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Onkyo TX-NR616 AV Receiver, The New One!, ~ $519 AUD Delivered


Guys, this website is a gold mine and this is the second bargain I have found.

This model retails for a lot more than 519 locally. edit: actually RRP is $1199 cheapest I found was $998.

402 euro plus 29 euro shipping via DHL Standard.

Considering amazon.de do NOT ship this model to Aus (I am pretty sure) makes this a good find.


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  • Oh wow, cheapest i can find this locally is ~$1000.
    Think I'm gonna have to spend some time tonight taking a look at computeruniverse.

    • Yeah I mean worse case scenario you buy one and its DOA you can buy another one and still come out equivalent to local prices. Crazy

  • Only 3 in stock?

  • I have been tempted by a proper surround AV receiver for quite some time, and this one certainly seems sweet and affordable. But my issue still is the back speakers. How do people generally place them, do they just run the wires on the floor or ceiling? How far are we from affordable and good quality wireless surround speakers?

    • I just run wires on the picture rail or between the carpet and wall. Either side of the couch does it for me. This amp comes with a mic to do an auto setup, just put the mic on a couch, start the demo and it will level the speakers to make them sounds the best in that location.

  • 479 euro now.

  • Does it have built-in bluetooth? Saw no mention of it on the computeruniverse site.

    ack. not that I should be looking for a new amp. realistically there's nothing wrong with my current 5.1…but….but…new toys!

  • Something seems screwy here. This review (http://reviews.cnet.com/av-receivers/onkyo-tx-nr616/4505-646...) talks about it being a good cheap rcvr with a street price of $420 to $700 USD. I know that it is the US street price but even so….

    Am I missing something?

    amazon.com has it for $399USD but you would need a forwarder as they don't ship it to Australia.

    • You may want to consider that the USA model is for 110 volts 60hz, a unit in Germany will be for 240 volts 50hz same as Aus. Unless the unit has a switch at the rear to cover the various voltages and frequencies, or has auto voltage capability.

      Though I would not know if that would give reason for such a large price difference.

      Voltage info at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Weltkarte_der_Netzspannung...

    • "amazon.com has it for $399USD but you would need a forwarder as they don't ship it to Australia."
      US version is the wrong voltage..

  • $600 here, USA model though: http://outbackphoto.com.au/product/ID134C24/tx_nr616--Onkyo-TX_NR616-A_V-Home-Theater-Receiver-USA-Model-/

  • Bought the last unit :) Paid $526.16 plus $35 for the international bank transfer. The website would not allow me to use PayPal or a credit card. After calling them, the only way I could buy the unit was to prepay via a wire transfer. Hope they're reputable? They've also advised me of an 8-12 week delay in transit. Here's an extract from their email to me. Keeping my fingers crossed for a speedy delivery.

    Please be informed, important info for shipments to Australia:

    Even though we do ship parcels to Australia by airmail by default, we have recently experienced shipping periods of 8-12 weeks or more after dispatch. Not all parcels are affected and some may arrive faster than that, but at this time many parcels unfortunately do indeed seem to take this long. We currently have no information at which point in transit these delays occurr and can only speculate that possibly the customs processing currently takes this long due to the diligence of the Australian customs authorities. If you have more information or ideas on the potential reasons for the delays, please feel free to share them with us. Every detail helps.

    Furthermore, please don't be alarmed if the parcel cannot be tracked with the international matchcode (UPU code) during transit and until it has reached Australia and has been scanned by the local post. This is normal.

    Please keep this in mind and try to be patient if after dispatch your parcel seems to take longer than anticipated.

    Thanks in advance for your kind understanding.

    • "After calling them, the only way I could buy the unit was to prepay via a wire transfer. Hope they're reputable? "
      you better hope so because you have no 'get out of jail free' option with that payment choice..
      its turn up or nothing, thats your two options

  • Did you end up getting this??