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[QLD] Queensland Households Will Get $1,000 off Their Electricity Bills in 2024–25 @ Queensland Cost of Living Rebate


Queensland households will get $1,000 off their electricity bills in 2024–25.

$1,000 will be automatically credited to eligible residential customer bills from 1 July 2024—there is no need to apply. Exact timing will depend on individual billing cycles.

To be eligible, residential customers must have an electricity account with their electricity retailer or embedded network provider on 1 July 2024 and be separately metered and charged for their own electricity consumption.

Look for the ‘Queensland Government Cost of Living Rebate’ on your bill.

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  • +72

    Put money into lowering the cost from the suppliers?

    • +64

      That would involve thinking ahead of the next election. Instead they can get the credit now and leave the next government with high prices to deal with.

      • +4

        It will be the same Government.

        • +14

          Good god I hope not.

          • +38

            @nokidsandthreemoney: Is Qld Labor perfect? No of course not.

            Is empowering a bunch of self important private school boys and ACL cronies going to help anyone?

            I'll let you figure that out…

            • -2

              @mattman: Yeah QLD Labor have done a lot for the state if you think that selling off huge assets to foreign investment, adding copious amounts of red tape, spending like drunken sailors and growing a huge debt, and virtue signalling by way of renaming a couple national parks is doing a lot.

              Is any party perfect? No, of course not, but I'd rather a party with at least some economic nouse, a real plan of action to address our social issues such as youth crime, and most importantly, a bloody party that actually walks the walk and not just talks the talk.

              Having a shot at Libs for helping out people they know with jobs etc is the pot calling the kettle black, every party does it, most of all Labor, and trying to pay out on a party by saying they are well educated is hilarious in and of itself, whereas the alternative is what, a bunch of public school boys that smoked behind the sheds and skipped class? I know who I'd rather having running the state in that instance.

              Have at this comment lefties, your negs only make us stronger, and come election time, we will be fresh outta Kleenex.

              • +58

                @nokidsandthreemoney: trigger me timbers

                Lets revisit the best of QLD liberals prior:

                Removing 14k public servants, this included 4.6k Queensland health employees.
                Bikie laws, quite broad, with no oversight.
                Appointed his friend to be the chief justice.
                Removed limitations on political donations.
                Removed legislated powers from corruption watchdog.

                The LNP can't manage government because they are not a party of government. They don't believe in government or comprehend its capabilities and outcomes. They are a corporate consultant firm that simply helps their mates and those who got them elected with some odd pet projects thrown in for good measure.

                Took two terms to fix the damage they did, expertise lost from mass sackings across the public sector weakened capabilities for the Gov to do things (enforcing taxes, laws, healthcare, policing, support programs that prevent crime etc). Skills once lost, go to private sectors, etc, and take a lot of time and money to regain.

                In the case of hospital cuts… all to make a budget look good, and prop up private health donors by eliminating the competition. They will do it again, its the same people, same culture, and what they always do.

                The worst thing is they don't take opportunities ahead of time They will sit in office for 4 to 12 years and achieve very little positive change. Wasted decades of inaction on nation building investment's leaves us behind. But that doesn't piss enough people off to pay attention to politics and is a less notable effect.

                Also environmentally, one of the worst governments on earth under them. They cut "red tape" and don't enforce laws, allowing mass destruction and dead zones that could be avoided for quite minimum costs and effort inflicted on companies.

                The announcement that if they won the election, they would privatise $34 billion worth of public assets was pretty much the final nail in the coffin.

                  • +33

                    @nokidsandthreemoney: who said you have to keep it to yourself? conservatives inventing fictional scenarios to be offended at…

                    i mean you were literally triggered by cheaper energy bills into writing this whopper "Have at this comment lefties, your negs only make us stronger, and come election time, we will be fresh outta Kleenex."

                    fact dont care about your feelings


                  • +22

                    @nokidsandthreemoney: Tried to "debate".
                    Rolled out some tired cliche they saw on sky news.

                    Good job champ, you truly are the voice of reason.

                • +3

                  @jabroni: did the removal of those 14k jobs result in any real loss of service. Just asking as I dont recall any real changes during that period. I'm not a LNP voter, just asking if those jobs were really required?

