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WD TV Live Streaming Media Player for $88


Thought this might be a good deal, got one today. The price has come down for the WD TV live streaming media player so yes this is the one where you can stream stuff from your computer or laptop over the internet. Pretty good, seeing as the WD TV Live (not able to stream) is at $88 too. Checked other retailers, only seeing prices around the $120 mark. Not sure when this will end.

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  • didnt see, is this the wifi 1?

    • It would be. The "streaming" version is indeed the version with built in WiFi.

      This is a bargain of a price!

      • Can I use this product to mirror my laptop screen on a TV?

        • No. To achieve what you are trying to do, you would need a wireless A/V sender/receiver (VGA/HDMI, depending on what video outputs your notebook has), but they can be expensive, especially for the HDMI ones.

          If you can put up with it, it would definitely be cheaper to directly connect your notebook to your TV via an appropriate cable.

        • Or if your computer happens to be a Mac running Mountain Lion, you can do this using an Apple TV instead.

  • It is the wifi one. Awesome deal! I paid $125 at JB like 2 weeks ago.

    • Same here, paid $125 just on the 1st of Sep.
      Might try the old ninja-return with the old receipt.

  • Out of stock :(

    • +3 votes

      online yes but in store, there's heaps of stock.

    • Officeworks Fyshwick have one left on the shelf.
      Great unit, took me longer to open the box and insert batteries in the remote than it did to set it up on the wifi and get going. Far less stuffing around than with Apple TV.

  • Lowest price eva.
    Might have to retire my popcornhour.

    • i still find the popcornhour more reliable that my WD TV

      • You want mine too? I'm trying to sell it, but not many people seem to be interested? :)

        • which model popcorn hour? I have an A100, and it's still pretty much able to handle everything I watch. only things it doesn't like are some high bitrate MKVs (stutters a bit), and FLVs (won't play at all).

        • I've got A-110. I used it only for about a month and only a few times. I did update it to the latest FW a few months ago and I've been meaning to list it on eBay, but just haven't gotten around to it.
          In terms of playback, from memory, i have played various MKV's as well as FLV files on it without any issues.
          Overall i was happy with it, just find WDTV better due to its size and the fact that this one is wireless so i can stream using it.

        • I will be selling my A100 too.
          In terms of playback it is very good. In my experience the only thing the PCH A100 won't play is BD ISO. However the A100 OS is very slow, it doesn't have built in WiFi and it doesn't have any iPhone or Android remote control apps.

  • is this better then the wdtv live even if not streaming
    i mean is the gui the same speed etc

  • As far as playback is concerned, would a Samsung Smart TV (or equivalent) render this WD TV redundant?

    • i doubt it as wd tv can play bluray iso, 1080p mkv etc i am certain that samsung wont play all

      • Not sure about that… my Samsung so far has played everything that I have thrown at it this includes 1080p video files. Haven't tried a BD ISO as I don't have access to one. I returned my WD TV back to JB Hi-FI when I found out that the TV could play the files via USB. It is also NTFS compatible as well :).

      • I play bluray avi movies on samsung smart tv all the time. never tried mkv's

        • i've never had any lip-sync issues with mkv's, but happens occasionally with avi's…

  • "Out of stock"

    That was quick !
    (Deal posted 36 minutes ago)

  • Not sure when this will end.

    Rep, did you perhaps click "Rep" by accident? :P

    • I think his first line gives it away that he is not a rep.

      • +3 votes

        i wouldn't exactly classify myself as a rep but just didn't wanna be a sock puppet :P it says something about if you're an employee, you must tick the box so yeah. as for the "not sure when this will end", officeworks don't generally give a time for when a price on a product will expire. wish i could give a time so things are much clearer. i'll update once they change the price though.

  • If it supported HDMA, this would be perfect. Unfortunately it does not seem likely for the future.

  • How is the cinivia in this thing? The anti piracy chip thing.

    Plays all formats still like wdtv?

    • IIRC Cinavia is only required for Blu-Ray players, so you should be home free with this. No reports of it being infected.

      • I have this and it's managed to play everything I could throw at it with the except of the occasional .WMV files from my old camcorder tapes. I don't have blu-ray files but have everything else including many .MKV's etc. Simply put it plays 99.99% of files I've thrown at it. Bargain for this price, I might get another

    • Don't mind sharing where you guys get all your content from.

  • Nice price! In stock at many locations.

  • Great unit and best price I've seen for it. Got mine a few months back at $114.

    Also the iPhone app for it works well, great if you want to place it out of sight and control through your wireless.

  • Ill be picking one of these up tomorrow :)

  • Are there any major differences between this and the $88 WDTV TV Live? Aside from the built in WiFi, of course.

