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Salt&Pepper Kringle Tree Plate 17.5x20cm and Spreader in Pink $5 / (RRP $19.95) + $9.95 Delivery ($0 C&C/ $99 Order) @ MYER


It's $10 on the site, but once added to the cart it comes down to $5

It's a really cute plate that I can imagine would be quite fun to use on Christmas day, maybe when you leave out the biscuits and milk for Santa!

There's also a Green/Aqua star plate with a contrasting red-handled spreader that looks fun

In stock at Liverpool, Albury

"..Step into a world where holiday enchantment comes alive with our exquisite Kringle Tree Plate 17.5x20cm and Spreader in Pink—a true treasure that weaves a tale of wonder on Christmas morning.

As the soft glow of dawn breaks on that magical day, the scene unfolds like a scene from a storybook. The table is set in a winter wonderland theme, adorned with twinkling lights and shimmering ornaments that seem to dance in anticipation. And there, at the heart of it all, sits the Kringle Tree Plate, a delicate canvas for the holiday delights that are about to unfold.

Imagine this: Santa, the jolly old soul himself, takes a momentary pause from his bustling deliveries & full sack. With a twinkle in his eye and a merry chuckle, he searches his legendary sack not for just any gifts, but for something truly extraordinary—the Kringle Tree Plate. And there it is, nestled among the presents, radiating warmth and charm, a secret ingredient to Santa's Christmas joy.

With a flourish, Santa places the Kringle Tree Plate at the center of the table. The delicate pink hue of the plate becomes a backdrop for the enchanting feast that follows. Morsels of joy, like gingerbread cookies crafted by the North Pole's finest bakers, snowflake-shaped pastries filled with luscious cream that rivals the fluffiest snow, and finger sandwiches that taste like bites of holiday nostalgia—all find their place on this magical canvas.

But there's more to this tale. Santa, with his merry twinkle and rosy cheeks, takes up the included spreader, its handle adorned with delicate holiday motifs. With each playful spread of frosting, dollop of jam, or layer of cream, he creates edible masterpieces that rival even the most magnificent snow sculptures.

And here, amidst the festive feast, a wondrous transformation occurs. The Kringle Tree Plate emits a soft, inviting glow, casting a warm ambiance that envelopes the table. Laughter and stories flow freely, hearts open wide, and even Santa himself finds a moment to savor the delicious delights spread before him.

Throughout the day, the Kringle Tree Plate continues to play its magical role—a centerpiece of joy, connection, and shared moments. It becomes a focal point for unwrapping gifts and discovering surprises, each touch a reminder of the enchanting Christmas spirit that binds loved ones together.

As the day gently fades into evening and the last crumbs are savored, the Kringle Tree Plate remains—a cherished keepsake, a memento of the wondrous day when Santa himself paused to share in the joy it brought. This holiday season, let the Kringle Tree Plate 17.5x20cm and Spreader in Pink be the star of your celebrations, a conduit for enchantment that brings loved ones closer, turning every bite into a memory and every moment into a cherished tale.

In the heart of the North Pole, where snowflakes dance on icy breezes and laughter fills the air, a magical tale unfolds—the extraordinary journey that brings to life the exquisite Kringle Tree Plate 17.5x20cm and Spreader in Pink.

As the year draws to a close and the whispers of Christmas grow stronger, a hushed excitement envelops the workshops of Santa's merry elves. Guided by twinkling starlight and fueled by the spirit of the season, they embark on a quest to gather the rare and wondrous ingredients that will transform into the very essence of enchantment.

First, deep within the enchanted Frostberry Forest, the elves seek out the elusive Pink Frostberries. These delicate berries, glowing with a subtle rosy hue, are known to harbor a touch of magic within their sweetness. Giggling with delight, the elves carefully pluck each berry, knowing that their essence will infuse the Kringle Tree Plate with an ethereal glow.

Next, the journey takes them to the Celestial Meadows, where the Stardust Daisies bloom only on the eve of winter solstice. These shimmering blossoms, with petals as soft as moonlight, are gently harvested by the elves under the watchful gaze of Mrs. Claus. Her knowing smile imparts a maternal touch of love and warmth to every petal, ensuring that the essence of care and connection will find its way onto the plate.

But the ingredients aren't solely botanical. In the heart of the Arctic Caves, the elves uncover the sparkling sugar crystals that will form the base of the plate's exquisite design. With delicate precision, they mine these crystals, knowing that their glimmer will reflect the joy and wonder of the holiday season.

And let us not forget the reindeer, whose magic and strength play a vital role. Guided by the enigmatic and wise Rudolph, the reindeer soar through the winter night, bringing forth the cool, crisp air that will perfectly frame the Kringle Tree Plate's enchantment. Their boundless energy infuses the plate with the spirit of adventure and the thrill of flying high.

As each ingredient is lovingly collected, the elves return to their workshop, a symphony of joy in their hearts. With skillful hands and boundless imagination, they combine the Pink Frostberries, Stardust Daisies, sparkling sugar crystals, and the essence of the reindeer's flight into a magical mixture that becomes the heart and soul of the Kringle Tree Plate.

Mrs. Claus, her eyes sparkling with wisdom and tenderness, oversees the transformation. With a touch that only she possesses, she weaves the essence of love, joy, and togetherness into every inch of the plate, ensuring that it will become a vessel of enchantment for all who gather around it.

As the creation nears its completion, the elves gather for a moment of reflection. With a touch of seriousness, they issue a gentle reminder to all who will use the Kringle Tree Plate: "Remember, dear users, that though this plate is a conduit of enchantment, its magic is amplified when you heed one caution— "if you buy both items, never let the bowls touch." They share an earnest look, conveying the importance of this guidance in preserving the plate's extraordinary essence.

And so, the journey of wonder culminates with the creation of the Kringle Tree Plate 17.5x20cm and Spreader in Pink. A masterpiece born from the magic of the North Pole, a testament to the love and care that Santa's helpers pour into every facet of the holiday season. As you welcome this plate into your home, you invite the very heart of Christmas—the laughter, the joy, the connection—into every bite, creating memories that will linger like stars in the winter sky, all while cherishing the elves' sage advice to "never let the bowls touch."

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    Santa ?

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      That's what she said.

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      Santa? I hardly knew her!

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    i swear these Christmas sales start earlier each year

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      This is clearing out stock from last Christmas.

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    Salt&Pepper Kringle Tree Plate

    You can use this for cake too, not just salt & pepper.

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    This post is a complete work of art. Well done!

    • Thank you werdplaya58, may your Christmas spirit never be dulled!


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