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Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 Ear Buds $299 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Was contemplating going with Bose QC Ear Bud 2 initially but after reading about issues with popping noises with their ANC and overly sensitive touch controls, I decided to go with these.

Was $399

Description from the website:

Key Features

Sennheiser signature sound
Powered by Sennheiser TrueResponse transducer, 7mm dynamic audio drivers that deliver a high end sound experience with impactful bass. Thanks to high resolution aptX™ Adaptive you can hear every detail.

Adaptive Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode
Advanced ANC continually monitors the noise level in your surroundings to optimize noise cancellation performance. The Transparency Mode feature allows you to hear surrounding sounds at a touch for greater situational awareness.

High quality voice pick-up
Crystal clear voice call quality thanks to three advanced microphones on each earbud that ensure natural communication and easy voice assistant access in any situation.

Wireless charging
Recharge the case with convenient Qi wireless charging.

Splash resistance
Trouble-free use while travelling, commuting or exercising, thanks to IPX4-rated splash resistance.

Ultimate Individual Fit
Sennheiser’s most compact ergonomic earbuds offer a perfectly secure and comfortable fit in the ear – even for sports. A choice of earbud adapters and optional silicone fins to ensure a fit that’s tailored to you.

Battery Life
Up to 7 hours’ play back time with 28 hours overall when charging on the go via the case

Independent earbud use
Either left or right earbud can be used individually when desired.

Customizable Touch Controls
Touch interface control of music, calls and voice assistant can be customized to personal preference for truly intuitive operation

Built-In Equalizer
Tailor the sound experience using the Smart Control App which includes audio presets and an intuitive equalizer.

Sound Personalization
An enhanced sound experience tailored to your ears via a guided listening test to setup sound to your individual hearing.

Advanced wireless technology and codec support
aptX™ Adaptive codec support delivers the highest resolution audio with up to 24bit/96kHz audio and minimal latency for an optimal listening experience that stays synchronized to onscreen visuals. Bluetooth 5.2 compatible.

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    Was contemplating going with Bose QC Ear Bud 2 initially but after reading about issues with popping noises with their ANC and overly sensitive touch controls, I decided to go with these.

    FYI, the popping noise is quite rare and only happens when a sudden loud noise happens near you while in quiet mode. Annoying, yes, but overstated as an issue.

    I've never heard of complaints about the touch controls. Definitely not over-sensitive.

    I only bring this up because the Bose are in another planet when it comes to sound quality, noise cancellation, and fit/comfort. Easily worth the extra $50 or so vs the Sennheiser's.

    • I often considered the Bose. But they always look stupid when I see them. And I can't see how they don't get constantly knocked-out, or pressured into your ears if pulling a hat over them in winter.

      • Maybe you've seen the older version? The newer ones are a lot smaller and are held in by wingtips. For my ears at least, they are the most comfortable buds I've had.

    • How did you find the build quality on the bose?

      • I would say they are only 2nd behind any of the AirPods in terms of build quality, but better at everything else (IMO at least).

        The case is terrible though. Bulky, no wireless charging, and the hinge always seems like it's about to snap off.

    • I’ve owned both and I can second @gilly24’s comment. I’ve owned may sets of buds and I am far from a Bose fan but the QC2 are outstanding!

  • As usually Amazon has price matched and three colours are available

  • +1

    Got these for $320 on release from good guys commercial. They were nowhere near as good as I expected them to be. Sold them on after a month.

    Fit was bad. Bluetooth range was not great. Microphone was not as good as expected. Touch controls were rubbish. Price is ridiculous.

    Got these now and am super happy with them https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/763085

    Will never spend that sort of coin on buds again.

    • Had similar feelings about the TW3's that you did (shared below).
      Thanks for the recommendation. How's the call quality? Need a set of buds that had great call quality. The Galaxy Buds+ seem to be the best, but not available. The call quality on the current generation are substandard.

      • They are as good as the tw3 for call quality in my opinion. Tested the mic on a recording ap and its very nice sound despite my annoying voice. If you want the best call quality ensure you use VoLTE

    • Just pointing out to readers that the Anker Soundcore don't have AptX Adaptive so useless for gaming if that matters to you.

      Sennheiser are one of the few that does.

  • Exercise caution! Had them. Returned them. Multiple really frustrating issues. Off the top of my head.
    1. Touch is active out of your ear, so if you take them out and touch them they start playing :(. Only fix. Carry the case everywhere. They're pocketable unless in the case.
    2. Battery life sucks because it does not go into power save you don't put them back in the case. Goodness. Who does that?
    3. If they do go into powersave whilst out of the case - meaning disconnect all devices, you CANNOT wake them unless you put them back in the case.
    4. Eartips … kinda sucked. Medium was too large. Small was too small… they are TERRIBLE if you don't have a complete seal!! Might be why another ozbargainer reckoned sound quality was bad.

    A few other issues as well, but those were my top 4 bugbears.
    Sound was excellent (after numerous tweaks). Useability was rubbish. PS: The case is bulky so carrying it around is a pain. Also fabric covered so forget keeping it clean.

    • +1

      Aren't these issues common with all true wireless earphones. 2 and 3 are how they are designed. 1 is how the touch enabled earphones worked? The alternative is to buy ones that come with buttons instead.

      • Nope. Not with the Samsung range. Touch is not active when the buds are out of your ears. You can hold the buds in your hands in them in your pocket or bag and it's perfectly happy. Have never needed to take the case along. Samsung buds always powered up seamlessly when inserted them into your ear. No issues with power. BTW the TW3's only gave me 4 to 5 hrs of use. That's way below the promised 7 hrs. Could have been a bum set, but Sennheiser didn't mention so. JB were happy to take them back.

        • oh. thats nice to know. thanks for the clarification.

    • +2

      It sounds like pretty much all your problems are from forgetting the case?

      I don't know anyone who doesn't carry their airpods case.

      • -2

        Nothing to do with "forgetting" the case. The case should never be crucial to function. It's after all a case - not an on/off switch.

  • +2

    These sound great, are comfortable, and are actually useful for gaming with AptX Adaptive.

    They are also buggy as (profanity), the software sucks ass and Sennheiser don't seem to be fussed about updating them.

  • As usual, OzBargain comments are far more "real world" and give a good sense of the situation than a lot of the reviews out there, even the "longer term" reviews. Thank commenters!

  • How do they compare with TW2?

  • Jabra is much better in every way, especially value

  • Can anyone comment on the phone call quality please?

    I've been looking for a pair of good TWS and phone calls. I tried Jabra, Lenovo, Sony etc., I got bad feedback when I talk in outdoor. If this Sennheiser isn't the right ones for the job, what is the best ones please?

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