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Sidchrome SCMT31467 67pce 1/4” Drive Metric Socket Set $39.98, 28pce 1/2” $29.98, 33pce 1/2” $29.98 + Del @ Sydney Tools


Sidchrome SCMT31467 67pce 1/4” Drive Metric Socket Set

Sidchrome SCMT31228 28pce 1/2” Drive Met/AF Socket Set

Sidchrome SCMT31233 33pce 1/2” Drive Hex, Torx & E-Torx Socket Set

Free delivery with $99 order.

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  • For general household, which set will be more useful? For example, installing some anchors for decking boards/supports?
    31467 or 31228?

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      31467 (1/4" drive) for sure. incredible value especially with the rotohead ratchet

      1/2" drive is for bigger thangs, like automotive work.

      • Thanks

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      I'd recommend the 1/2" set for decking etc. 1/4" is for light work like bicycles or precision fuel system but too light for construction. 3/8" is probably the best compromise if you had to have one set but 1/2" & 1/4" set will cover pretty well everything.

      • I bought this one from Bunnings, still waiting for delivery
        Should I buy this 1/4" set from SydneyTools instead?

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          What's your intended use? The 1/4" set from ST is great value but limited to light duty tasks and definitely not suited to general construction or most automotive work.
          So unless you have or are planning to get a 1/2" set as well then I'd stick with the Bunnings 1/4 + 3/8 set.

          • @mauricem: Thanks. I'm a light, general user, need something for all sorts of uses at home.

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          Imperial sockets are generally a total waste of space - look for a set with more metric bits, rather than imperial bits that you'll never use.

          • @Nom: I used to have that quesion: what the imperial sockets are for.
            This ST has that advantage of not having the imperial sockets. However, its biggest socket is 14mm, and it comes with no box :-(

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              @Averell: And 14mm is pretty unusable on a 1/4" drive. 10mm is the limit imo before gping to 3/8

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    ty will go great along side my sca toolbox and my bunnings sidchromes from the past deals

    • Thanks, bought all 3 to get free shipping

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      It was the main link in the deal already.

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    What's the normal price on these?
    They appear to be exclusive kits.

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    FYI looks like Bunnings have the Blow Mould Case available as special order again for $19.98 - Assuming these are the same size (Hex set and 1/4 drive set should be the right size, same as the previous Bunnings deals, and 1/2 set is half the width)


    • Clicky Click Click - this thread is gonna get visited a lot lol

    • Looks like he’s using the 67 piece from this thread in the video. Might buy another and the box to throw in the Ute

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    Compared to the earlier Bunnings deal - Sidchrome Metric Custom Kit Socket Sets: 1/2” 21 Piece $29.98 (RRP $110), 1/4" & 3/8" 62 Piece $39.98 (RRP $168.50) @ Bunnings - the 28 piece is better value - Sidchrome SCMT31228 28pce 1/2” Drive Met/AF Socket Set — Guessing its a blend of metric and imperial(AF) sockets

  • Local is out of stock, $10.71 delivery fee or a 14km drive one way :(

    • Postage , your not seriously going to drive thirty kilometres to save ?

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        Nah just won't buy it at all.

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          Good call. A bit of resistance determines what you really need and what is a real bargain personally.

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            @fantombloo: Yep, although I kind of am looking for a socket set but I'll just wait for a deal that is better for me.

            Although I spend a lot of time on ozbargain I rarely buy anything and prefer to save my money 🤑

  • 1/2 or 3/8 for basic automotive work?

    • 1/2 for sure.

    • I use a 3/8 for basics (engine oil change, brakes, spark plugs )… I don’t know about struts, alternators, etc. maybe a 1/2 for those jobs

      • Yeah i thought 3/8 is right for the basics though looking for other opinions. Thanks.

        • Having said that I also use a 3/8 breaker bar (with 14mm socket) on old / stuck brake calliper bolts

    • I use 3/8 for most general car work.
      1/2 for some for some motorcycle work eg axle nuts, triple clamps etc.

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      1/2in 10mm, 13mm socket doesn't fit in places a 1/4in & 3/8in will

      Even 1/2in deep sockets with extensions or ball joints etc don't reach where I need them.

