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Prima Taste Laksa Lamian $3.60 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Experience authentic Singaporean Laksa; a multicultural blend of herbs and spices; simmered together in a delightful coconut gravy that will bring a smile to your face. For a more indulgent meal, add seafood, chicken, boiled eggs, bean sprouts, and fried beancurd.

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  • +5

    Malaysian Laksa > Singaporean Laksa

    • -6

      Do you even laksa?

      • +1

        I Laksa, Nasi Lemak, rendang, roti canai , ramly burger, nonya dishes, Bak kut teh, etc.

        • -4

          Well, you are probably biased then, given the mention of ramly, and roti canai instead of prata.

          • +3

            @jecec: I’ve worked on Singapore and Malaysia for many years . I’ve found Malaysian food much more enjoyable than Singaporean .

            But bear in mind I’m Vietnamese Chinese so my preference isn’t biased towards the country but from experience of eating there .

          • @jecec: Singaporean bak kut teh was like the worst I've ever tried. It's bland and tastes really porky in a bad way compared to Malaysian bkt

            And their mee goreng is weird.

            And their laksa is pretty weird too.

            The Penang white curry mee is a better instant "laksa" imo

      • only uncultured gweilous will be fooled by Singaporean laksa, no flavour.

  • Fantastic! Thanks

  • +5

    My local Asian grocer used to do 3 packs for $5 as the regular price before they caught onto the fact that that was the regular retail price for one.

  • +9


    I bought 6, would buy more but don’t want to be a broden. Seriously worth a try at $3.60. No it’s not instant. Yes I do recommend adding meatball (my fav is the Chinese royal kitchen brand) and fried tofu puff (u need to rinse with water and wring dry before adding the tofu in).Veggies ehhhh. Maybe a bit of fresh bean sprout.

    • +11

      Don't worry, if anyone miss out, they can get it from Woolworths for the same price.

      • +1

        I will order another 6 then haha it will be a good week of work snacks

    • u need to rinse with water and wring dry before adding the tofu in

      I've never done this before. Is it necessary? Does this explain why I get diarrhoea everytime I make Laksa because I didn't rinse the fried puff tofu? 😣

      • Not sure if necessary but the brand I get specifies to do it and my mum always told me to do it as a kid learning - prob has something to do with it being porous

        As for diarrhoea, maybe it’s the shrimp flavouring? Or spice?

        • +1

          I think it is something in the paste that doesn't agree with me 😔. I've tried two different brands (one Singaporean one that's sealed in a foil pack and one that's in a jar), same outcome. It's a shame, I really love my Laksa.

          • +4

            @Lizard Spock: Shame :( nothing better than a laksa in cold weather

          • +2

            @Lizard Spock: Ditch the oil or try to drain the oil back to the bottle, those oil are used to preserved the paste underneath. After water boiling try to scoop out the orange color oil that floating near the top of the pot. I used to have similar symptom on Laksa but improve after ditching those oil that came with the paste.

            • +3

              @dlovep: I'll give it a go (2 days before a work day, just in case). I will report back ☺️👍🏽

              • +1

                @Lizard Spock: I also always rinsw the noodles once cooked And add fresh water again for the final soup liquid and all the pouches.

          • +2

            @Lizard Spock: You're probably right about the paste. The richness of all the spices may be overloading your gut. The oil may also be working against you or even the coconut (fats). Drain the noodles and use fresh water for the soup and skim oil off the top. Could also be the preservatives and other in the paste. Do you get ill if you have Laksa in a restaurant or just the packet ones?

            • +1

              @cookie2: Mild diarrhoea from restaurant Laksa vs severe from jar or packet paste Laksa at home.

  • Are these better than the "Mr. CHEN'S Malaysian Curry Laksa Kit 605g" kits? https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B08JHV8HQT

    I got one on sale for $2.68 in march and they were pretty good.

    • Dang didn’t know this is a thing, mr chen does bomb AF dumplings. Surely the laksa would be good too?

    • This one next level

  • Which one do they offer without seafood? I've heard they're some of the best noodles in the game but I've only seen the seafood flavoured ones

    • +1

      There is Curry.

  • Thanks. I will add herbs and garnishes

  • +1


  • Seems like it may be over, cant check out

  • +1

    Nooo didn’t get my second lot of 6 🥲

  • +1

    Looks like one pack has 50% of the recommended daily fat intake and 90% of daily sodium intake…

  • +1

    The whole grain one is 🔥 wish it was on special too.

  • 99 cents in Singapore

    • Claim TRS ?

  • +1

    Great with the marinara mix from colesworth deli

  • Damn missed out

    • +1

      Post above get it from Woolie.

  • +1

    Sorry to disappoint people… but this taste nothing like singapore (katong) laksa. Its more like malaysian curry laksa.

  • How’s this compared to Tean’s Kari Laksa paste?

  • Can confirm. This is god tier Laksa.

  • Ordered at start of Deal.
    Cancelled - not delivered until late Aug.

    Picking up this week @Woolies for same price, buying with points & 10% discount.

  • Found plenty of stock at some Woolies.
    Sale ends tonight.

    Had 1 for breakfast - added frozen prawns & shredded greens (leeks, spring onions, etc). Delicious. Went back to Woolies for more.

    Bought 14 packs today in local store @$3.24 after 10% off & paid with Rewards points.

    Better than waiting 3 weeks for Amazon to deliver my order!

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