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[Unboxed] Apple AirPods (2nd Gen) with Charging Case $149 + Delivery ($0 with First) @ Kogan


Just came across this EOFY price at Kogan and share with those who may need it.

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  • Import?

    This product may contain warranty documents on or inside the packaging provided by the manufacturer of the product. Any such warranty is not given by Kogan.com, and is separate from the Kogan.com Customer Charter. Some warranties provided by manufacturers of imported goods may not apply in Australia. You should contact the manufacturer identified on the warranty document to determine whether or not the warranty applies to the goods in Australia and if so, how you should go about making a claim under such a warranty.

    • The fact that they claim a 1 year warranty then say it’s up to you to figure out if and where you can claim on it is ridiculous.

      • When a bargain is not a bargain

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    Unboxed equals a return or the bosses old pair? Dunno if I wanna wear something on my ear from people I dont know. Sounds pretty unhygienic.

    This apple page seems to suggest brown boxes are for returns

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      "This is a new Apple device that has not been used" - Kogan

      'Unboxed', 'open box', or 'damaged box' are common descriptions applied to a product sold at cheaper than expected price.

      There's probably a very different reason (e.g. grey import with risky warranty, seconds, etc), not what you claim.

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    That's a no way in hell for me , good luck for the brave ones

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    i found this deal yesterday but doubted about the items could be cheap replica… the fake ones are so real these days.

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    $178 brand new from Officeworks.. tough choice….

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    Even the Apple warranty replacements come in a box when they’re sent for repair - both the AirPods themselves, and the case.

    How this would be new is beyond me. Sounds dodgy as.

    Edit - when Apple replaces them under repair the new ones come back in a box, is what I mean.

  • Last time I purchased this it didnt come with a lightning cable, got like $15 in credit.

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