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3 Citizen Eco-Drive Chrono's $149 each, Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar $179, Bulova Marine Star Chrono $249 Del @ Starbuy


Starbuy 1 Day Sale

Citizen Eco-Drive AT0200-05E $149.00 delivered

  • Crystal/Lens - Mineral
  • Diameter - 39mm
  • Band width - 20mm
  • Case Thickness - 10.4mm
  • Luminous hands & markers
  • 6 Month Power Reserve
  • Low Charge Indicator - the second hand will skip a second
  • Strap - Nylon
  • Water resistant 100 Metres - in general, suitable for swimming and snorkeling, but not diving
  • 5 Year Australian Warranty from Citizen Australia

Relative Time Review.
Eco-Drive explained.

Citizen Eco-Drive Blue Chrono CA7040-85L $149.00 delivered.
Citizen Eco-Drive Black Chrono CA7040-85E $149.00 delivered.

  • Crystal/Lens - Mineral
  • Diameter - 41mm
  • Band width - 20mm
  • Case Thickness - 11.5mm
  • Luminous Hands and Markers
  • Low Charge Indicator - the second hand will skip a second
  • Water resistant - 100 Metres
  • 5 year Aus warranty from Citizen Aus

Found some better pics here on a blue nato.
Citizen CA7040-85E (Pilot's Eco-Drive Chrono) - Informal Review + First Impressions
Citizen CA7040-85E Chronograph Watch

Citizen Eco-Drive Crono AT2460-89L $159.00 delivered.
Citizen Eco-Drive AW1588-57E $159.00 delivered.

Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar BT0080-59E $179.00 delivered

  • Crystal/Lens - Mineral
  • Diameter - 39mm
  • Band width -
  • Case Thickness - 12.7mm
  • 7 Month Power Reserve
  • Luminous Hands
  • Water resistant - 100 Metres
  • 5 year Aus warranty from Citizen Aus


Bulova Marine Star Chrono 96B272 $249.00 delivered. Not solar.

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  • +18

    Must. Resist. Buying. More. WatchNerd Recommended Watches.

    • +2

      Ditto…. :-)

    • Nah, buy now think later!

  • +4

    Good deal for the perpetual calendar chrono.
    Solar + chrono + perpetual calendar are a perfect combo and hard to come by.

    • The perpetual cal is not a chrono. It just has silly second and 12/24h subdials. Still looks interesting

      • Ah right. Was going off the post detail "Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Chrono", but nothing in the actual description says chrono. It's got the buttons (including a weird tiny top one) though, so figured it might be chrono.

        • I've removed it & checking with Deepak, but it is actually mentioned in the Starbuy description -

          What we love: The waffle textured black dial and the perpetual calendar and the power reserve once fully charged. At 39mm this is one of the smaller chronographs.

          • @WatchNerd: Yeah saw that, but it can't be a chrono because there's no second hand. I don't know what the buttons do and I don't see how it can function as a chrono with a just a second subdial and no second hand. Maybe the bottom button resets the second subdial to "0" and you start and stop the time with top tiny button. But that would just be the wackiest shit ever

            • +1

              @rosebank: Deepak just checked & you are correct. Thanks for the head up.

              Lower button A is for setting the date / reset. Button B is for calender functions.

              • @WatchNerd: Guess I'm sticking with my old and weathered BL5290-59E a bit longer then.

            • @rosebank: You were saying you might consider the GBX100 at $180?


              • @harshbdmmaster718: Yeah but from my mate. Every time I visit him I buy a few watches and he always looks after me. He has a lot more brands now too, so my next visit can get quite expensive because I'm 100% getting a Snoopy Timex, just have to decide which one,

                • @rosebank: "Yeah but from my mate. Every time I visit him I buy a few watches and he always looks after me."
                  Sorry my bad I missed that context.

  • Probably been asked a million times, but I'd honestly like to know why would someone buy a watch in 2023? Everyone has their phone with them all the time, and new phones have always on display so you don't even need to unlock your phone.

    • +15

      Username checks out.

      • I'm asking because I'm trying to justify buying this :-)) so not dissing buyers. But good point :-)))

        • +11

          I do feel like if you need to try and justify a purchase, you more than likely will not find joy in getting said item.

          • @Munki: Incredible advice! This should be put on top of OzB.