                  I tried to find some stats on hospital wait times then and now, but cant seem to find anything definitive from then.

                  • +7

                    @tomfool: I remember working in a school and the start of the year was an absolute nightmare. 40 min phone queues to get any sort of IT support, new teachers without accounts and when you finally got someone on the phone they were brand new (contractors of course) and had nfi what to do.

                    • +1

                      @miicah: I've worked with QLD Schools for many years, unfortunately this is common at the start of every year - still is, and was long before then.

                • +6

                  @jabroni: That first point is why I'd never vote liberal again. Screwed over so many friends, a few moved out of the state in order to get another job.

                • -3

                  @jabroni: Let's just put One Nation in there for a term. It can't get any worse

                • +5

                  @jabroni: Thank you. Well written and accurate assessment of qld politics and debunking the lie that libs are a steady hand and good fiscal managers.

                • +2

                  @jabroni: Yes. Never forget what Campbell Newman did.

              • +6

                @nokidsandthreemoney: Maybe the public school boys are smoking behind sheds and skipping class because public schools are grossly underfunded and understaffed and those boys aren't getting the resources they need. Says a lot about your character that you'd rather money go toward already massively privileged boys rather than the boys doing it tougher.

              • +7


                but I'd rather a party with at least some economic nouse, a real plan of action to address our social issues such as youth crime, and most importantly, a bloody party that actually walks the walk and not just talks the talk.

                Which party is that? That's definitely not the LNP lol.

              • @nokidsandthreemoney:

                spending like drunken sailors

                Sorry, but nobody can get even close to the Andrews/Allan governments in that…


            • +4

              @mattman: Peruse ministers offices and you would realise the ALP is just as infested with those types. People that want to get into politics are not normal people.

            • +3

              @mattman: The current Qld State leader of the ALP, Steven Miles, went to an expensive private school and got his degree at UQ. Ticks all the boxes for a 'self important private school boy' for me!

            • +1

              @mattman: I think you need to actually look at the education of the labour leaders the vast majority are private schools with their old boys network.

            • +4

              @mattman: This QLD labor Govt has been in power for far too long.
              They have become lazy and wont do whats required to fix QLD's many problems
              Instead they are looking after thier Trade Union mates.
              The QLD Premier has a Trade Union background and has never had a REAL job in his life.
              QLD trade unions are running rife and will bring down the QLD economy with thier ludricous demands.

              The only thing that can save QLD is a BIG change of Government.
              But QLDs problems are now deep rooted
              So Yes. change wont happen over night.
              It wlll take time - not months but years to fix.

              But leaving this inept Qld Labor government in charge will only get QLD more of the same.
              I cant believe QLDers were somehow persuaded to re-elect the at the last election.
              Like Dan Andrews, that Anastacia had amazing persuasive powers that got QLD nowhere.

              • +6

                @HeWhoKnows: Just like the federal libs spent years rorting and leaving us with systemic issues?

                Yes Qld lab is not perfect and they need a shake-up… The problem is the libs are going to be worse on any metric you care to point at.

                • @mattman: You are obviously a Labor supporter.
                  Im not here to support any political party.
                  Just to assess thier performance in Government and thier truly obvious attempt to buy votes for the upcoming election this year..

                  This scheme of electoral bribery wont solve any of the government's problems and it certainly wont bring down power prices.
                  In fact Qld has the most expensive power prices in Australia!

                  When any poliical party has been in government for too long, this is what you get.

                  The only way to address the problem is to dump that government, regardless if Labor or Liberal.
                  And that is called a much needed "shake-up"

                  • +2

                    @HeWhoKnows: Hey buddy,
                    A quick google search shows QLD does NOT have the most expensive average electricity cost (https://www.finder.com.au/energy/electricity/average-cost-of…)

                    Maybe it's time to stop watching Sky "News"?

                    • +1

                      @LinkMonkey: Depends how and when its measured.

                      From QLD's own Courier Mail newspaper (see its not just Sky news)

                      "Wholesale energy costs in Queensland were the most expensive on average across Australia over summer, new data has revealed amid a torrid start to 2024 and a drop in coal-fired power production."

