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50% off Menu Price of Domino's Value, Traditional and Premium Large Pizzas - Pick up Only


50% off menu price of Dominos value, traditional and premium large pizzas.

Pick up only.


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  • Is there a non FB link to the offer?

    • +3 votes

      not sure if you saw the code (or whether it was posted when you commented), you don't need to click through to the facebook link

    • just go to the normal dominos website and use the code 69199.

      you dont need to order through facebook.

  • Amazing deal, only $4.98 for a large traditional pizza at my local store.

  • Awesome prices! $3.98 for value, $4.98 for traditional and $6.45 for premium at Revesby store

  • When does this expire?

  • Woo more cheap pizza!

    Need more healthy deal to come along on ozbargain though!!

  • Maybe Dominos should cater my wedding..? It would be cheaper!

  • 50%* Off Menu Price on Value Range, Traditional & Premium Large Pizzas. Pick Up only. Quote code: 69199. Valid until 9/9/12. Online only. Selected stores only. Excludes Cheaper Tuesday, Supreme on White at $6.95 and any other pizza vouchers or promotions. Normal surcharges still apply.

  • Man we need to start getting deals on like bananas or something instead of pizza and hungry jacks

  • I got this in my email but my codes different: 85069 - same t&cs

    50%* Off Menu Price on Value Range, Traditional & Premium Large Pizzas. Pick Up only. Valid until 9/9/12. Online only. Selected stores only. Excludes Cheaper Tuesday, Supreme on White or any other pizza vouchers or promotions. Normal surcharges still apply.

  • To be honest, from eating pizzas from all these cheap pizza deals, i'm feeling so unhealthy now…. Anyway, this deal is not bad and I'm going for a few more pizzas tonite! Cheers

  • Dominos supports animal cruelty.. something to be aware of..


    • Thats the price you pay for the cheapest Pizza in Australia.

    • Thanks for posting that link. I won't be giving Domino's my money. Cheers.

    • Just shocking…

    • That's a US article. How do you know they are using the same suppliers here?

      • Thats a good point a a a

        They definitively don't use the same suppliers as the US so this likely doesn't apply to them.

        • same company still.

        • I don't think you understand how things work.

          Fast food in America has to be insanely cheap because they have much lower wages and often won't buy expensive food. As a result a burger from mcdonalds in America is complete garbage and very poor quality meat, however in Australia its much much better.

          Have a look at KFC America, they use chickens that are in horrible conditions, and other fast food restaurants in America likely do the same thing.

          One fast food restaurant in America trying to buy decent ingredients for their food would likely result in bankruptcy.

  • Perfect.

    Many thanks!

  • DO NOT GET CREAM FRAICHEE! We had a super supreme with the creme thing - all it is is fatty cream cheese instead of tomato sauce. Such an idiot, didn't realise when ordering. It's the same price with the super supreme, so I went 'BARGAIN!' and just bought it. FACEPALM. DON'T GET IT. TRUST! ME!

    • didn't realise when ordering

      Just outta curiosity, what is it that you thought it was?

      • I didn't think. I saw a bargain. I bought. Lol. End of story :D.
        Turned out to be pig lard with caster sugar.

    • +18 votes

      If someone called SuperMrBlob says the cream cheese is too fatty, I'm definitely not ordering it.

      • A genuine lol. I don't rly understand what ppl think my username means. I jsut though it up on the spot one day. No I'm not overweight and no I don't take massive dumps haha

    • Me and my partner really enjoyed it. Odd. Was it fattier then tomato sauce, yes but not as fatty as some of the pizza bases I've had in the past from Domino's.

    • -3 votes

      Definition of irony right there. Someone actually ordering Dominos in the first place, then complaining about 'fatty cream cheese'??? It's all RUBBISH. Why do you think the western world is getting fatter and fatter… THESE COMPANIES ARE FINDING A PRICE POINT WHERE LOW INCOME EARNERS CAN'T RESIST IT!! Get sucked in at your own risk…

  • So…Much…..Pizza….

  • Thanks!!! Perfect after work snack! Eating it as I type!!

  • Pretty damn good deal, despite what the conditions say this does seem to be working for cheaper tuesdays - it doesn't end up being 50% off the cheaper tuesday price but still works out to $4.50 for a traditional pizza for me (brunswick vic store). Same with the new supreme on white thing comes to $4.50 with the code - not sure how I feel about that one though wouldn't mind trying it I guess

  • Excellent! great pizza.

  • Had the Premium Prawn pizza last night. Awesome taste, and amazing value. Half price $6.45.
    Planning a pizza party at the weekend for the family.

  • clayton victoria store is 5.95 for premium ones as full price is 11.90 only.

  • I realise how crap my local store is now (gymea). $5.50 for traditional, $4.99 for value and $6.99 for premium. Guess my store charges more than every other store for their standard prices and they noramlly reject every code which is for less than $7.99 per pizza.

    • $5.48 for Traditional from Thornleigh today. I expect that there are a few price points and yours is higher in the Shire.

  • Great deal! Really wish I didn't see it until the 8th though…

  • Value pizza after code $4.90 (no change)… traditional is $5.98… how are you guys getting it cheaper?

  • Thank you OP, just made an order however it is $7.25 for premium $5.78 for tradition at 555 Flinder Street Melb.

  • Thanks, OP. Dinner sorted :)

  • Dinner = Sorted :) Still doesnt stack up against Pizza Capers if you ask me, but for a quarter of the price it will do!

  • Thanks for providing us with this voucher, pizza tonight!

  • Get your orders in while this deal lasts (expires tomorrow 9/9). :)
    Details in the linked page.

    Although the offer excludes the white supreme (funny name!), that pizza still discounts to the same as the other Traditional pizzas.

    Did anyone else notice that this pizza was given a slightly more awkward name, so that it isn't actually call Supreme White or White Supreme?

  • this is awesome!!!

  • $5.48 for traditional and $6.95 for premium at my local dominos.

    The garlic prawn pizza was horrible. But good deal nonetheless. :)

  • last day guys.

    it is $3.95 traditional pizza in my local area after discount

  • Just bought 4, $4.95 ea

  • my whole week of pizza for lunch and dinner has come to an end, hello cholesterol haven't seen you this high before :(

  • HAD Three Premium today thanks a lot

  • We ordered 5 pizzas, ate half and saved half for lunch tomorrow :)