      I'd choose 3/8 for convenience, 1/2 for easier torque 1/4 for tight spaces and low torque needs like hidden bolts, plastics, hose clamps, accessories like lighting, interior. I only needed 1/4in to install a safari snorkel, 3/8 would be fine, 1/2in ratchets are way too big for some things.

      I always keep a Supercheap set with all three sizes and deep sockets etc in the ute but never use it in a workshop

      As a side note, 1/2in and 1/4in are the only sizes I carry for work in a HV Substation on primary and secondary equipment. Never see 3/8 drive

  • It looks like i dont need the 28 peice, same as the bunnings 21 piece with just some imperials added?

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      Fewer metrics sockets in the 28 piece set. But has a 9mm socket whereas the 21 piece doesn't. 9mm would be more common in a 3/8 or 1/4 set though.

      28 piece has 8mm to 19mm.

      21 piece has 8mm, 10mm to 19mm, 21mm to 24mm, 27mm, 30mm, 32mm. (missing a 9mm).

      • +4

        Correction on this, the 28 piece set they have is different from the picture they have on their website. The 28 set (SCMT31228) is also missing the 9mm socket. Has 8mm and 10mm to 19mm. But also has 2 spark plug sockets (5/8, 13/16") which is nice I guess.

        Description is accurate. Picture is not.

        • Bit late to the party but I think they have used the pic of the 27 piece 3/8" set scmt31327.
          There is still some in stock at Mitchell in Canberra

  • Any comments on a Stanley set for $55.30?

    80 pieces


    • i was disappointed by the last Stanley set, i paid around double that

      • Was it the same one?

        What left you disappointed?

        What if it did not cost double the price but similar to this?

        • different one, it was just a socket set, they where all black. i was expecting better quality, i thought Stanley was a good brand. the storage case was crappy, annoy to get the sockets in and out.

          The sidchrome ones from the bunnings deal are worlds apart in quality.

          • +1

            @mitcheo: I would say the newer Sidchrome stuff like what has been on sale at Bunnings, Total Tools and Sydney Tools is of similar quality to Stanley stuff.
            They are owned by the same company and really are just going off the Sidchrime name for this stuff.

            Having said that. I have a old Stanley 3/8 socket set which is about 10 years old and still works fine. Ratchet head is sligtly loose, however I think thats more down to my usage with it in my earlier days of just hitting anything with a hammer if I couldnt remove it by hand.

            • @tezza: fair enough, in my small experience it isnt similar, its quite a bit lower. I like to hit things with hammers aswell. love the cheap tool deals

    • +2

      Stanley seems a lot lower quality, not necessarily bad, but just on the cheaper end. On par with SCA brand tools.

    • Don’t know re Stanley, but I’ve been using this cheapo supercheap auto 3/8 socket set and have been pleased with it.


  • So many Sidchrome deals

    • +1

      Because Sidchrome is not what it used to be.

      Stanley acquired Sidchrome in the 90s, even Stanley is not what it used to be.

      Sure they are still better than no brand bargain shop tools, but they are no longer considered premium quality.

      • What would you consider a premium quality these days?

        Also do you think there is something better for a similar price?

        • Bahco probably best quality vs value. Made mostly in Sweden and part of the Snap-on group.

          • @BrokenRiedel: Bahco saws are made in Sweden but many of their other tools are made in Spain or Argentina. For good quality that is not too expensive, I believe importing Japanese/German tools from Amazon or maybe Gearwrench

            • @SneedNFeed: Sure but you will often forego warranty etc. I was more talking about what you could walk into a store and buy. Gearwrench make excellent ratchets.

      • They are still premium quality, some of the Sidchrome tools are Facom rebrands

  • Nice. I have to remove/tighten a cylinder head on my car soon. It needs H10 bit. I was going to get

    7 Pc 1cm Drive Extra Long Hex Socket Bit Set Mm Metric from Amazon for $39 but now I'm thinking about getting the "Sidchrome SCMT31233 33pce 1/2” Drive Hex, Torx & E-Torx Socket Set" for $30. Anyone know if it's better to get 'extra-long reach' or if 'long-reach' for headbolts?

    • +1

      No idea, but could you use an extension bar if you needed extra length. Or would that stuff up torque settings?