                      • +5

                        @HeWhoKnows: Why?
                        Seriously, not trying to be a douche. In what way does time/method affect the average?
                        My assumption is that it's summer in all states or winter in all states at the same time, but colder in the south. Hence, an "average" over the year.

                        [edit - I didn't see your second sentence] I can't tell if you're trolling or not, so I'll give you the BotD.
                        Courier Mail and Sky News are both the the same propaganda machine (News Corp).

                        I don't read Courier Mail (I like my sanity) so I haven't seen their data, could you please link to it? or copy it into this thread so everyone can see? Anyone can say "the sky is falling", but Science requires us to look up.

                        And, I'll just take this moment to point out, I do agree with your earlier statement "This scheme of electoral bribery wont solve any of the government's problems and it certainly wont bring down power prices." - I think all the major parties would have tried this tactic had they been in government right now, and thought of it.

                        • +2

                          @LinkMonkey: The link goes to a subscription page so you cant read the article.
                          So Im not trying to hide anything.

                          I picked up the quote from my Google search.

                          Place this in your Google search bar

                          "Wholesale energy costs in Queensland were the most expensive on average across Australia over summer"

                          • +1

                            @HeWhoKnows: Hi, thanks, I appreciate your effort.
                            I copy past'd the sentence and got 2 results, both from The Courier mail.
                            Here's the summary from the article:

                            Power prices Qld: Wholesale charges highest in the nation - Fresh revelations show how Queenslanders are copping it the worst as electricity prices continue to spiral
                            Madura McCormack - April 24, 2024 - 5:30AM

                            Sky News host Chris Kenny says the CEO of Alita Energy told the Australian public “straight out” how energy prices will continue rising. “We had an astonishing admission today,” Mr Kenny said. “By the CEO of Alinta Energy someone at the very upper echelons of the electricity industry in this country today."

                            • Wholesale energy costs in Queensland were the most expensive on average across Australia over summer

                            • The Australian Energy Market Operator report also revealed the state’s coal-fired power plant fleet produced less and charged more than in NSW despite record demand.

                            • According to the AEMO, high temperatures over summer drove unprecedented demand, with Queensland breaking a previous energy requirement record on January 22, 2024

                            • Dr McConnell (University of NSW) said the absence of CS Energy’s Callide C coal-fired power station was a factor in Queensland’s prices as an increase in supply would have brought down costs.

                            • Callide C3 came back online over the Easter long weekend for the first time since its cooling towers partially collapsed in October 2022.

                            So, you are correct that for the first 3 months of the year, the average was higher in QLD, according to this article which doesn't site any data. I'm not trying to be flippant. You are correct! What you read DID say exactly what you said it did. I sincerely appreciate your providing the source. Thank you.

                            If the source had provided any verifiable data rather than quoting something they heard from Sky news, that would have been even better for everybody :)
                            And, as we expected, this was only for summer where the North does gets hotter than the South. We can, expect the average over the year to remain constant as the South will start turning on heaters soon. So QLD should remain around 3rd or 4th place.

                            It certainly seems like there was some gaming of the system by the coal power industry, but that's off topic.

                            Thanks, have a great Friday

                            • -4

                              @LinkMonkey: Amazing you got to see all this.
                              Its happening in all states - except those that have shut down.coal fired power stations

                              Have trust in Sky News.
                              Unlike other channels, all information quoted is verified because they are a dedicated news channel.
                              They have the dedicated resources to do the research.

                              I expect more excuses and blame for continuing high power prices.

                              • +1

                                @HeWhoKnows: Question:
                                Which coal power stations have been shut down in Queensland in the past decade?

                                None - the most recent Qld power station that was actually shut down was Swanbank, which was closed in stages and completely decommissed in 2012 after 51 years use. Swanbank is now the site of a 385 megawatt gas generator (which continues to run at a loss each year) and a new grid-scale battery is being built on the site of the old coal power station.

                                You could also say that Callide power station has been partially shut down, but this was not a voluntary decision - some units of Callide coal power station failed in 2021 and are yet to come back online years later. The cost of repairs may make early retirement necessary.

