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XTM Auto Diagnostic Scanner $64.99 (Club Price) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ $99 Order) @ BCF


Designed to work on most post 1996 OBD2 compliant vehicles
Quickly determines the cause of a check engine light and provides helpful insight
Displays live O2 sensor test data, RPM, coolant temperature, vehicle speed and more
Provides printable diagnostic reports when connected to a computer
Multilingual menu and DTC definitions, English, French, German, Spanish and more
Supports all OBD2 protocols: CAN, J1850 VPW, ISO9141 and KWP2000

Take the guesswork out of finding faults in your vehicle with the XTM Auto Diagnostic Scanner. It is suitable to be used with most post 1996 OBD2 compliant vehicles and reads the vehicle control modules for faults and incorrect reading to determine the problem. It is capable of reading and clearing fault codes as well as displaying live data such as 02 sensor readings, RPM, coolant temperature, vehicle speed and more. When connected to a computer you are able to print out diagnostic reports. Add this handy diagnostic scanner to your kit today!

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    ELM327 and torque app does most of this for ~ $10

    • +2

      An ELM327 that doesn't suck and give false data, etc. costs $30 or so at minimum, been there done that with the bargain basement ELM327 adapters.

      • Agreed, I bought this the ELM327 Identifier app detected it correctly.

        • Had a look and the first line says "CLEAR CHECK ENGINE LIGHT" but then goes on to talk about reading codes. Have you tried clearing codes with this unit?

          • @bUrd: I never been able to clear the codes with a cheap scanner. I thought you disconnect the car battery for a few minutes to clear any codes as long as you have fixed the problem to begin with.

      • Just to play devil's advocate…

        I've had no problems with my ~$10 blue bluetooth ELM327 and torque. Multiple cars with multiple (real) errors diagnosed, repaired, and error codes cleared.

    • Which app specifically? Apple store shows three, don't want to buy a dodgy version :)

      Torque App: Car Check, Tracker (Hai Anh Nguyen)
      Torque Car Pro - OBD2 Scanner (Viet Luu Nguyen)
      Torque OBD2 - Car Check Engine (SNF Connection Trading and Service)


      • +1

        The Ian Hawkins version

        There is a free version.

        • Thanks, I'm on IOS though :/

          • @bUrd: I use Car Scanner app on iPhone. It can support 1 car and limited dashboard options for free. I have paid to use it with 2 cars, more dashboard options and data recording as well as supporting the dev of course. I have used it to clear codes on both our cars. Clearing codes is more a function of the app you use. Think of the ELM adapter as just a modem between your cars ECU and the app on your phone.

            • @timbo13: Thanks timbo, I've downloaded it and will give it a crack with a crappy connector I got and don't even know if it works. Might just bite the bullet and buy the ELM adapter linked on amazon futher up.

  • +19

    That is just a rebadged version of this

    I have one, its definitely not worth $129/$65. The current $46 on the Amazon one listed above is about what I would pay for it.

    Downvote because its not a bargain and its rebadged Chinesium, BCF you should be doing better.

    • I have this Amazon version too. It’s ok. Not worth the OP asking price tho.

    • @doobey1231 Is there another you'd recommend ? Would mainly be used on MY 2009+ Forresters, or is your linked one good enough. Maybe the question is if I spend more what better features would I get ?

      • +1

        For the basics what I posted is fine, anything more in depth than that and you’ll want to look for the specific Subaru software - usually installed on a windows pc. I couldn’t elaborate further than that as I don’t play with Subarus, but unless you’re into tinkering and modifications you’re best sticking to that ancel one. Hell even those $10 Bluetooth adapters are pretty decent for just checking and clearing fault codes, which is all I’d recommend if you aren’t an enthusiast.

    • ANCEL, so hot right now. Ancel.

      • +1

        Yeah, but which one, mate. Amazon have at least a dozen different OBD2 scanners ranging from $46 into the hundreds of dollars.

        • The one I linked is fine. For the average person the most you’d need is the ability to read and clear fault codes. Anything beyond that and you’re getting into enthusiast territory and you should do your own research based on the brand you have, most have their own specific software which will always trump these generic all brand scanners.

      • +1

        More of a fan of magnum !

  • +3

    Thanks OP, Not buying

  • +7

    Bought 100, threw them in the bin so nobody else gets ripped off

    • +1

      Apart from BCF's higher price. What is wrong with the units?

    • +2

      I picked all of them up and smashed it, so nobody can resell them on FB marketplace.

    • MVP right here 😂👍

  • -1

    can these clear codes before i sell my car?

    • +6

      This device here, when applied to the dash, clears any warning light instantly.

      • -1

        this only works for one light. my check engine, airbag, oil pressure and ABS light is all on. i think sticking out 4 lights becomes too obvious on the dash with tape.

        • -1

          Takes about 20min to remove globes on older car dashes or on the newer cars about 45min to un-solder the LED globe of the circuit board.

          • @HsvPete: 20 mins for a life sentence …

            Nothing dangerous about tampering with an abs and airbag malfunction light. Dont be muppets!

    • Hope you're joking

      • He is. Most people just remove the bulbs. That's why most warnings also give a chime.

    • try buy 1 week subs for 2 dollar something Motodata app for Android. I used it to clear code

  • buy ELM bluetooth scanner and Motodata app for Android with permanent one off cost subscription for your car model. It can read most code and clear it. I used mine for Prius flawless, which another OBD reader can't read the sub code normally

    • Motodata or Motordata? Motodata appears to be for scooters

      • +1

        sorry it's motordata

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