      • Hey Wolf, not sure about an extension bar. I guess it depends on how much torque the bar would need before it starts to twist, or the width of the bar / bolt hole. I would assume a steel extension bar would be fine, though this is new territory for me.

      • +1

        Extensions dont affect torque, seen plenty of videos on YT where its been tested.

    • +1

      Only get extra long if you need it. I would get the Sidchrome.

  • +1

    Knipex pliers wrench… It is not the same thing, it is an all in one alternative.

    • It's not. I use the 180mm and 250mm every other day. I have two of each and the raptors.
      Brilliant tool.

      It's an alternative to shifter or multi grip pliers but so much better that it's in its own class. Nothing compares to its versatility.

      Can't use one as a socket. Happy to be corrected and learn a new way to use it to reach things i need a socket and extension bar for

  • Thanks been looking at that 1/4” Drive set for a while now finally pulled the trigger

  • +1
  • Anyone from the Bunnings deal also buy these?
    Or would previous two sets cover it all?

  • How much was the torx set?
    Page is gone now :(

    • +1

      Damn! Was gonna grab some. They were $30.

      • If you get to the store when they open you'll be able to snipe them before they pick the orders

  • If you already have this:

    Is it worth getting this deal?

  • Yes it's a fantastic deal, however as a Heavy Mech, I've used these with frequency. The ratchet is absolute garbage. The sockets however are still good for this price. Keep the ratchet as a spare and seek a better quality tool.

    • Why are they garbage? They feel nicer than my cheapo SCA one. And that one has done the job for me working on my car for 3 years now. Doing all sorts of involved things too.

      Im sure there is better, but why are these not good enough for the average joe?

      • Correct, SCA is to Supercheap what Anko is to KMart.

        • +1

          SCA stands for Super cheap Auto


  • -1

    Appears to be normal price. What's the bargain?

  • ty op picked mine up and bought the screwdriver set also toolbox is happy :)

    • Bought the $29 one, already ready for pick up at Malaga.

      • Collected mine already; for $29.98, it is a good bargain. I have checked the price on eBay and on other sites, it is between $70 and $99.

  • +1

    I picked up two sets, 1/2 and 1/4, seem a bit lower quality than the bunnings set a few weeks ago, just things like the sockets look a bit dull and almost brown, burring on the inside of some of the screwdriver attachments etc. Still great for the price though. Also, they seem to have a different photo on the site than the one you get for the 1/2.

    • Photo only have 27 pieces. The description says 28 pieces. They did not seem to match.

  • Damn. Was going to get the Sidchrome SCMT31233 33pce 1/2” Drive Hex, Torx & E-Torx Socket Set, but according to local SydTools store, no one has stock and he said it's likely a promo item so not getting anymore :/.

    • I have seen 3 boxes of these on a shelf in the Silverwater, NSW store this afternoon for $29

      • Yeh? Ill have to give them a call in the morning. Thanks for the heads up :)

    • kunda park store had 2 in stock when i was there monday

  • for anyone wanting to see the kits a bit more up close. theres 2 bunnings sets in there also so just have a close look


    • Did you notice a difference between the sets from Bunnings and the four sets from the current Sydney tools offer?

      • ill have a look in a second all seemed quite decent

      • Both exactly the same. In fact the total tools 19mm socket is a fair bit heavier then the Bunnings both ratchets have the same code on top and are identical

  • Long-shot but does anyone know the Sydney Tools 'item ID' for the Sidchrome SCMT31233 33pce 1/2” Drive Hex, Torx & E-Torx Socket Set. Called around, but they said they can't find it in their system and would need to the 'item ID' to search it. :/

    • +1

      Hey mate, it’s 210256

      • Thanks Travisty, much appreciated :)

  • +1

    Got myself a set of Sidchrome SCMT31233 33pce 1/2” Drive Hex, Torx & E-Torx Socket Set today. Beats spending $20 +/- on a single H10 socket :).

    Kinda tempted to get the Sidchrome SCMT31228 28pce 1/2” Drive Met/AF Socket Set. Wondering though, those who have it, does the handle interfere with side-to-side movement when using it? The handle looks to be a little on the fatter side compared to other designes out there (ie slim chrome teardrop style).

  • Anyone know of a cheap case that would nicely fit theSCMT31467 67pce 1/4” Drive Metric Socket Set?

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