    • The iPhone remote app works with the WiFi version

    • The earlier WDTV Live has Component out. Surprisingly the newer model doesn't.

    • This streaming version meant to be able to stream media services over the internet.
      In the US they have subscription service such as netflix and hulu plus to stream movies on the internet.
      So that is why they are called WDTV Live "Streaming"

      Not sure if the Oz version of this has netlix, pandora etc.

    • Get the streaming version. They haven't updated the firmware on the old WD TV Live in a while, but they have released some nice updates to the streaming version adding functionality and fixing issues.

  • Huh. Saw this today but didn't know if it was a good price or not.

  • For those who can't make it into OW. Amazon still have their deal running for $89.
    I purchased two 24 hours ago and shipping came to $16.

    http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/75971 for thread

    http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005KOZNBW for direct link

  • Does anyone know if WD are going to be announcing new models soon?

  • Damn it, I just bought the previous model for $88 last week :(

    • just return it, most retailer has 30 days return policy.

      • Most only offer a change-of-mind return if it's unused and unopened. Mine is unfortunately opened and used.

        Oh well, it does what I bought it for (playing MKVs), so I guess I can't complain.

  • Oh and aftermarket firmware: http://wiki.wdlxtv.com/Main_Page

  • anyway to get this to play rm (real media) files?

  • I bought one of these a few weeks ago but returned had major buffering issues with any files over 1gb in size.
    Ended up with the Payon HD essential for $80

    Plays everything without buffering

    • Buffering from what source WiFi or USB HDD?

    • Mine will play 720p MKV files over Wifi without hiccups (generally). This includes both movies and TV shows (ranging from 1-7gb).

      I occasionally have choppy playback, but this is definitely not caused by the device. I've yet to find the root cause, but I'm pretty sure it's just my network. I have a shitty router and I don't think it handles the connection very well.

      Did notice a big improvement when I changed wireless mode from 20hz to 20/40 multicast. So give that a try!

      • Yeah router is downstairs.. but funnily enough the AC ryan plays everything no choppiness. I narrowed it down to WD streamer

  • I have the regular live with a $10 d-link wifi adapter.

    I'm quite happy with the existing one, would this model benefit me in any way?

  • im waiting for the google version

  • Motherfiretruck… I paid more ($98) for the non-WiFi version like 2 months ago.

  • Why not get Raspberry pi?

    • It's a very geeky solution that only the technologically savvy can set up. Not the best solution for everyone. It also costs $50 bucks for the device and casing, and doesn't come with any remote or input device.
      The wifi dongle is sold seperately and also adds to the cost of the device.

      I can agree it's cool, but not as good value as you might think.

      • As someone who doesn't need WiFi, it's great value. I'll just be plugging in a drive or using Ethernet. It also has HDMI-CEC so I can control it with my TV remote.

        But you are very right, not for everyone at all. :)

    • The Raspberry Pi is great value, but you have to remember it was built to a price point and for that reason it's not as powerful as you may think.

      The WDTV units are all much more powerful and playback HD content with ease. The RPi is impressive for the price, but you can tell it struggles with HD content.

  • officeworks braddon ACT still has 5 left

  • For those wanting to know differences between this model (SMP) and the older WDTV Live. The older model hasn't had a firmware update for 12 months now. The Streamimg model (SMP) has regular updates. The SMP has a better user interface. The SMP has wireless connectivity and some internet and LAN access (Youtube, Tunein, Spotify etc). You are able to access files from all over your local network via the Wireless. However there may be hassles watching large media files wirelessly. Let us face it for $88 it does a great job.

    You can update the theme.

    It has options such as adjust the audio sync which is essential with some playback nowadays. It also can 'scrape' movie or TV info for you. This feature isn't 100% reliable as it depends on the 'free info data' available and the way the file has been named.

    You can find out much more by checking the WD Community websites and Forums.

    • also, it has a much better remote and interface,.. lets face it, the non wifi model dosnt need updates it runs pretty good……

      iv got 3 lives,. will get this one, as i have lent the other to a mate.

    • I played with this new model in the shop and couldn't find a way to skip forward or backward by say 30sec. I know it does fast forward and rewind but I won't use a player that can't skip. I have the old WDTV Live (non-wifi) and have the hacked firmware on it that allows configurable skip (say 30sec). For me that's one of the distinguishing features of the two models. Happy to be corrected if I am wrong.

      • it does 16x forward and back,. the only skip function i have found is by 10min,.. press fast forward, and then press NEXT… saves having to fast forward at 16x for 20 minutes to get to the end.

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