                      • +1

                        @HeWhoKnows: QLD's own Courier Mail, owned by Murdoch. Might as well be Sky News. If you don't know that, you probably aren't educated enough to have a valid opinion here.

                        • -1

                          @prizefightinyeti: So whats your point?

                          Unlike the other channels that do a "token" 30min news bulletin each day, but otherwise mostly broadcast CRAP, Sky News is 100% dedicated to news mate.

                          • +3

                            @HeWhoKnows: Being a "dedicated news channel" means absolutely nothing.

                            Sky News is a political messaging platform masquerading as a news channel. They don't even have a semblance of balance in their story selection or reporting, their "research" is an absolute joke. They actually do have people that present real news, but they have zero credibility on any issue that includes a political angle.

                            Independent fact checkers and media bias analysts classify Sky News Australia as moderately to strongly biased toward conservative causes, and a major source of misinformation in Australia, particularly with regard to climate change. A slightly better classification is applied to the Courier Mail, with the commentary that they "often publish factual information that utilizes loaded words to favor conservative causes."

                            TLDR: Murdoch media will slowly rot your brain.

                      • +1

                        @HeWhoKnows: Sky News and Courier Mail are both News Corp.

            • @mattman: Yes ;)

          • @nokidsandthreemoney: !remindme October 2024

          • +1

            @nokidsandthreemoney: Hpefully the libs get in and sell it all off. That works so well in other states.

          • -4

            @nokidsandthreemoney: We, not only Queenslanders, but ALL AUSTRALIANS must say NO to bunch of oligarchs from Liberals, Labour, Greens, etc.

            We can consider i.e., Australia One party.

            BTW, why everyone is happy that we are gong to recieve $1000? This is a disaster people and super inflationary!! We have GREENFALTION already + uncontrollable extra spending will bring inflation even higher. Cost of living will be even more devastating than fake easing with $1000 credit. If the government gives us $1000, the actual cost is way higher because of administration, paperwork, etc.

            Were are coal power plants (we sell coal overseas but we use it in tiny percentage, ffs), where are SMRs Small Modular Reactors ) nuclear reactors? We must bring cost of living down. But not by giving society printed money.

            • +1


              This is a disaster people and super inflationary!

              It's really not. It's a series of relatively small payments on a quarterly basis. The income tax cuts are considerably more inflationary, but nobody seems to be complaining about that.

              If the government gives us $1000, the actual cost is way higher because of administration, paperwork, etc.

              Given that every single residence gets it, the administration is pretty close to zero. And the Qld government owns most of the generators anyway, so they're just taking money out of their other pocket.

              Where are SMRs Small Modular Reactors?

              Nowhere, but mostly because they're currently vapourware - little more than concept drawings and partial prototypes at the moment. The couple in the world that are actually exist are basically reactors from Russian submarines with crude modifications.

              The most promising SMR design that the Liberal Party was so excited about was NuScale - but in case you missed it, the whole project has been cancelled because it's far too expensive and would never pay for itself. The remaining designs that we may have a chance of actually buying one day are from Westinghouse and GE, and those designs are currently forecast to have prototypes commencing testing "by 2030."

              The very earliest that Australia could feasibly have a single reactor put electrons into the Australian grid is 2035, and that's assuming that all the political parties were on board, the legislation passed, environmental studies are swiftly approved, and we get the very first ones out of the factory - all of which are of course extremely unlikely if not impossible.

              Nuclear may well have a part in our future energy generation, but it's not a solution for this year, or even this decade.

        • +1

          Good god I hope so.

    • +24

      Electricity generation is mainly Govt owned in Qld!

      • +6

        And transmission and distribution.

      • +4

        The coal and high priced gas aren't though.

        • +2

          But the permits are :)

        • +2

          Coal prices have more than halved now, so I don't know if that's so much of a factor anymore.

      • +2

        Gov sets high price, gives rebate to compensate for high price. Win win.

        • +3

          I haven't had to pay my electricity bill in years, due to these Rebates & incentives to switch retailers. (No solar or gas)
          I'm making a profit💰

          • @INFIDEL: wow, in NSW, we're just losing and losing.