            • +1

              @DontNeedThis: Only watch lovers can appreciate a nice piece. Obviously this is a cheap piece but a good start to test the waters if you have a slight interest in watches. But don't buy if you don't intend to wear it for a little while.

              • +1

                @itsmoe: I decided to buy after reading the comments here. I also need to minimise my interactions with my phone

                • +1

                  @DontNeedThis: Nice, glad to hear, which of them did you buy?

                  Once you get used to wearing a proper watch, you will really enjoy it. I have a few and I shuffle between them every few days.

                  Currently wearing this bad boy: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/750918

                  • @itsmoe: Deciding between 96B272 and BT0080-59E. One's more affordable and perpetual, one has a much bigger discount. Any advice appreciated.

                    • @DontNeedThis: Oh nice, both are great looking watches. One thing you need to be careful of is the size of the watch and your wrist size. You don't want the watch to either wear too small or too big.

                      The Bulova has a 45mm case diameter and 15mm thickness.
                      Citizen has a 39-40 case diameter and 12.5mm thickness.

                      On the other hand, based on the information I found online, the Citizen seems a bit heavier sitting at around 300grams unadjusted while the Bulova is around 210grams unadjusted.

                      I personally like lighter watches, even the Steeldive that I linked above is a bit heavy for my liking and it's only 175grams after adjusting the bracelet to my wrist size.

                      A great first watch which I also got as my first is the Casio G-Shock GA-2100-1A: shorturl.at/abJNT (they are super light and a great daily, weighing only around 50 grams).

                      These are great watches for modding as well (Modding is super simple). Turning it into something like this: shorturl.at/mqLSX

                      Heaps of mods for the G-Shock on AliExpress to choose from.

                      • +1

                        @itsmoe: I'm glad I waited for you to comment back before pulling the trigger. I didn't pay attention to the size, and 45mm is way too big for me. It's also interesting that the Citizen is much heavier despite the much smaller size.

                        I really like the moded version of the G-shock too, but I'm not sure I will the time to play around with it.

                        I think I'll go with the Citizen. Again, thank you for your helpful comments.

                        • +1

                          @DontNeedThis: Citizen is Eco-Drive so it's like solar so I'm assuming it has more a bits going on in the inside that make it heavier? I wouldn't know lol

                          Happy to help my dude.

                          Enjoy the watch when it arrives.

                          • @itsmoe: Thanks

                          • @itsmoe: The watch arrived today and I love it. Quick question though, can I adjust the bracelet size without tools? I watched a couple of videos on youtube and they all had bracelet-adjusting tools.

                            • @DontNeedThis: it's a lot easier with tools and safer for the bracelet as well if you haven't done it before. if you have a very small hex key lying around that may be enough to push out the bracelet pin.

                            • @DontNeedThis: I have something similar to this but I do a little bit of repair on the side for family and friends so I have a lot more tools. But this should suffice to adjust your bracelet.

                              Watch Link Remover Kit, Ohuhu 142pcs in 1 Link Remover Repair Tool, Watch Band Strap Link Pin Remover with 3 Extra Pins, Spring Bar Tool Set with Extra 4 Tips Pins, 126PCS Extra Watch Band Link Pins https://amzn.asia/d/43pWVQo

                              If you have a Sim card ejecter tool, you might be able to get away with just using that and a little bit of force.

    • +5

      Contrary to what you might believe, not everyone cares to take out their phone just to look at the time. Not to mention how many times have you taken out your phone to look at the time only to completely miss it and have to do another look? I know I've done that far too often.

      Anyway, analogue watch appreciation is a thing.

      • +1

        Thank you.

      • taken out your phone to look at the time only to completely miss it and have to do another look?

        Or take it out to look at the time and get distracted doing other things on your phone instead…
        I much prefer looking at my wrist for the time rather than dealing with my phone. Either smart watch or analogue I like the time on my wrist.

        • +2

          For me, I found that at conferences I was looking at my phone for the time which seemed a bit rude. A quick side glance at the watch doesn't seem as rude.

    • +5

      Watches are, for the most part, male jewelry these days.

      There is some small practicality bonuses from having the time on your wrist vs having to pull a phone out of your pocket, but it's not huge.

      • Thanks

      • -5

        Yeah just bling for males, no one needs a watch these days

        • +3

          I do. To match outfit.

