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[eBay Plus] Apple AirPods Pro 2 $259, AirPods 3 $149, Watch Series 8 $509, AirTag 4pk $99 Shipped @ Wireless1/MacApp eBay


Upcoming Black Friday deals for Wireless1 and MacApp (for Apple products). Pay with discounted eBay gift cards to save more.
Stock is limited; quickest fingers wins!

Date Items Price Store
23/11 Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed Wireless Gaming Keyboard (Green Switch) Phantom Pudding Edition (CODE BFX30) $83.30 Wireless1
25/11 Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) MQD83ZA/A (Code BFPODPRO) $259 MacApp
25/11 Apple Watch Series 8 GPS - 41mm Midnight Aluminium Case with Midnight Sport Band MNP53ZP/A (CODE BFAPPLE) $509 MacApp
28/11 Apple AirPods (3rd generation) with Lightning Charging Case MPNY3ZA/A (Code BFTHIRDGN) $149 MacApp
28/11 Apple AirTag - 4 Pack MX542X/A (Code BFAIRTAG) $99 MacApp
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2022

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  • +8

    Will we have to fight against the bots?

    • +59

      yea and you have already lost

    • +2

      If you're asking this question, you have no chance :)

      • +7

        The bots won't stand a chance if we clear out the stock before the sale, mwahahahaha

    • You need a man-machine upgrade montage. Then you might stand a chance

  • What time does it start?

    • +44

      With the bots, it has already ended

  • 10am?

    • Yes

      • +8


        • +4

          all my troubles seemed so far away..

  • +36

    Autobots Engage

  • +4

    how do you know about this deal? I cant see this deal on their website?

    • +1

      Mate, if there’s a deal to be sniffed out then chances are good deabot has already found it. His sources are quick and reliable! ;-)

  • +9

    here before the "I missed out" comments and negs

  • +7


  • +5

    Ah yes most likely 10am on a work day, peeeerfect :)

  • Damn bought airtag from digidirect for 127. And their return refund policy doesnt include change of mind

    • +10

      Bold of you to assume you’d have a fighting chance to cop these over the bots :)

    • Digidirect can go !@#12 themselves

      • Wow chill bro, i assume i couldnt compete with bot as comments above.
        I did manage to score xiaomi 34 monitor two years ago though, never been on that price anymore since then

        • -1

          digidirect dont even track cashrewards or shopback if you're using a gift card to buy online…. they dont even price match without including shipping fee of the place you're pricematching. I detest them

  • Does this stack with the $80 voucher?

    • +2

      Don't think so, deal like this have their own voucher code and you can only use one.

  • Is the Razer green switch like a cherry brown?

    • +1

      Google is your friend

      It's a clicky switch, Browns aren't. Both are 'tactile'

    • +1

      more like a cherry blue, very clicky, snappy & bouncy, possibly bit too loud but depends on your preference. I found the keys rather… high? so it seemingly makes it slightly more tiring to type cos my fingers have to go up and down so much more? maybe because at work they have macs and it's just a vastly different feel

  • +8

    Airpods pro 2 kinda same price if you get tcn GC at 15% off from Coles and buy apple gc via jbhifi. Then buy from Apple store with $80 back in gc

    • +2

      Plus points for triple stacking deals. Should have thought of it before I bought.

      • +1

        what is triple stacking?

    • +1

      You can buy Apple gcs with tcn cards?

      • +1

        Yes, the TCN cards are just eftpos payment at a supported store (e.g. JB Hifi).

    • And potentially some cash back too.

    • +1

      how does the 80$ work?
      is there a promotion running

      found it - https://www.apple.com/au/shop/gifts/shopping-event/terms-con…

      But is it only available purchases on Latitude Pay finance ?

    • Sorry, but is TCN = thecardnetwork.com.au Gift cards.
      If yes, on the coles website i dont see if they are selling TCN cards for 15%
      Kindly educate

    • more worthy if you got 20% hack from big W ultimate gift card

  • +8

    Is this a real deal? MacApp currently only has 2 listings and 1 item sold… https://www.ebay.com.au/str/macapp?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=70…

    • +4

      It's most likely owned by a bigger/more popular company (in this case, I suspect it owned by Wireless1).

      Wireless1 and MacApp has the same item location

      Located in: Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia

      • Is it 100% authentic?
        Got one from wireless1 but not feeling comfortable at it

      • Confirmed as Wireless1 using the email from the confirmation email

        [email protected].

        Whois for macapp.com.au

        Registrant: WIRELESS 1
        Registrant ID: ABN 44114489477

        EDIT: Actual Tax Invoice has Wireless1

    • I’d also like to know how legit these guys are

    • If they end up being dodgy, we should be able to use eBay Money Back Guarantee for refund?