    • +11

      As a solar energy user, with $50 per month bill, I like it in this way.

      • Once your account goes in CR, can you withdraw money to your bank account?

        If so, thanks govt!

      • How much did your solar cost to setup though?

        • +5

          Yes, it costs some money and may not worth for some people. For me it is a semi-hobby, I understand it and how the electricity is used in my house quite well. And the payback period is still around 3 years.

    • +3

      Wholesale generation is cheaper than it has been in years.

      Do you mean retailers?

      • Definitely not true for NSW (which I assume means it's not true for QLD).
        Forward prices are between $105 and $125/MWh, which is very high.

        • I stand corrected for my generalised comment. Thank you for making me look a wee bit harder.


          If your mentioned specifics hold true, NSW will be cheaper in 2023-2024 than 2022-2023 according to the link above.

          • -1

            @CrawlB4uBall: How do you mean, that link doesn't indicate anything re 2024?

            I know from living in NSW that I have heard multiple families (coworkers, family and friends) that their price has gone up significantly even though their usage is maintained.

    • +2

      That would disproportionately benefit high electricity consumers, whereas this is capped for those high energy users and more meaningfully helps those at the low end.

    • +7

      The government could buy the suppliers and nationalise them, so the Liberals can just sell them to their mates again.

      • +1


      • +3

        The government already owns most of the big energy suppliers in Queensland

      • +14

        Or so Labor can sell them to their own super funds they personally benefit from in retirement again, who resell them for a profit, or union aligned ones that fund their election campaigns ….

        Case in point 1 - Anna Bligh sold the Logan Motorway to QIC. What does QIC do, super fund for Qld public servants. This was supposedly so it wasn't in private corporate coffers and not privatisation… so they sold it to them for $3bn, and they held it just long enough for it to be out of the headlines, and onsold it for $7bn to a group that included Abu Dhabi investors - dudding taxpayers, putting a public asset into a mix of australian, private and foreign hands, and it was supposed to be toll free in 2018 - they extended it to 2051.


        Case in Point 2 - Tower of Power (1 William) - sold to CBUS with guaranteed leaseback - as for CBUS - well - just see here:


        Don't pretend it is one sided. Labor have lots of mates. See both sides of the coin.

        • -2

          Good one @mrfrugalspend ! The Qld election can't come fast enough, with the thugs of the CFMEU running the government from the veil, taxpayers paid $1000 and if lucky to get $500 value of project for it !!!!!!!!!!
          Talk about the Libs looking after their mates, what about the unions and the superfunds who bankroll Labor's election funding with no check and balance ??????? Pilbersek reinstate the public servants job, how has the productivities improved ?????

          • @sistermay: Oh no, tradies getting paid how diabolical! What's next, maybe a pay rise for nurses? Disgusting behaviour

            • +7

              @miicah: Yes labourer getting over $200K a year under the demand of CFMEU ! What next, someone cleaning toilets should be paid the same ??? Are any of the nurses getting paid anywhere near this ??? No wonder we don't see meaningful infrastructure being built because with the way we are building things, Qld will be bankrupt before the Olympics arrived !!

            • @miicah: Miicah you are clueless.
              There is no comparison between CFMEU / Queens Wharf / CrossRiverFail and Nurses. Nurses could use a helping hand for tough work.
              On these big Qld projects, you've got entry level apprentices on $150Kish, fully qualified on more like $250K per year - I've heard they are trying to $300K for some now… Gee I wonder why we have inflation in this country and you can't afford to live if you aren't one of the "comrades"? That hits taxpayers and the whole construction industry that has to compete, so you can't afford to build housing = housing crises and cost of living pressure. It's all well and good to want to pay people lots for their work, but there are consequences.
              - Construction companies are going broke by the dozens. What they need is some certainty about costs when they set pricing to the customer, but these guys are going back and back again for rises holding Labor to ransom and they can't stop them as it is their mates which put them in power (difficult conflicted situation they are in) - which is causing further inflation pressure; If it was a fair negotiation up front, it could be factored into the cost presented to the client and everyone would know where they stand. However through the job they will stop work at the drop of a hat, use essentially extortion to get what they want. Yes sometimes for good safety reasons (often breaches caused by their own members, ironically), but sometimes because they feel like they should all get paid a mint and work less and they can strongarm no other way to get the job done because Labor has given the power to do so.
              The costs of all these projects are going through the roof, major blow outs - every tradie wants to get on these projects, smaller builders lose all their staff and can't deliver their house projects etc and collapse, so poor mums and dads lose their money on their half-built house, meanwhile homelessness skyrockets.