          • @Munki: omg samesies

            • +1

              @rosebank: It's funny how you associate people on ozb with different things after you see their user names a few times. Every time I see rosebank, I think "the whiskey guy" :-))

              • +1

                @DontNeedThis: I don't need a watch cos it's 10am somewhere in the world so it's always whisky time??

                • @ankor: Right now it's beer and painkiller time. I did all my work stuff, got groceries and other shit in the morning, Might have a borrbon later, and by later, I mean after I finish this beer

                  • +1

                    @rosebank: Ah, I am sorry to hear you are on that kind of diet. I hope everything is ok?

                    • @ankor: Lol I'm fine, just a regular wednesday. I'm a high functioning alcoholic. But thank you for your concern

              • +2

                @DontNeedThis: Hey, I also buy obscure/weird/interesting watches and rant about kitchen knives!

        • +2

          Actually, a few of the responses here really show a need for watches.

          • +4

            @DontNeedThis: Yes, I am aware that I often make quick offhand comments without thinking about use cases of products for other people. I just type what I'm thinking at the time and click post.

            My comment should have been, "no one really needs a traditional watch these days with the proliferation of smartphone, smart watches, and fitness trackers." Which doesn't fix the problem, but sounds a bit better and explains my reasoning.

            But I have read the comments explaining their use case, and I agree with them. I really should start re-reading and editing my comments before posting, and I should be more considerate and empathatic. It's something I'm sincerely working on. But for now, I will accpet my punishment.

            • +2

              @rosebank: You've become a better person because of someone's internet comment?

              What are you, some new variety of human being?

              • +2

                @andresampras: Self awareness and self improvement is always good thing

                • @rosebank: ohhh ok it all makes sense now.

                  That sounds exactly like something an AI bot would say.

            • @rosebank: Same here. I used to be a total troll (not saying that you are one btw), and I had to conciously and actively work on it. Now I'm tolerant of the most weird shit on the internet.

              • +1

                @DontNeedThis: I still stir the pot sometimes.

                I personally think all parent comments in a post should relate to the items on sale. Criticism/warnings of the quality, personal experience with it, questions about it, asking OP to correct something in the post, maybe the occasional joke that's actually funny, not recycled shit we've read a millon times. I don't like useless comments

                Then have fun and bantz in the child comments

    • -1

      It's fashion

    • +2

      For a tradie or someone that often doesn't have their hands free at work it's really handy to just glance down at a watch to keep track of time/check the date fora 5th time in a day..

      • +1

        These are all good points, thank you.

    • +1

      It's acceptable fashion for men, even in highly formal events, at the work place, at a wedding/funeral/whatever.

      And many people (myself included) think a good watch on a man's wrist looks incredible. Makes a man look more refined, and perhaps even more punctual and/or someone who values time.

    • +1

      and status symbols. i can't justify the costs of some of my watches other than status symbol. of course it sucks but its the world we live in

      • +2

        So what does my Skmei 1134 say about my status?

        • +2


        • +1

          you're a god tier man of distinction.

      • -1

        I can't justify the costs of some of my watches other than status symbol. of course it sucks but its the world I choose to live in


        When you get older you'll care less about what others think and you'll be much happier for it. 😁

    • +1

      Some people like the aesthetics of a non-smart watch, myself included.
      Also some people don't like to pull their phones on a regular basis out to check the time, especially with phones being so huge these days.

      In the old days I would've jumped at this Citizen, but I just can't justify it any more. To me they are an unnecessary luxury item now (I still have a dress watch for special occasions).

    • As a busy dad, knowing the time is very important to me, and having to whip out my phone isn't always convenient. I wear jawbone headphones a lot, so much so that I wrote a Tasker automation that knows when I have them on, and verbally tells me the time, my phone battery level and headset battery level every quarter of the hour (13:00, 13:15, 13:30 etc.)

      • +1

        I'm really glad I asked the question. A lot of good points from you lads.

    • when you've got your hands covered in engine oil or brake dust and can't just pull out your phone.
      some workplaces ban you from having a phone on you.
      in certain situations when you need to be discreet in checking the time.

    • "Everyone has their phone with them all the time, and new phones have always on display so you don't even need to unlock your phone."

