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eBay Australia: 12% Cashback (no Coupon use, $20 Cap), 3% with Coupon (7-10pm AEDT), [Westpac] 12% Bonus CB ($20 Cap) @ ShopBack



  • Cashback Not Eligible for Charity and non-profit items, eBay Plus membership & Travel
  • If anything from within a basket is unpaid, exchanged or returned, Cashback for whole basket will be declined
  • Accounts that engage in fraudulent orders/activities to game/cheat the Cashback system will be banned and Cashback forfeited
  • Items with Best Offer accepted prices and Auctions are NOT eligible for cashback

When will I get my Cashback?

Purchase Tracked In Claim In
Today 7 days 60 days

BG’s Notes:

Referral Links

Referral: random (3746)

$40 for referrer, $20 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Users will need to fulfil the referral criteria within 180 days from referee's sign-up date to unlock cashback. See all terms

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    Merged from eBay Australia: 12% Cashback/3% Cashback with Coupon Code ($20 Cap) + [Westpac] Bonus 12% Cashback ($20 Cap) @ ShopBack
    Go to Deal

    Hey all, we're kicking off Afterpay Day(s) with our good mates at eBay back again, more to come tomorrow and Saturday so keep eyes out for the goods here on OzB.

    Cheers as always for your support, and as always, leave any q's below I've missed and I'll get back to you ASAP.

    eBay Australia Upsize Details

    Cashback Rate: 12% Cashback without use of coupon codes, 3% with coupon codes applied
    Date/Time: 16th of March 7:00pm AEDT until 10:00pm AEDT
    Cashback Cap: $20 on both rates

    Westpac Lounge Bonus Cashback Details

    Bonus Cashback Rate: 12% Bonus Cashback
    Date/Time: 16th of March until 11:59pm
    Bonus Cashback Cap: $20

    HOW TO: Access the Westpac Lounge:

    • Go to the Westpac Lounge banner in the ShopBack app or web browser
    • Link your eligible Westpac debit or credit card to your ShopBack account, which will give you access to exclusive bonus Cashback offers.
    • Shop using the same linked Westpac card and earn that sweet Cashback

    GYB's Notes:

    • Cashback caps listed are per transaction, just remember to exit eBay and click through from ShopBack in between each purchase so that each one tracks.
    • Cashback and Bonus Cashback will be calculated after the use of any promo codes or vouchers, and will exclude any GST or delivery fees.
    • Partial payment via gift card alongside use of your eligible linked Westpac card at eBay Australia will earn Bonus Cashback on the full purchase amount via the Westpac Lounge. Other merchants in the Westpac Lounge may not honour Cashback with use of a gift card or will only earn you Cashback on the amount not paid for via gift card, best to check the store's T's and C's on our website for details.
    • Outside flash sale hours today, original Cashback rates for eBay Australia will be 10% without coupon code use, and 1% with.
    • 12% Cashback without use of coupon codes, 3% with coupon codes applied

      App says 1%

      Which is it?

      • +3

        Hey mate, the Cashback rates listed here aren't available until 7pm AEDT. Bonus rate is available all day, but the original Cashback is a flash sale starting at 7.

        • +2

          So the offer currently shown in the app is a different offer?

          Purchase WITHOUT the use of Coupon Code [Capped at $20 Cashback] 10.00%
          Purchase WITH the use of Coupon Code [Capped at $20 Cashback] 1.00%
          • +3

            @HomeAlone: That's correct, that's today's Cashback rate outside of the flash sale hours.

    • +4

      There's also $10 bonus cashback on $10 spend at shopback gift cards showing in my app.

      • targetted

      • +1

        Got it, thanks.

        It wasn't there a hour ago, showed up just now.

    • Hi GYB will there be anything from Klook??

      • +1

        Klook are offline with ShopBack at the moment I'm afraid, we're hoping to have them back online with us soon but at the moment they're unavailable without an ETA on their return as yet.

    • Cheers. Just need to set alarm now.

      Cashback caps listed are per transaction.

      Multiple orders here I come lol

      [edit: Took it now at 10% over the $2 I get back to nab the $5 min $50 challenge].
      [edit1: Made up for the $2 via buying $100 value giftcard for 2.5% cashback.]