              Resources are limited - you can't pay everyone more and more and more and expect no side effects.

          • @sistermay: Maybe you can use some of your budgeted electricity bill money to buy a new keyboard? Looks like your exclamation mark and question mark keys are both stuck.

        • -1

          Selling motorways is great. Every motorway should be a toll road. Not sure why I have to pay for car drivers.

          • +1

            @cakesyy: yeah sure, but I don't think all your consumables like groceries and home deliveries will be magically teleported to your local store and house because you don't use public road infrastructure indirectly at all …. ?

        • +2

          politicians should retroactively goto prison for engaging in things like this.

    • +1

      No no tax payer money must be used to keep private companies going!
      Corpos get all the handouts and that's what this is.

      Also leave medicare still sabotaged so we gotta pay to see a gp who rushes you in and out with no positive health outcome.

    • +1

      why, so they can make more profits?

    • -1

      This does nothing to lower the cost of electricity.

      Its an all-out act of desperation from the QLD Govt coming up for elections in October and looking down the barrel of losing 21 seats.

      As many would say….

      "Take the money and run"

      Then get rid of the terrible failing QLD Govt. in October

      You deserve better QLD!

      • username checks out

      • +1

        Not HeWhoKnows but HeWhoDOESN'TKnow🤣

        Seems you are very UNINFORMED or BIASED - to be handing out that political advice about Qld😜

        This does nothing to lower the cost of electricity.

        Definitely lowers cost of electricity bills for households by $1000/yr!!
        Mine will again be $0 (even with no solar or gas) - making me another profit under this scheme!

        get rid of the terrible failing QLD Govt

        Unlike elsewhere, Qld has a very healthy $14B SURPLUS💰

        A change to the LNP will likely lead to that money being given to huge mining companies to increase their profits😜

        Instead of to Queenslanders.

        Hence the huge amount of political advertising by the Minerals Council💰

        So that's really what you want!!

        Its an all-out act of desperation

        That's strange… Was a popular Deal last year! And was given out the year before…

        This helpful "cost of living" rebate is coming up to its 3rd year!

        Replacing years of "electricity production dividends", similarly distributed to electricity accounts.

        Qld owns most electricity production & distributes it…

        Unlike many other States, who sold theirs & spent the money!
        In homage to ideals of Privatisation & increasing corporate profits😜

        There are many State Govt benefits for Queenslanders

        Plus additional daily electricity rebates for needy & Seniors.

        As others have pointed out - most criticism is coming from outsiders who can't benefit from this rebate😜

        • -2

          Dear INFIDEL

          Like most Labor voters you think money grows on trees.
          The QLD Labor Govt will just click its fingers and your $1000 will appear out of thin air.
          And it wont impact you or anyone else or impact any state government service in any other way.

          Well Im sorry but it doesnt work that way

          State Governemnts get thier revenue from taxes!
          Guess who is paying these taxes?

          So they are taking your money with one hand and giving it back to you with the other.
          Its government trickery at its best.

          Alternatively this money would be better spent improving QLD's terrible health system.
          or doing something to reduce QLD's rampand crime.
          Plentty of other ways to spend the money in order to improve the state of affairs.

          So it still comes back to what you gain with one hand, you lose with the other.
          Its classic magic!

          And NO it does NOT lower the cost of electricity.
          Its still the same cost and will continue to increase.
          This is just a once-off vote buying payment - thats all

          Like I said, take the money and RUN!

          • +2

            @HeWhoKnows: Obviously YouDontKnow & YouDontWantToKnow🤣

            It's more likely your biased political views are on display here😉

            In my consultancy work, I've worked with a broad spectrum of political partys, up to Minister of Govt for LNP (who I admired). My work for the AEC required political neutrality.

