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[Afterpay] Apple Airtag 4-Pack $131.75 Delivered @ MacApp eBay


Extra $10 off in-cart. Pay with Afterpay and apply coupon for the final discounted price.

Key Features

  • Track & Locate with Find My Network
  • Precision Finding via Ultra-Wideband
  • Use with Keys, Wallet, Bags & More
  • See Direction, Distance & Map Location

BG’s Notes:

  • Stack with the upsized ShopBack eBay cashback - Note: Since this will require Afterpay as the payment method, you’ll not get the Westpac bonus

Credit to @Richard’s comment

Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2023

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closed Comments

  • Last I checked the deal price shouldn't be inclusive of cashback

    • It isn’t. There’s a $10 coupon automatically applied at checkout, and then stack with the eBay Afterpay code

      • Fair shake, seems the coupon calculation on the listing doesn't factor that in.

  • Shows as $140.25 for me

    • ($165-$10) x 0.85 = $131.75

    • Showing as AU $145.00 - final price for me

  • You have to select the coupon APAYDAY3 when checking out

  • Are you guys buying now or waiting for the shopback cashback to go live?

    • Shopback will allow only 1% more in savings if using Coupon Codes, might as well grab it now.

      Edit: App shows 1% while the deal that goes live later today says 3%.

  • Does using Afterpay affect your credit score negatively or positively?

    • +2

      It does affect you when applying for home loan etc. I think the companies like Klana and Nab BNPL affect your credit score. I’ve been using Afterpay for a few years no impact on credit score but as soon as I signed up to Nab BNPL my credit score dropped 100 points.

  • Wouldn’t work for me - says only one code can be applied. I tried the following two codes: APAYDAY3 and SNSPLUSM

    • +1

      The extra $10 off is offered by MacApp and no code is required. It’s automatically discounted at checkout

    • +2

      $10 off is automatically applied as you add the item to cart and move to checkout, apply APAYDAY3 on checkout screen.

      • +1

        Ah now it make sense.
        You truly are the word smith

  • $126.65 if you get apple store to match digidirect and use discounted cards from this deal
    Digidirect is an authorised reseller so they should do it.

    • Would they price match with Costco? I think Costco is Authorised reseller too.

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