    • Any deals with Klook?

    • +3

      So how do (could) I stack with AfterPay 15% code?
      eg: pay with AfterPay which links to my westpac card?

      • @gotyourback this is also my first time, is this possible? To stack ebay GC+WP+AP?

      • You can't.

        • But I presume shopback 12%+AP is ok

          • +1

            @justtoreply: The 15% off with AP uses a code so pretty sure it will only be 15%+3%

            • @happychild100: Oh right. No reason to use afterpay then

              • +2

                @justtoreply: the afterpay code's discount is capped at $150 but both shopback caps are $20. so it depends on the price of the item

    • So the Westpac 12% bonus runs all day and applies even with the use of a coupon? Is that correct?

      • +3

        You read it correctly.

      • Except you cannot use it with the APAYDAY3 code since eBay won't allow you to pay the balance using a CC.

    • +2

      For maximum margin:

      On flash sale: max $166.67inc GST WITHOUT codes, $666.67 WITH codes
      Off flash sale: max $200inc GST *WITHOUT** codes, $2000 WITH codes

      • +1

        Per transaction* Can do multiple orders as well.

        Make up the extra 2% via using $100 value giftcard @ 2.5% cashback via swap.

      • +2

        On flash sale: max $166.67inc GST WITHOUT codes, $666.67 WITH codes

        Shouldn't that be ex GST?

        $40 ÷ 24% × 1.1 = $183.33 inc GST.

        • +1

          It would be helpful as part of these deals to have a calc table like these. Good job even if the specifics are still being ironed out

        • I know it’s supposedly calculated excGST but tbh, my ebay trackings has been based on incGST transactions… but YMMV 🤷‍♂️

    • do ebay $5 off $15 spend count as coupons?

      • +1

        Yes. Anything entered beside gift cards in the coupon/giftcard checkout field is treated as a voucher.

    • Dupe post

    • +2

      I quit. Too complicated. And if your purchase is not tracked, SB have lots of excuses.

    • If I use gift card as partial payment, my understanding is that I will receive the Westpac bonus on the full purchase price. Will I also receive the eBay Cashback on the full purchase price?

      • +1


    • -3

      Say no to westpac

    • -1

      Shame the Westpac bonus doesn't include using Westpac on afterpay, now that would be a bonus!

  • +7

    omg u beat the rep hahahaha - I mean username checks out ;)

  • Other post from rep says 3% cashback with coupon

  • Please delete and use reps post

    • +1

      Not a valid neg

      • It is (not that I agree with him).

    • +1

      +1 otherwise please add more info as the other post.

    • yes it was deleted to remove the duplication

      few sec late by rep aha

  • I wonder whose post will be removed as dupe…

    • +1

      First post always remains up.

  • +1


    I have had poor luck with it calculating the right cashback amount during the ebay deals. It's not even close. I need to go through all my transactions today, I feel I've been shortchanged a lot.

    I assuming it's capped per transaction not per user as per the OP. I do check the t&c every time.

    • +1

      Happy to take a look at yours mate, feel free to shoot me a message so I can help out mate.

      • Thanks. I will do, just struggling.. I gave it a quick go but tracking tracing the emails (as I bought half a dozen things) isn't easy

  • "Auctions are NOT eligible for cashback" so does that mean only Buy Now items apply?

    • +1

      Yes. And from memory, also no Best Offers

      • I'm pretty sure I've got cashback in the past on auction purchases. Looks like they've moved the goal posts once again

        • +1

          A long time ago but not within the last year or two.

          Sometimes it will track but it then changes to calculating, then it won't approve.

          • @Hiphopopotamus: Yeah a lot of mine have been rejected in the last few years, I guess that's why. Seems like a very niche site now, especially with eBay's "eligible items only" clause as well

  • Hmm what to buy for $166.67

  • Anyone know if ok to purchase from overseas seller? And with aus price approximated from foreign currency price?

    • +2

      Last time I asked rep, he clarified that anything via the ebay AU portal even if seller is overseas is valid.

  • Gift cards is ok?

  • Will this work with Ebay's MAR20CBT code or it has to be no code used whatsoever to get 12% cashback.