            State Governemnts get thier revenue from taxes!
            Guess who is paying these taxes?

            Oh the misinformed!
            YOU!!!!… I pay no Qld State Taxes!
            But get $1000 back💰

            Few households pay any Qld State Taxes!
            Unlike some other States!!

            What Qld State Taxes do YOU!!!! pay??

            Rather, its thanks mainly to the $18B surplus (up from previous $10.5B),
            from windfall coal royalties providing after war etc raised the world coal price on a Qld resource👍

            Qld brought in a tiered system of coal royalties based on price sold for. A more equitable system than previous c/tonne. Why shouldn't we get more back if sold for more.

            Other States didn't increase royalties to cover dramatic increases in price paid, giving all the windfall profit to the mining companies, not the owners of the resources🤔

            And part funded by Commonwealth Govt "cost of living" subsidy given to States since 22-23 financial year. Promised again coming financial year for all States & Territories.

            better spent improving QLD's terrible health system.
            or doing something to reduce QLD's rampand crime.

            Maybe money should be spent on your spelling & education🤣

            With such a large surplus, money is also being spent on other improvements.

            But hospital funding is a joint Commonwealth & State issue. Hospitals in most States have funding issues!
            Before Medicare, we funded free hospitals for Queenslanders!

            Oh boy, Qld is on a spending spree on crime - new Police & Police helicopters, new juvenile centres across the state…
            But that doesn't deal with the cause of youth & other crime! A long term societal problem.

            As so many have moved for a better life here, our systems are being stretched! As with most places.

            This is just a once-off vote buying payment - thats all

            BS!! YouDontWantToKnow😜
            This scheme has being paying out for years. Was even a popular Deal last year.
            If you lived in Qld you would know😜
            It has been shown on your electricity bills for years!

            All been said before.
            Your biases just don't allow you to comprehend it

      • +1

        lower the cost of electricity

        I've explained elsewhere, why that won't work - for the benefit of Queenslanders! (The Qld Govt's constituents)

        Lowering the cost of electricity (tariff) in Qld would mainly benefit the millions more - outside Qld😜

        As electricity is sold on the national energy market, all those on that market would receive the lower electricity price.
        The price drop would be insignificant spread over a huge number of consumers!

        For what possible reason would Qld give away their benefit (owning newer power generation, using Qld resources) to others? While lowering the benefit to Queenslanders??

        When the Federal Govt set up a 'national' market, Qld was told it would lose grants if it didn't join.
        So Qld did join the market.

        BUT gave out REBATES instead - to only benefit Queenslanders💰 And still does!

        Qld has always had socialist tendencies like that, particularly under the National Party (now LNP).

        Qld had a free hospital system only for locals, long before Medicare!
        It even subsidised petrol! (That didn't work out.)

        • You've obviously lost the plot.
          No point in explaining everything to you.
          No point explaining that…
          each state has its own wholsesale energey pricing
          Or that each region has its own regional pricing
          Or that each retailer sets its own prices.
          And that when regions must draw power from elsewhere they wholesale price goes through the roof.

          that doesnt happen according to you.
          Its all one national price…right?

          • +2

            @HeWhoKnows: Same to you.
            You are obviously ignorant, for someone claiming knowledge🤣

            If QLD redirected our rebate into lower market price for electricity, all on the market would benefit from our lower prices. From our production.
            Why should we do that?😜

            So the Government, that owns the electricity assets, returns it to is as a reduction in our electricity bill💰
            As they've done for many years!

            Now part funded by Commonwealth Govt "cost of living" subsidy given to States since 22-23 financial year.

            And the $18B surplus from windfall mining royalties💰💰

      • +1

        And lest we forget the past LNP governments.

        The National Party (rebranded after the bad old days, to LNP) loved to cause chaos & protests in the city, to say to conservative country voters - only they could bring law & order. People bought their story & voted for them!

        They encouraged industrial chaos (to attack the Electrical Trades Union - aligned with ALP). Called a State of Emergency. Sacked 1000 electricity workers. So there were extensive, long lasting blackouts in SEQld. Costing Qld $1B in losses.

