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All Condom Orders up to $100 Refunded + Shipping (Free over $30) @ Moments


Got an email an hour back

Email Proof: https://ibb.co/7Y7Jnm0


You read that right! Our biggest sale has just gone live!

All orders placed today (01/07/2023) up to $100 will be refunded back to the customer so you pay only the shipping fee*

Shipping fee only applies for Australian orders under $30 or International orders under $60.

That means orders over $30 Australian and $60 International won't need to pay a shipping fee, making it an actual FREEBIE.

*Offer only valid for orders made on the 1st of July, orders made outside the 1st of July will not be refunded. (1 day only!) Orders above $100 will not be refunded. Offer limited to 1 per customer. Refunds may take up to 5 business days to process. Offer ends 01/07/2023 11:59pm AEST.

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  • +12

    That doesn't sound dodgy at all!

    • +4

      Dodgy dingers is the last thing you need

      • +6

        Agree, not worth the risk if you spend $100 & they pull out.

        There is no mention of this deal on the website.

        • +10

          If they pulled out you wouldn’t need this product

  • +1

    What the?….

    • Username checks out. 💦

  • -3

    Here is the email Proof


  • The post doesn't even say what the product is?? lol

    • +2

      There you go

  • +2

    Any recommendations for a 9 incher

    • +3

      cries in 2 inches

      • +1

        1 inch take it or leave it

        • I actually prefer negative inches. Gives more of a great sense of pleasure…..

          • @HamBoi69: so you got a tail ? …seems weird…XD

    • +1

      use the metric system dammit!

      • -1

        I guess everyone would love to say they are 15.24(cm). Then someone will start calling them 0.1(524m) even though they wished people would say 152(.4mm).

    • +2

      I can recommend a good plastic surgeon if you're hoping to get an extension..

    • Are you sure it's a 9 if you're from the east?

    • Yeah , cut it off !

  • WOAH

  • +19

    this makes 0 sense for the business unless they pull a dodgy.

    what if they don’t refund you? gonna be stuck with $100 worth of overpriced condoms

    • +25

      then you can say "damn, we just got f**ked"

      • +1

        khloe kardashian "Mmm yeaaahhhhh , literally"

      • +1


    • +1

      gonna be stuck with $100 worth of overpriced condoms party balloons


    • +1

      It's marketing. I presume they are giving free samples probably short dated. And yes, can be used as balloons.

      I've emailed them and they confirmed the promo. Pay with Paypal worry free.

      • So you got a lifetime worth?
        One for valentines, one for your birthday and one for xmas X 40 years

        • +1

          Yep, enough balloons for many years ahead 😂👌

  • interesting

  • Does that mean you can order the whole stock on hand products and get refunded?

    Well… it’s over $100 too, isn’t it?

    • Under $100 only.

    • Read it again, it says 'up to $100'.

  • Got a link to terms and conditions?

  • You have to place the order at exactly $100 bucks

  • If legit it seems like they're just giving away some of the expensive non condom items

  • -4

    Plenty of the large size i need but all out of extra small. Not many English buying then :-)

  • +4

    Can an accountant explain the benefit of taking a customer's money than refunding it whilst still providing the goods?

    • +5

      Absolutely none.

      Conspiracy mode - it's for email subscribers only, so they can be sure to only refund email subscribers. But they still hope it spreads onto social media/ozbargain so people buy a tonne of stuff. Then when they start demanding "where's my refund?" the site can go "what refund? Where did we say you'd get a refund?"

    • +3
      • They just write wipe it off

    • Awww so many downvotes from those who cant wear big ones…cry babies cry

      • But what about accounting?

      • That’s because you wear yours on your head

  • Could be old stock as condoms do have expiry dates. Coles has been clearing them out for months. Picked up a box for 50c a few weeks ago.


    • +5

      Must have been a spur of the moment decision, Coles would have thought long and hard about it so as to not shaft any customers

      • +3

        they came quickly, to the conclusion

    • 50 cents for a box? I'm paying well over $200 on the streets; where are you meeting yours?

  • +1

    I’m here for comments

  • +1

    Offer limited to 1 per customer.

    One order per customer or one product (with quantity 1) in an order per customer?

    • Got my own answer from Customer Care

      Customer Care
      4:14 PM (20 minutes ago)
      to me

      Yes only 1 per customer - you can mix and match
      Customer Care
      Help Desk: 1800 823 523
      [email protected]
      PO Box 2480, Rowville, Victoria 3178, Australia

  • +3

    Works for toys?

  • +1

    Company about to go bankrupt?

  • Confirmed @ 2.30pm from their customer service:
    From: [email protected]

    "Hi, it’s true and one time deal only.

    Customer Care"

  • Glad wrap and rubber bands are also cheap !!

  • +3

    Watch out for that balloon payment.

  • +1

    I am here for the comments :D

  • Kids birthday coming up, cheap balloons.

  • +1

    No more fun I’m over 40.

    • +1

      At the very least….you can still blow a balloon…XD

  • +2

    They sell protection but practice the pull out last second method

  • +6

    Don't buy , it's a baits to grab data. I confirmed 3 times before placing an order. I emailed them after placing order to confirm for refund and their email came back stating system detects it as fraudulent transaction (not sure what it means after they got the money from paypal how can it be a fraudulent transaction) so they will not send the product and cancel the transaction. Pleasee don't fall for it.

