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Nixon 51-30 Chrono Watch (6 Colours) $346.79 (Was $679.99) Delivered @ Nixon via The DOM

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Nixon 51-30 Chrono watch, $347 with discount code 15DOM11LUJ (was $679.99). Free delivery and 30 day returns. Cheapest in market.
6 colours available



other colours in the brand page

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    FYI - The case size is 51mm.

    Nixon watches are basic quartz fashion watches. For this kind of money or less you could buy something from a reputable watch making brand.

    For example - plenty of Citizen Eco-Drive (solar) for less here.

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    Just looked back at the store history & they appear to be slow learners. Sep 22 - didn't neg, Jan 23 - negged.

    Nothing has changed so will neg again. The "Was" price of $679.99 is insane!!!! Cheaper better spec'd watches elsewhere as I mentioned above.
    No bargain here.

  • +5


    aka; We are desperate to sell this trash.

  • +2

    Too much for a fashion quartz watch

  • +2

    might as well put rrp 999999

  • I think these might be seconds too. Should be cheaper - they put the buttons on the wrong side. or maybe it's a lefty's model?

    • Some diver's watches have crowns not at 3 o'clock position for two main reasons: 1. Not digging into divers' wrists. 2. Protect the crown from damages. Discussion.

    • Note that the numbers on the bezel are backwards too. Does time run backwards for left-handed divers?

  • This or new tyres for my corolla ?

    • +1

      New gold rims on the Corolla. Will look just as tacky.

      • +1

        Do they still do spinners,? Gold spinners if available

        • +1

          Yep. 27" gold spinners with elastic bands as tyres.

  • +1

    Some Tissot watches are priced around there and I know which one I'd have on my wrist.

    This is over-priced and a non-deal.

  • What a banger!

    The sound it makes when it hits the edge of the garbage bin..

  • +2

    C'mon Nixon… I think most of us (even casual watch fans) know better. Nixon, Deisel and Invicta are the holy trinity of inflating RRP on junk pieces.

    Tell me yall cut out the middleman too

    • Affordable luxury bro!

  • Excellent deal OP, I've always wanted to tell people I'm often called 'The Accused' without using words

  • +1

    The specs for the price are terrible. Also, the size is massive - might as well strap a wall clock to your wrist.

  • Great "deal" if you want a basic watch at a stupidly inflated price.

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