        Finally after decades, National Party Govt (formerly the Country Party) was thrown out of office after people finally realised how corrupt it was - even Minister of Govt & Police were jailed😜

        They maintained power by city seats having up to 4 times the voters as some country seats. So conservative older country electorates had up to 4 times the voting power!

        Newspapers (including News Ltd) were threatened with loss of Govt advertising if they published what was actually going on😜
        Nothing to see here, in Qld😖

        And sued for defamation or loss of job, anyone saying anything about what was happening.

        The Police Minister claimed on TV - no prostitution or gambling existed in Brisbane.
        But the Police Commissioner was later found to be taking bribes to allow that to happen!! (He went to jail)

        People could be arrested if gathering in groups of 3 or more - as an authorised (political) gathering😜

        Political Police (Special Branch) were used to spy on ordinary people…
        [People like me - had 2 SB officers outside my front door 24/7, to photograph, intimidate, & bash visitors😖 A govt policy of "containment"!
        I was safe as my family was connected to the National Party.
        (My crime - exposed corrupt Police behaviour - bribes from prostitution. And horror of horrors - told people to think for themselves.)]

        Last Newman Govt tried to privatise the electricity network, supported Federally by Joe Hockey.

        Promised not to sack public servants, but that was one of first things they did to 14,000! As they were given redundancy - he argued none were 'sacked'! No promise broken!

        LNP are running on youth crime, like the National Party did for decades. Its a problem in many countries!

        But last time they were in Govt, they closed the only youth mental health facility. That's not a way to reduce youth crime🤔

        • And the legally unsafe Police practice of "Verballing", common under the National Party Govt.

          I campaigned against it as people were sent to jail for crimes they did not commit😜
          The real criminals were still in the community. Which was no less safe.

          How it worked…
          Find a likely suspect with past form, 'coerce' them to make a false confession, or just make up a confession.

          It didn't matter that the confession wasn't signed (that showed how bad they were), the court accepted it from a known criminal.

          It produced wonderful clean up rates for the Police!! For much less Police work.

          The National Party Government liked it as it could show voters how effective they were in law & order😜

          The gullible public were kept happy & very ignorant.

          Of course not all Police or Politicians were corrupt. As they would put it - "a few bad apples". But you never knew who could be trusted!

          Had 24/7 access to good free Civil Liberties lawyers - for my own safety. Learnt a lot from them.

          Much later, as a client in my corporate consultancy, had a Minister in the LNP Newman Govt. He let me into the secrets of the final days of the National Party Govt. It was worse than I imagined😜

  • +1

    Unicameral government stay winning

    • +5

      At least 10 major countries are unicameral

      Norway - The Storting is the sole legislative body.
      Denmark - The Folketing serves as the only legislative chamber.
      Sweden - The Riksdag is the singular legislative body.
      Finland - The Eduskunta is the sole legislative chamber.
      New Zealand - Parliament consists of a single House of Representatives.
      Iceland - The Althing is the only legislative body.
      Turkey - The Grand National Assembly is the sole legislative body.
      Ukraine - The Verkhovna Rada serves as the only legislative chamber.
      Israel - The Knesset is the single legislative chamber.
      Hungary - The National Assembly is the sole legislative body.
      • +9

        major countries


        I feel any country with a population less than Tasmania can be excluded from any list of "major countries"

        • +1

          some of these guys have nukes

          • +7

            @killingtime: Who? Tasmanians? Icelanders?

            • +1

              @GreenLego: (soon to be the folks in Wollongong/Adelaide). Israel has nukes and some of those NATO countries host them

      • -1

        Nice list of hyper-nationalistic socialist countries 💪

      • At least 10 major countries are unicameral

        And can you see the pattern there?

      • Turkey: Converting Museums back to Mosques. Deleting netflix accounts for non residents.
        Vatican (Holy See). refused UN membership due to religious bias.
        Taiwan: Refused recognition due to making too many computer chips?
        Queensland: Perfect refuge for proper bogans….

    • +3

      Qld has been unicameral since 1922… cant be all bad. It was changed because the second house in the pre constitution Qld parliament was appointed, not elected, and they were appointed for life. Conservative control… ended by people power.

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