    • Did user name check out?

  • Balloon party sorted.
    Massage sorted.

  • Do they take the used condoms back, too?

  • +3

    I’m confused about the legitimacy of this, but placed an order anyway. Let’s see what happens.

    Anyone ever used a dodgy looking screenshot of a promo as evidence in a PayPal dispute before?

    • Nah, good luck.

    • +1

      Refunded already.

      • Get the cucumber sorted, seems they refunded and shipped! Hahaha

  • +1

    This deal is not stackable with any other discount.
    So I am not sure if they can deny 100% discount when you use any discount code (10% first purchase discount or 20% discount)

  • -1

    No mention of the company, let alone their website from the email screenshot. Could be hard fronting PayPal or credit card provider with that evidence. It wasn't hard to track down the legitimate business operators name and residential address where they operate from in Rowville VIC. Big double garage to hold lots of stock.

    Why take your money in the first place when it's free ?

    • they need payment info for recurring subscription

  • +6

    Moments Condoms via shopifyemail.com
    8:27 PM (13 minutes ago)to me

    You have received a refund
    Total amount refunded: $98.89 AUD

    Order summary
    Moments Chocolate × 1 $8.99
    Moments Extra Large × 1 $8.99
    Moments Strawberry × 1 $8.99
    Moments Cola × 1 $8.99
    Moments Ultra Thin Extra Large (12 Pack) × 1 $8.99
    Moments Watermelon × 1 $8.99
    Moments Ultra Thin Large (12 Pack) × 1 $8.99
    Moments Dotted × 1 $8.99
    Moments Ultra Thin Regular (12 Pack) × 2 $17.98
    Moments Ultimate × 1 $8.99
    Subtotal $98.89
    Shipping $0.00
    Taxes $0.00
    Total $98.89 AUD

    • So multiple quantity of same item will also qualify for free?

    • +3

      That's a fruit salad's worth

    • So you got regular, large and extra large .


      • +1

        who knows what men you’ll find on the streets. gotta be prepared :)

  • +6

    As a married man, these have no use in my life.

    I don’t have sex ever.

  • Received a refund, which included order for a toy (not just condoms).

    • Do you get the condoms?

    • How did you get the payment back into your bank account? Unless your payment source was bank and not a linked Debit/Credit card?

      PS: Been waiting 20mins, no refund yet :-(

      • Same. I used PayPal. No respond either, but it’s Sunday.

      • +2

        My payment method was PayPal, with a linked debit card. So when money comes out of the bank, it goes back in when refunded. And PayPal seems to process it instantly.

        • +1

          aah, you were lucky with the instant refund. Mine's likely going to be a bit delayed.

  • FYI it’s not just condoms. Also works on the “pleasure toys”

    I just got refunds for 2 orders under separate accounts.

    • How long did it take from placing the order to receive the refund?

      • +1

        About 12 hours

  • +1

    no refund yet! 24hrs past. That could mean all my savings from ozbargain lost

  • +1

    I got this email today:


    We have had overwhelming response.

    We are gojng through all refunds one by one and hopefully it should be all settled within 5-7 working days depending on the financial institution.

    Thanks for the patience


    Customer Care
    Help Desk: 1800 823 523
    [email protected]
    PO Box 2480, Rowville, Victoria 3178, Australia

  • My refund came through just now

  • Refund just came through. Now I wished I would have placed an order for the wife. I guess now we have to see if we really receive the products.

    Anyhow did anybody place an order with the dubious shopper deal online code from the other day? I placed about 3 orders for free and got tracking numbers and this message:

    Hey hairpolice,

    Shemmie here from Shopper Deals Online.
    Just want to greet you and thank you for your support.
    Shopper Deals Online is a new business from Melbourne, Australia. I believe that you are among the lucky hundred who saw our previous ads on OzBargain and you are going to enjoy the free item(s). Due to the high number of orders on that particular night, we are forced to stop the free store credits promotion. However, we are blocked by the moderator from OzBargain, we cannot list any good deals to our customers anymore. We are deeply saddened by it since it does great harm to our reputation.

    We are here to serve all Australians with good deals. At Shopper Deals Online, we uphold the standard of all our selected products, we do not attract our shoppers with super cheap price at all! We strive to do our best to source the good quality products for our fellow Australians.

    We are constantly improving our website and adding on more good quality products for our shoppers. We do hope that you will enjoy your free item(s) and you will come back to support us again.

    We started to receive a few good feedbacks on TrustPilot and Product Review, and we would love to include yours as well.

    About free store credits promotion: we will aim to do that from time to time for our existing shoppers. Please come back and sign in, you might find yourself gifted with a few dollar credits. We want to bless our shoppers with more - we believe that ‘Our shoppers are always happier’.

    Thank you once again for your support and attention.

    Shopper Deals Online
    Google chat via [email protected] or FB chat with us

    • Yeah I got the item. Definitely not high quality but can't complain for a free product.

      • Yeah same. The kid doesn’t complain about the quality of the book.

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