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Silicon Power XPOWER XS70 4TB PCIe Gen 4 M.2 SSD $388.76 Delivered @ Amazon JP via AU

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Silicon Power SSD XPOWER XS70 M.2 Gen4 x4 NVMe 4TB
Lowest price ever according to 3xCamels

This one requires some patience. The drive should show at the right price but if it doesn’t keep refreshing until it does. Not sure what’s up with Amazon but I managed to get one for this price last night and have now worked out how to get it again.

Bonne chance!

N.B. I presume the free delivery is a prime perk but YMMV

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Link and picture takes me to those OXO brushes

    • That’s the storefront. Now search for XS70.

  • expensive brushes

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      READ the instructions.

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    Are they 2TB each?

  • Keep refreshing the link that’s been added and it should (eventually) show you the right price.

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    Instructions unclear, brushed my teeth with an SSD

  • Yeah I got it to finally show that price and got to checkout but I don't have the money to go ahead 😂

    • I kept refreshing my bank account and that worked for me

  • showing up as $689.47

  • does this have/require a heatsink for ps5?

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        got one for $385.23, Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Worked and got one, thanks.

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    If you can’t get the price to show correctly, start at the Amazon Japan storefront and search for XS70.


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  • Now $385.23. 5 left in stock!

  • anyone know if you can remove the heatsink and use it with motherboard heatsink?

  • 2 out of 4 orders I've placed on Amazon JP have been changed to "Undeliverable" after about two days of shipping. They were then cancelled and refunded.

    Has anyone successfully receieved anything from Amazon JP?

    • Also noticed inconsistencies between whether there's stock available to ship to AU or not. Each page refresh seems to show something different sometimes.

      Even going to general Amazon JP store page shows stock of an item (not this) and available with Prime, but opening the item page itself shows not available. So I added it to basket from the store page and ordered. It has been dispatched with tracking code and is on the way so far.

      • It's not really working as intended right now - I just had to spam refresh to get to the price advertised on their store page.

        I have another two orders that were shipped yesterday, so fingers crossed they actually make it here.

    • …you…twice.

    • fingers crossed mine ships. Hasn't been billed yet, so will see how things go.

      • It will be shipped. Amazon USA is having the same item at roughly the same price. The only issue is that you have to buy direct from Amazon USA (so if you have warranty issue later on, you will have to deal with Amazon USA, not Amazon AU).

        https://www.amazon.com/Silicon-Power-4TB-XS70-SP04KGBP44XS70… (Note: price is in USD, not AUD) + shipping (too lazy to login to Amazon USA with my account). After the exchange rate + shipping, this deal is better, and going through Amazon AU is a big plus (no international transaction fee, better support).

        It's a pity Amazon USA is not placing XS70 on Amazon AU marketplace.

        • ahhh cheers :)

  • Both mine have shipped, a day apart. Looking forward to filling both G4 slots in my Nuc 11 Extreme (Beast Canyon).

    • no update. Still haven't been charged.. not sure now :-(

      • Charged & Dispatched today.. now the waiting game :-)

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    mine shipped earlier today.

  • +3

    My first order arrived today (ordered late evening 02/06). Heatsink was a little difficult to remove, likely because the drive was cold, so I warmed it in my hands for a while and the pads gave way and the drive came out clean. Not had a chance to test it in my own machine, with a Gen4 slot, but have done in an Acasis TBU401 thunderbolt 3/USB 4 enclosure, connected to a TB3 OWC dock. Getting 2300/2500 write/read on a M2 Mac using Blackmagic disk speed test. The drive that was in there (Team MP34 4TB) topped out at 1100/2500 write/read so the XS70 has now become my wife's property. The XS70 runs a LOT cooler in the enclosure than the MP34 too and I'll make do with the Team for my purposes. It should run better in a proper slot in a windows PC anyway.

    • Hi, were you able to get the bottom part of the heatsink off too or just the top part?

      • +1

        Both parts. The bottom part was definitely more difficult to remove but it came off ok. If the drive is warm the thermal tape should become softer.

        N.B. Take it slowly.

  • Did anyone get another tracking number after it was transferred to another carrier for delivery (I assume AusPost)?

    • I didn’t see anything.

    • +2

      If you put the tracking nr from Amazon into parcelsapps.com you get more detailed info, also it will give you the auspost tracking nr.

      • +2

        looks like the address is parcelsapp.com. Cheers.

  • +1

    Delivered today, Installed it in PS5, initial read speed was 6105 MB/s
    Reformatted (Settings->Storage->M.2 Storage->Reformat) as advised in one of YouTube videos and read speed is 6408 MB/s
    moved 185 GB under 3min

    • +1

      That’s on par with what I’m seeing in windows.

  • It's been reported by an OZBer that Silicon Power swapped components for the 2TB version. For people who purchased and received the 4TB version, is there any chance they can run some tests to determine whether it is still Phison E18 + Micron NAND combo or InnoGrit IG5236 + YMTC NAND combo? The 2TB version now has the latter combo (the OZBer actually removed the top part of the heatsink).

    SSD Utilties:

    Try Phison NVMe Id first, if that doesn't work, try InnoGrit one. After running the test, a full shutdown and manually re-power on is recommended (if the program didn't close properly as it needs exclusive lock to the SSD to read the controller and NAND details).

    • One of the drives I received is E18/Micron. The other I can't check but would assume (hope?) is the same.

      Actually, I have the second in an enclosure so give me a sec…also E18/Micron.

      • Thanks, that's great to know that 4TB still has Phison E18 / Micron.
        Any chance you can get the Micron NAND type from the Phison SSD ID utility?

        • Micron 176L(B47R)

  • Mine arrived on Friday, but we missed delivery, picked up today, but now I have to take off CPU cooler heatsink (Dark Rock Pro 4) and mobo heatsinks to install - will be a job for the weekend.

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