      Yeah but I don't walk around with the phone constantly in my hand (some people might I don't know).
      A flick of the wrist to quickly check either time or date is very useful for me personally, so I constantly keep the watch on my wrist. I might take it off once a week very briefly.
      And as other comments say, if your hands are tied then it's way quicker and easier. Also if you are driving it only requires half a second of your attention etc.

      And in my case I have a modern Casio which also shows if my phone has any notifications with a tiny rectangular speech bubble icon with a number inside. It's a new model that takes a tiny step towards being smart by having Bluetooth Low energy link with the phone, the sacrifice being I need to do the battery change every 2 years instead of every 5 to 7 years for your typical Casio model. Which is really easy by the way because modern digital Casio's have the battery right behind the back cover, no need to take out the module.

      Also want to mention, some phones have some bad UI when in use. For example the newer "notch" iPhones like the one my mom has, do not show the date while you are using it. While the older models with home button did show the date along the top if I am not mistaken. If anything you would think showing the date was a priority over say WiFi signal, location access icon etc. I know locking the phone and turning on the display will show the date, but I also find that it's in pretty thin text and harder to read then say 1/25 as it shows on my Casio.

      • I'm sold. I bought.

        • +1

          Yeah but of course keep in mind some people might find a watch more useful than others.

          I personally can't really put up with smart watches which need to be charged every 1-2 days and off your wrist for 2+ hours during that period daily. So I have always been more of a proper watch person.

          I did recently buy a Garmin Venu SQ (bottom of the barrel Garmin) just for NFC pay. I throw it on my arm whenever I plan to walk to the shops. Saves me from having to carry my wallet. I tested the battery life and it goes 15 days until hitting 50% battery which I am very happy with. Only have to charge it every 2 weeks. Everything else is switched off except the HR sensor which it needs to detect if it's on your wrist.

    • I love watches but for while had exclusively smartwatches (Samsung) or fitness watches (Garmin). And they're fantastic; there's no need for a more traditional piece in contemporary times.

      Nevertheless, I still love watches. So, I bought this one, my first automatic, from a previous deal.

      All I can say is that I love putting it on when I go out, when I'm on a trip and dont want to think about charging, or when I just want a break from tech.

      At least at the budget end, it still feels like you're getting real value for money, even up against modern smartwatches.

      • "when I'm on a trip and dont want to think about charging, or when I just want a break from tech."

        It does these things very very well lol.

        I would add it also focuses more of your attention on your environment. So in that sense it's less of a distraction and lets gives you a more focused experience.

        • Agreed.

          • @chrisandrew: Yeah just to give you an honest opinion.
            When I first got my current BLE enabled G-shock, I was a bit disappointed when the message notification would not show a preview of the message like it did on my old Fitness watch. If you catch the notification on the Casio it just shows the contact name, and if you miss them it just shows as a tiny speech bubble in the corner with a number inside (I like this).

            Anyway a few weeks in I realized I prefer it this way with it's minimalism. Because in the past on my fitness watch because I could read the first 1 or 2 lines of the message at a glance, if I was thinking about something or even doing something my mind would get taken away by the message content.
            I would lose my train of thought or concentration and it would be steered in a new direction.
            So I am now really happy with these bare minimum notifications, most times if I am expecting an urgent message I will pull out my phone anyway. But most messages are not that important to respond to instantly or within 15 mins. (not sure how often a person checks their phone but I assume it's around every 20 to 30 mins). So I like the filter the Casio watch provides, I just know someone texted me or I have 2 unread texts (speech bubble) and that's all I really need to know.

    • You sound like a 365 day a year, t shirt boardshorts kind of guy

  • +2

    Thanks WNerd. Grabbed the weird looking perpetual. Might want to change the description because it's not a chrono, just has 2 useless subdials

    • Can you explain, for my friend, what a chrono is exactly?

      • +1

        All good, I found it's basically a stopwatch.

        • Pretty much yes. I have heaps of chronos but can't remember last the time I've used the function. I'd rather use the timer on my phone <-my personal opinion and experience, please don't jump on me saying you use the chrono on your watch to time your mate going around The Bend Circuit in their Ariel Atom or whatever

  • +1

    You Evil monster!