  • +13

    How did this MacApp store land itself an eBay promotion? 1 sale, 0 feedback, 2 items. Are they in the process of launching?

  • +6

    is MacApp legit? they sell practically nothing and don’t have feedback

  • no iPad deals this black friday lol

    hopefully something on the day itself maybe

  • +1

    Buy now and then claim price drop protection

    • what's the easiest way to do this?

      • Have a price protection credit card from the past. Then take a screenshot, but it’s a discount code right, so it probably won’t count.

        • ive never had an issue claiming when using codes. (coles credit card with the latitude price protection)

          • @dmac80: Is anyone able to share a screenshot of the Airpods Pro 2 deal at $259 when it goes live, please? Would love to claim price protection. Thanks!

            • @hforhun: Yes me too for this if someone grabs a screenshot. I'll be trying myself as well

        • Anyone get a screenshot?

  • -7

    Do I need eBay plus to access this?

    • Literally the first two words of the title -_-
      Answer: yes

  • Anyone know how to find these deals, I wanna know if they'll be selling the yellow switch version of the Blackwidow.

    • I also am interested in the yellow switches over the green.

  • lol did the Razer keyboard sell out already at the higher $119.00 price, or will they allocate more stock later when the deal starts?
    Also tried having a look at this MacApp store and it seems they've only ever sold one product, with a current full catalogue of 2 items. As long as the item is legit I guess it doesn't matter but just seems sus.

    • Yea was in stock earlier - I assume there is specific stock for the deal but who knows.

  • +2

    Is it worth picking up the blackwidow v3 mini if i have a huntsman mini? I picked up a wireless mouse and was thinking of moving over to full wireless as my temporary space where i game is restricted(aka the dinner table) 🤣

  • Guess every eBay store had to start somewhere.. but if it’s a scam, the bots can test this theory on our behalf

  • What time does the deal start

  • +1

    Too hard to get it

    • Too hard is not the suitable words to described the likely chances of getting them (any item with APPLE word above) it is close to impossible to get them as there are lots of bots

      • First time hearing about bots for ebay.

        I am out of date.

        • +2


          So the gist being these deals are virtually impossible to get so no point even wasting time thinking about it?

      • Ebay plus deals during covid i got 2x apple airpod pros. Its hard but certainly not impossible

  • Link’s please?

    • link to find bots please?

  • +1

    Yeah this is a weird one. Anyone know where to go when the promotion starts? I don’t see the items in the store currently. Will it pop up on the front page?

  • +1

    Link for Airpod 3
    Just wait for actually discount code, which will be available at 10 am or slightly before 10 am.


    Note - that's not as comfortable as Airpods 2.

    • where to find code?

      • Wait till 10 am on 28/11/2022 10.
        You will get the fresh code on that day

        • +3

          yes, but is there a specific page where I can see these codes…sorry don't know how this works in ebay

    • The store name for airpods is macapp not wireless one

    • +1

      That’s the incorrect link as the one that OP mentioned is from MacApp

      This the link as it is currently listed on eBay by MacApp

  • +2

    any got links for airpods 2?

  • +1

    Airpods pro 2 Link - 10 am on 25/11/2022


    Wait for 10 am and grab the fresh code to make it a deal.

    • Do you have the link for the blackwidow?

    • this is sold by wireless?

    • +1

      Where do we find the code on the day? On this page? Or on the eBay site?

    • Wouldn't the link be through MacApp and not wireless1?

  • +1

    Anyone has the link for Apple Watch series 8?

    • +1

      i cannot find it either under the ebay store

      • OP @dealbot would you have the link for Apple Watch?

  • What are the discounted gift cards referred to in the post? The 3% off ones?

  • +2

    Anyone got a link to the AirTags?

    So we gotta check here at 10am for the discount code?

  • +3

    link for series 8 please…

  • -1

    will it still work if you dont have ebay plus ?

  • +1

    Is MacApp a legit store?

    1 item sold and 0% ratings…


  • Says OOS for the Razer.

    • +5

      Yeah we all jumped in the time machine to stop you buying one.

  • +3

    No one noticed the date for the airpods was the 25th?

    • no we all noticed

  • Link for the Airtags?

  • The black widow was out of stock since morning

  • Blackwidow is still $109 with a $10 off code?

  • +1

    MacApp still only has 2 items and no code on wireless 1 for Airpod Pro 2nd gen

    Or does it start 10am Friday?

    • Says AirPods are on 25/11, so Friday.

  • No code ?

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