at 100% or very close. It's the same as keeping a phone or laptop on a charger continuously, the battery will fail faster
      *some phones and laptops won't continuously keep the battery at 100% but will cycle up and down for battery health, I don't think this is true for eufys unless the eufy panel has some special chip

      • The battery would be discharging at night so I think this will be fine.

        • If the battery is designed to run for 6 months without charging, I don't think 12-14hrs/day of non charging would bring it down to <80%

          But the solution appears to be this

    • these are 5w, will they work with eufy?

  • Cheers OP :)

  • Damn, great deal. These work a treat for true wireless cameras.

  • seems Amazon is still the old ver and new ver from JB now include a mini USB to USB-C cable for the new cameras

  • Any good solar panels for charging power banks?

  • +3

    Does it store the power locally or send some of it up to the cloud?

    • +1

      Its Eufy so it probably sends it to the CCP

  • +1

    how many of these do i need to run my aircon?

  • +4

    Thanks Op!
    Managed to get some for $51.30 each via Bunnings price beat.

    • Likewise, from Bunnings! Thanks OP.

  • Seems out of stock at Amazon and officeworks

  • Bugger. Missed out

  • Oos

  • not OOS at Officeworks: I could do next day C&C or Monday home delivery for free ($57 all up).

    • It appears that Officeworks online stock is location based, so they still have stock to deliver to Sydney, but no stock in Melbourne (I didn't try other addresses)

  • Missed this.

    • The deal said OoS, but I clicked the link and it said 2 available (handy, as that's how many cameras I have). Maybe check back later and you might get lucky.

  • Are these compatible with the new eufyCam 3 and 3C? Description doesn't mention it

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