  • i got one of the AT0200-05E's last year
    love the watch but it feels/looks small on my wrist as im used to a bulky g-shock type smartwatch
    the band is also extremely stiff though not super uncomfortable once its on.

    ive ordered a nato strap and will be handing it down to the son with smaller wrists

  • This is a really long shot, but does anyone know where I can buy a solar Citizen wall clock? I'm having a hell of a time trying to find anywhere that sells them in Australia…

    • https://www.citizenwatch.com/us/en/product/CC2013.html?cgid=…

      Don't think it's actually an Eco-Drive, just looks like one

      • Requires 2x AA batteries, confirmed not eco-drive

        • Nearly all modern wall clocks are battery powered and use 1-4 AAs which is fine and lasts a long time. But I always make sure it's a sweeping second hand because the ticking will drive me nuts.

          My vintage Seiko clock uses a C battery and only lasts at most 6 months. As cool as it looks, I switched to a Mondaine which takes 1 AA and is not a PITA.

          Here's my Seiko: https://i.imgur.com/1E2r7Su.jpg

          • +1

            @rosebank: That's one nice looking wall clock. Much more depth and thickness than the thinner modern Seiko wall clocks. Which are quite good value I think if you find them on sale.
            But 6 months on a C battery is just wasteful lol.

            By the way for anyone else reading as well. Do not use inferior batteries for wall clocks. I had a few spare "solar rechargeable batteries" left over and stuck one of them in a wall clock thinking it would still last 8 months or so even with the reduced capacity. But the terrible performance of the battery (most likely extremely low voltage) killed the quartz in the clock. The clock kept losing time and even after I switched out the battery for a Japanese Eneloop, then after a brand new Alkaline and it still continued to lose the same amount of time.

            • @harshbdmmaster718: Thanks, I love that clock.

              My grandpa was a watchmaker in his home country. He had about 50 rare vintage Seikos and Citizens, which I think my deadbeat gambling addict uncle stole after he died. My grandpa started givng me automatics when I was in primary school, but wasn't interested because I was young, stupid, and never wore any of them. So grandpa said he'd look afer them for me and wait until I was older.

              All I have left from him is this clock, an Aiwa boombox, and a vintage Citizen ana-digi. This explains why I love ana-digi watches and gravitate more towards Japanese watches

              • @rosebank: " I was young, stupid, and never wore any of them."

                Yeah I already mentioned this in another comment. But I had a forgotten memory of having a "metal" watch on my wrist as a kid. I think it was a gift from my GP same as you, can't remember if it was a cheapie or a real metal one but what I do remember is putting it through absolute hell because I had no concept that it was "a nice watch".
                Basically didn't take it off my wrist and it was put through sweat, dirt, swimming, smashing on rocks regularly anything else you could think of before being a teenager. I remember the metal was all worn off and it looked miserable after a year. Might have been a cheapie because I don't remember the screen ever smashing, it only got scratched. All I remember is it looked small on my skinny wrist and it had a spinning bezel with numbers and a metal clasp, so it was a diver style watch (maybe for kids or women).

      • I've got my eye on this, but the only option I can find is a Japanese seller on eBay.

        • ooh what does 'radio controlled' mean?

          Also at 0.92kg, it's a chunky banana

          • @andresampras: It has radio time sync so you never have to worry about time drift (if you live in a country that provides the service).

  • Can someone please give me some advice on this?

    I sweat a lot, so fabric watch bands don't really work me (I really like them though). On top of that, my arms are hairy, so the metal ones keep pulling my hair. Do you have any suggestions?

    Please note that I haven't had a watch for 20 years (and therefore am unaware if the new band watches don't pull hair).

    • +1

      A good metal band won't pinch your wrist hairs. You've probably been accustomed to crappy rolled-link watches which do nip and catch arm hairs.

      Another alternative is to go for a watch with a metal mesh band (or buy a watch and buy a cheap metal mesh band from aliexpress).

    • Buy 2 NATO straps and wash them every so often using the other in the meantime?

      • Thanks

      • I don't get the appeal of nato straps.

        I think the originals are the MN straps by Erika, which are made from old parachutes. https://erikasoriginals.com/

        But yeah the way I have seen them, they are just a solo loop which goes through both lugs. So the only thing holding them in place is the friction?
        e.g. wouldn't the watch case especially if it's heavier just slide around a bit?

        Also I noticed you mentioned washing them regularly lol. Not sure about the parachute material but yeah fabric does get smelly quick.

    • +2

      some sort of high-quality rubbery material (a la Apple watch bands) should be good for dealing with lots of sweat

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