    • Only 1% with code
      MAR20CBT is much better deal in this case

  • How long does eBay take to track? I ordered an hour ago but haven’t seen anything yet. The $5 bonus Shopback challenge hasn’t converted yet either.

    • Patience 7PM-10PM AEDT

      • The Westpac 12% has started.

        • Only the juiciest spot will do for me including the gift card usage .

    • Normally 9 am the next business day.

  • +1

    Shopback email appears very misleading

    it says 15% off millions of items using code APAYDAY3
    up to 12% cashback* 7-10pm (*capped at $20)

    At no point does the email say if you use a coupon you forfeit 12% cashback

    • it does if you click into it

      you should always be cautious when it says up to

      • agreed, although advertising 15% off code + 12% cashback together is unethical. Most would assume up to in this case relates to the asterisk, being the $20 cap
        I would suggest that Shopback honour transactions with the afterpay code & 12% cashback to $20 cap

    • What’s the difference between sayings “from” that is used in retail for ages.

      • Savings generally are reduced from RRP or normal price, and usually are related to $ instead of %

  • Roughly $455 item price to maximise savings for the stacked $40 cap, disregarding the 3% normal cashback.

    • Cashback caps listed are per transaction

      but also your numbers are way different to someone else who also did the calculations…

      • This is what happens when I put the title description into ChatGPT telling it to disregard the 3% cashback and then not checking it myself haha

  • +1

    Thanks OP

  • Can someone please help me with this afterpay sales, haven't used in the past. I saw in SB for Myer it's 17% and bonus $15(westpac customers). How does this works to avail both cashback's?
    1) should I make full amount payment from Westpac debit card directly or
    2) should I make full amount payment via afterpay login with linked westpac debitcard to deduct amount or
    3) Doesn't matter to avail 17% and $15 CB, no need to use afterpay

    • +2

      You must pay the full amount with your Westpac card and you'll get the % cashback and the $15 cashback. Afterpay won't work I'm afraid

  • So if I make a purchase now on eBay using a coupon code, I'll get 3% cashback + 12% cashback if using Westpac Lounge?

    Edit: Just re-read, seems the extra 3% is from 7PM.

    • +1

      It’ll be 1% now, 3% at 7pm

      • an hour and half too late

  • +1

    May i know if i buy something during the flash sale from 7pm onwards and use a coupon plus gift card, will my cashback be 3% +12% westpac cashback? Thankyou!

    • Seems correct and that is the sweet spot I'm preparing for :)

      • You also have you use partial payment with Westpac card don't you?

        • Correct. To maximize discount, say if you buying a $51 item, then pay $50 in your discounted GC (1x$50 or 2x$25 etc)… and $1 via WP card at checkout

  • +1

    Brilliant, thanks, perfect timing

  • +2

    Partial payment via gift card alongside use of your eligible linked Westpac card at eBay Australia will earn Bonus Cashback on the full purchase amount via the Westpac Lounge.

    Best line of the whole deal.

  • 12% wo coupon cashback presumably works with gift card payment?

    • +1

      GC payment works in conjunction with any other payment method partially or wholly

  • ofcourse eBay wont make APAYDAY3 eligible code to use today ?

    • ebay has already made APAYDAY3 code live?

      shopback has APAYDAY3 code listed for ebay au too

      • -1

        So using that APAYDAY3 code can stack with this offer of non coupon use ?

        • +1

          lol no, it is a coupon, why would it not count as a coupon.

          it just means that transactions with the code will still get cashback (3% after 7pm)

        • It's still a coupon. Just an approved coupon. So when this upsize ends, you can still use it (ie tomorrow) and it will not invalidate your cashback.

  • +5

    Man can this be any more confusing? What a mess

    • -1

      What's confusing? Pretty clear to me…

  • I've sent the rep a message, but does anyone know if you have multiple items in the cart and some are eligible for coupon (eg APAYDAY3) and the others not, will it be smart enough to apply the appropriate rates? Or will the whole cart be treated as a "coupon" cart…

    • +1

      If I were you I’d probably check out separately to avoid unwanted disappointments… and to cause less headache tracking it yoself

    • Last APAY code usage it pissed me off you could only apply to one store at a time in checkout .
      Don't have multiple stores during the checkout stage .

    • I dont think you can use the AP code if only partial cart is eligible.

    • Just do it separately

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