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Clearance on Belkin HDMI ProHD Series Cables at Harvey Norman


Harvey norman are selling the Belking proHD Hdmi cables discounted
EG 1m 1000 series $15 Normally $69.95
2m 2000 series $22 Normally $129.95
1m 4000 series $25 Normally $149.95
2m 4000 series $32 Normally $169.95

The 1000 series is reportably 6.7 GBPS
2000 10.2 GPS
4000 15.8 GPS

Marked as DAMAGED stock., but I cant imagine what that means as they are usually in thick plastic packaging thats impossible to open !

I know for HDMI its still pretty dear, but as JB Hifi are selling them for the RRP then I think its a deal
Frieght for me was $5.95 for multiple

I ordered some as I am expected to setup peoples TVS every now and then and I like to have a few in my pocket

Good luck and I hope this is not a DUPE

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • +4

    Still not worth the money. It's just ones and zeros going down a pipe…. justsayin'….

  • LMAO.

    Sorry just thought the rrp prices were funny as. I presume 4000 = v1.4.

    I would say at these prices they're still overpriced but i guess if you're chasing the brandname…

    Actually just goto ezyhd.com.au and be done with it.

  • +9

    Everybody knows that the more you spend on an HDMI cable the better a human you are. Should forget about this deal and buy the Diamond Digital one instead: http://www.amazon.com/Diamond-Digital-Audio-Ethernet-Connect...

    I've heard that it comes with a 1-UP mushroom, to give you two lives to enjoy the awesomness of the picture quality and if you connect it to your old VCR (don't worry - it will fit coz you paid heaps for it) it will instantly upscale your tapes to 2K resolution in 4D (that's right, four dimensions of awesomeness).

    • -2

      Wtf??? Are they for real??? Lol my heart dropped at that price. $2,694.75. Ehehe

    • I think they bundle mushrooms with the cables for a truly immersive 'experience'.

    • did you guys read the review for the Diamond digital cable on amazon … soooo funny

      • Yeah I just read the review loll. " yummplug" ehehe.

  • 1m for $15. You must be kidding.

  • not a deal!

  • Soz mate no bargain. Absolute grubs with their mark up..

  • Not a good deal, cables this short do not vary in quality. Sorry!

  • If you're expected to set up tv's then surely you know this is not a great bargain. Just get some normal Cables from ezyhd

    • THE CABLES FORM EZYHD are the same price.. SO what are you on about.

      • Actually you get a discount at checkout

        Anyway, cables from msy are just as good

  • +1

    If you are paying over $10 for a short HDMI lead then you are getting ripped off!

  • +2

    the reason why it's so expensive because these can be used for skipping and towing cars!

  • +2

    You're kidding right? Whenever I buy an hdmi cable, they come from eBay for $5 (or less). There would be no difference in quality at all!

    • -3

      LOL, sorry I have a bit more respect for my equipment to buy no name brand cables from eBay..

    • There are differences but at 1-2m it won't matter. Once you get to 10m the cable quality definitely matters.

  • +1

    pffft, why would you buy these…….

    everyone knows MONSTER CABLES are better!

  • -1


  • +1

    Rip off price for a HDMI cable, and these cables are damaged, so they are useless.

  • i bought a 3m HDMI for $9 from ebay. I wonder how much it costs to make them.
    Harvey Norman -69 bucks for 1m HDMI cable? JESUS

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