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[eBay Plus] Apple: AirTag (4 Pack) $119, Watch Ultra GPS + Cellular 49mm $1099, AirPods Pro 2nd Gen (OOS) Posted @ MacApp eBay


Get ready for eBay Plus weekend! Here’s what’s gonna be on offer over the next few days, starting from tomorrow 10am AEST!

Please note limited quantities will be available, quickest hands win :)

BG’s Notes:

  • eBay Plus members only. Free shipping included.
  • All deals require coupon code. Unless otherwise specified, coupon code is unknown until deal is live.
  • More eBay Plus deals will go live at my usual 12am bargain grabbing ;)
Date Product Price Quantity Coupon Code
10am AEST, 25 May Apple AirPods Pro 2 $289 500 available PWEAPOD
10am AEST, 26 May Apple AirTag - 4 Pack $119 500 available PWEATAG
10am AEST, 26 May Apple Watch Ultra GPS + Cellular 49mm Titanium Case Variational Bands $1099 50 available PWEAWAT
This is part of eBay Plus Weekend for 2023

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  • +9

    Stay tuned. I also have something which may stack with this which ill post just before the deal goes live

  • What’s the bet the AirPods Pro deal will be botted within minutes of opening?

    • +3

      500 quantities are enough to go around, last time it lasted for about 10 mins

  • +3

    Bots in the deep, they are coming.

  • +1

    AEST? So 8am in WA?

  • +11

    Airtag was $99 from MacApp last November black friday in ebay

    and AirPod Pro was $259

    Not as good as black friday deal

    • THIS

    • Yes, where is the deal???

      • +1

        Jack still needs to take his cut

  • +5

    Haiyaaa more expensive than last time

    • +3


  • +6

    Bring back the $99 AirTags.

  • +1

    Been holding out for the Airpods Pro 2 for a while now. Thanks for this.

  • watch ultra is too late for this much sale

  • Keep telling myself i don't need to upgrade to airpod pro 2s from the original pros.
    Then you go and post this ): this site supposed to save me money not have me making unnecessary purchases…

    • +13

      It is saving you money, on unnecessary purchases.

  • -3

    Airpod pro 2 is NOT worth upgrading from 1st generation Pro as majority of the popular reviewers suggest.
    Whats your thoughts?

    • +3

      depends on what you are after….
      I got both 1st gen and 2nd gen, and I didn't regret to get the 2nd gen due to the following reasons

      • much better ANC (especially in noisy environment like in airplane)
      • adding the "Find my" to locate my Airpod pro

      But I do agree that sound quality wise I dont feel much of a difference

      • I just wish the batteries were serviceable.

        They become semi-unusable after 3 years due to battery degradation, and the built-in battery can't be replaced without destroying the casing.

    • +4

      2nd gen is remarkably better than the 1st gen.
      Better ANC, easier cleaning, case sound, volume control using tips and the list goes on.
      1st gen was way ahead of the competition. I don't know if there's any other TWS that offers these features at the top of the spectrum without sacrificing tranparency mode.

      • -1

        What are the 2nd gen like for the good old annoying muffled under water sound when on calls, I’ve had mine replaced 9 times, yes 9 times!!

    • -1

      Absolutely mate. Just add an AirTag on the 1st gen and you won’t miss much. ANC still one of the best apart from 2nd gen

    • Compatibility wise 1st gen is doing better.

      In terms of spec wise, 2nd gen is better so YMMV.

      I was planning to sell 1st gen but soon I find some issues in MS Teams, which I often use for business, I started using both - 1st gen for work and 2nd gen for personal use

  • Sound quality is subjective, be prepared for mixed opinions

  • @BargainsGrabber Is this AEST or AEDT? Can you put in the notes or title pls?

    • -1

      Added to the description :)

      • +1


      • so 30 mins or 1hr 30 from now?

  • +1

    Do you need an iPhone to use air tags?

    • I would imagine so.

      My iphone controls the tags within the Findmyphone section and also alerts me to if I have an airtag (that isnt mine) travelling with me at any point.

    • Just an apple account to manage & any iOS device to setup. iPhone/iPad etc

      • yes, i just use the ipad to find out my kitten. very good battery life compared to samsung tag

  • +5

    My head is going crazy with all these promotions, eligibility criteria, exclusion clauses, codes, cashbacks, with each having their own respective eligibility and exclusion clauses. It's like trying to get all the planets perfectly align to score a damn deal. How do people seriously stay on top of all these… kudos to those who do.

  • Where does one find the code at 10am?

  • I do love the AirPod Pro 1's.. wouldn't mind the 2's just for the extra battery life.

  • -1

    Already out of stock before the sale at 9:45am!

    • +2

      Restocks at 10.

  • Code on ebay or here?

    • On eBay, if you're a plus member you'll see it below the price.

      • Yes, found out after 10am. Thanks

  • Are they providing Coupon code or automatic price will be adjusted?


  • Got it, thanks OP

  • Got it - thanks!!!

  • Yay got my mother the airpod :)

  • Got the AirPods, thank you

  • bought

  • easy cop

  • +1

    Airtags work for anyone? Haven't seen the code yet

    • +1

      Airtags tomorrow

      • +1

        Right lmao - forgot they were.


    • +1

      thats tomorrow…

  • Airpods purchased! Cheers

  • Got one, thanks OP :)

  • didnt need one, but still purchased the airpods

  • yes… thanks OP got one

  • The eBayPlus code for the AirTags showing for me is for a $10 discount bringing them to $155.

    • yeah discounted price still not applied

    • +2

      Just realised, the AirTags are tomorrow, oops!

      • +2

        hahahaha me too fcking hell

        • +1

          Same hahaha

      • +2

        A neat tip would be add it to the cart now, have your payment as a debit/credit card ready to go instead of paypal and be at the checkout page ready for the code and pay

  • Missed 3rd gen for $150 last sale, got this one instead, thanks OP

  • Any airpods pro still left?

    • +1

      I mean yes
      By the time you read this, prolly not.

    • Out of stock now @ 1015am AEST

  • -1

    JB-HiFi price match?

  • bummer. missed it by a few mins. have it in my card but when i enter the coupon at checkout tells me that the code is no longer valid

  • Code no longer works. :(

  • Went to buy @ 10AM and found my eBay Plus 1 year subscription ended 5 days ago

  • Are they making a loss on those AirPods or what? Surely that's below wholesale price, since Officeworks/Jb Hi-Fi are selling them for $380?

    • +1

      Used to go for $250 so not as much a loss now.

  • Got one airpods for $260 stacked with TCN10%

  • +1

    Did anyone get a receipt for the airpods?

    • +1


      • Can you please pm it to me?

        • The receipt is for the full price.. not going to do you much good.

      • Could you please PM me the receipt for AirPods Pro 2nd Gen? Thank you so much.

        • The receipt is for the full price.. not going to do you much good.

    • Yup

    • Guessing this would be for a price match? What’s your game plan?

      • +1

        yep price protection, 28 degree card.

    • The invoice I received is the full price before eBay discounts applied. It won't be any use to you for your price match attempt.

  • Just got the shipping notification for the AirPods!

    • Ditto! Nice and quick.

      • Same, apparently they will be here tomorrow

    • Already arrived, quicker than Amazon! 😻

      • Received mine this morning too via Express Post

        • Received mine a few hours ago as well. Super fast.

  • +1

    looking for the $99 Airtags.

  • Does anyone know if an ebay gift voucher could be used in conjunction with these deals?

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