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MSI Gaming Radeon RX 6950 XT Gaming X Trio Graphics Card $1027.42 Delivered @ Newegg


Pretty cheap, historic low for this card as far as I can tell?

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    Would never ever buy from NewEgg. So many issues with returns. Had to do a credit card chargeback in the end which was still a nightmare.

    Yes, its a bit more expensive to buy from Locals, even our dreaded Centrecom but at least you have Australian Law on your side - NewEgg is international and will worm their way out of returns etc.

    My 2c /rant

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      Can you tell us about your chargeback, how does that work, how do you even prove to a credit card company/ paypal there's something wrong with the item you bought?

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      What's the story with Centrecom again? I've heard they can be a hassle several times now.

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        cancelling orders without much explanation, especially when things are on a good sale

        but someone explained recently that they have a shit backend system and end up overselling. it's better to pull up to a physical store and purchase old school way rather than place orders online as online stock info is outdated

        it's a common issue with online store platforms really

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      Watch the GamersNexus vids on youtube about the problems they had with Newegg. Some seriously messed up stuff! And they took it all the way to corporate with the issue. They're lengthy vids but shows/displays just how F'd they really are. Head chairman tried to resolve things but he was thrown in the deep end, only having worked there a month.

    • yeah they're a god damned disaster

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    AU $1,034.00 with targeted SNS ebay coupon from Scorptec and Sapphire brand.

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    The 6950XT Nitro+ @ $1034 with SNSMD code is a better deal https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/266193316561 in my opinion. Local warranty and the preferred AMD card brand.

    EDIT - too slow

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    This card is a monster and comes with 16Gb's :)

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    It was only slightly more expensive 6 months ago from this deal- https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/731886

    Don't forget to factor in how much more it will cost you in electricity over the years compared to newer model cards as well.

    • unless someone else pays your electricity bill ;)

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    Sorry bad deal. AMD dropped the price today to $599USD it'll be a lot cheaper very soon

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      but does it come bundled with a $5 game

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        I'd classify this deal a sneaky sale. Drop $50 off current high prices and sneak in a few sales before the real price drops take effect

  • What is the 7900 xt price/performance vs the 6950 xt?
    I see that 7900 xt is price round 1399 so it's only about 300 bucks more than the 6950.

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      the 7900 XT has been down under $1200 so id definitely pay the bit extra and get one of those.

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        to add to this, 6950 and even 6900 are a lousy choice at the moment as they are older chips pushed to the limit, soon to be discounted since new gen is pushing them out of this price category at lower power too

        it's just dumb to invest this much into last gen. prices for high end 6000 will fall soon.

        • Agreed, though I understand the impatience at this point. I'm betting June/July with the release schedule and EOFY being a sexy combination.

          • @TsundereGuy: I would EOFY with the 7900xt/xtx

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              @Lighter Fluid: I genuinely love it that no one is saying yah nah NVIDIA wah wah AI wah wah doge coin wah wah fake frames

              I just want to buy a GPU you know aka Graphics Processing Unit just for graphics and gaming for once, is that too much to ask in 2023

              • @shabaka: Then go buy an Intel GPU and stop complaining. For me, as VR is the drawcard, the only stable option is Nvidia.

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                  @JeBs: no complains here, just facts. jokes aside I was considering A770 16 GB edition just to fuel the competition, but I just couldn't digest high power usage during idle, hoping Intel gets this right next gen. 16 GB, Carl!

                  I picked up non-XT 6700 at the recent Center Con sale for $419 just because I wanted to sell 2060 while it still costs something, and don't want to be without a GPU while I wait for the next good opportunity - and I was so impressed with it that I'm just keeping it. 10 GB VRAM, no problems at anything 1440p, sipping power, lots of headroom undervolting and overclocking.. I'm outta here! I'm upgrading when a card will be able to do 30% more at the same power or less.

                  • @shabaka:

                    I'm upgrading when a card will be able to do 30% more at the same power or less.

                    I don't have the numbers at hand, but it's possible the 4070 does 30% more at same power or less…

                    • +1

                      @Grish: not at this price point tho, team green needs to calm down some. when 4070 hits $419 retail I'm buying two

                    • @Grish: For $900 :) lol the 4070 is a joke

                      • @vid_ghost: Yeah but he did say:

                        I'm upgrading when a card will be able to do 30% more at the same power or less.

                        No mention of how much it costs! And the 4070 pretty much ticks both his boxes. Lol.

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                          @Grish: actually doesn't as 4070 tdp is 200w and 6700 is 175

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                            @shabaka: Just because it has a max power draw of 200w, doesn't mean it can't beat a 6700 by 30% at the same power draw…

                            There's no denying the 4070 is the closest card to meet your criteria:

                            I'm upgrading when a card will be able to do 30% more at the same power or less.


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                              @Grish: I doubt that :) but yeah, if 4070 retails $419 I'll get one :) at the rate things are going, team red would have a card that gives 30% more than 4070 at the same price, so competition will be fierce lol

                              • -1

                                @shabaka: I doubt we'll see that when even a 7900XTX can't do 30% better than a 4070 at 1440p and it costs way more.

                                Only a 4090 can do 30% faster than a 4070 at 1440p… (31.1% faster).

                                So your saying there will be an AMD card as fast as the 4090 at same price as the 4070? Lol dude?

                                • -1

                                  @Grish: when 4070 hits $419 sure there will be! omg you aren't even reading my comments lol well this conversation has utterly outmaneuvered my constructive feedback so I am going to beat it! lol

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                                    @shabaka: Wtf dude, when is the 4070 going to be $419? Probably never is the answer.

                                    Other than eBay in about 3 years time.

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                                  @Grish: 30% more frames per watt means nothing when the card costs 50% more. I mean, unless you want a 15 year ROI.

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