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Coles Smokey BBQ or Korean Peanut & Cashews 800g $1 (Save $8) @ Coles


I almost forgot and ticked the freebie box. It's so cheap that it feels like free πŸ˜„

Coles Smokey BBQ Peanut & Cashews | 800g $1 (Save $8)

Please leave some for me. I am going for shopping tomorrow.

Edit: Coles Korean Cashew And Peanut Mix | 800g also available for $1
Special Thanks to Pricehipster.

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  • That can't be right!

    • But it is…

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        I bet my coles will have a grand total of 0 available. At least they will once I'm finished.

        • I checked few locations around me. Looks stock around. But it might be a mistake on pricing. $1 it's cheap as.

        • +1

          Buy online and tick substitute, if out of stock then they might offer you other varieties which still cost more than $1.

          • +1

            @Richardc: They just cancelled my order straightaway when most items in my order are OOS. Frustrated by Coles

            • @BruceJack: It depends store by store, I use click & collect so I can choose the store with better shopping experience.

  • In store only?

    • You can order online but there is a minimum spend for click and collect.

      • -1

        Add other items even if you don't want just to be eligible for click and collect and return the additional items and take refund at the time collecting it.

        • I know Woolies got funny about returning items after COVID. Is Coles like that too?

  • There must be something wrong with this Peanuts?

  • +14


    Contains Cashew, PEANUTS

    • Obviously πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚

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      Aha surprised they need this, someone must've taken a peanut manufacturer to court for selling them a peanut

  • -3

    Product of Mixed Origin

    So they don't know the source ???

    • +3

      Regardless of the source it going to my stomach. I hope there will be some left for me tomorrow when I will go for grocery shopping.

      • I hope there will be some left for me tomorrow when I will go for grocery shopping.

        Click & Collect ?

        • +1

          I like to pick my own groceries. Plus I may not spend the spending limit for Click & collect.

      • +1

        You probably should have posted after buying them and not before.

        • +21

          It's ok. I like sharing. If it's not meant to be it's not meant to be.

        • It was also on the Price Hipster alert. I almost posted it too :)

  • Thanks OP - that’s a great deal

      • I’ve tasted cashews and peanuts before, see below - seasoning can be sieved or mixed.

  • +3

    Live from Civic store in ACT. Nothing smokey. Not available.

    • Too healthy in here. Only roasted, honey and natural

      • Honey-coated nuts are not a healthy type, unless you limit your daily intake to less than 5-6 nuts πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

    • Gunners is flat dry too

  • Couldn't find them at my local

    • +3

      You're just saying that so we don't go to the local. I'm still going to the local anyway.

  • +4

    This offers nuts.

    • I was waiting for that comment πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„

    • +17

      Hmmmm… sounds a bit weird without the apostrophe.

  • +2

    Love these , purchased 4 packs about a month ago when they went down to about $3.
    Usually kept near the potatoes onion section of your Coles.

  • Thanks OP, meals for next 12 months sorted

  • same issue with iphone xr buy ..

    Something went wrong
    Sorry, we couldn't place your order. Try again later, and if that doesn't work contact Customer Care.

  • +1

    No option to add to cart? This is WA though.

    • Try a different store. You can change location on the website. I have 4 or 5 Coles around me.

      • no luck :(

  • +2

    Only "shop similar" button and that linked to all other full priced nuts.

  • Price of the nuts is nuts

  • +5

    Cashew to Peanut ratio in these is about 1:99. Still a bargain.

  • +2

    Deez nutzzz….!

  • Sodium 290mg per 100g

    That's a bit of a salt hit. If you choose this over an unsalted variety, all the more reason to keep your daily portion very low.

    • +3

      Put nuts in a sieve. Shake… problem solved.

      • +1

        Maybe better to steep in vinegar or lemon juice overnight? 😏

    • +2

      You can be a bit clever with salted nuts like this (especially when the price is so low) e.g, add to a stir fry or rice dish and not otherwise add salt, mix with unsalted nuts or add to a salad with oil/vinegar (but not salt)

      • +1

        Or just wash in water if adding to sweet bake recipes, the water will bake off, did this today when i needed 7 extra almonds, stole them from the bhuja mix πŸ˜…

    • +1

      i think the threshold for dialysis people is 400mg/100g, i often look out of curiosity, there isnt that much with less

  • Dang gone

  • Review: If you find that it is OOS, don't worry, I didn't miss much; IMO test is not great. I must add lemon and cashews to improvise the test for those evening whisky sessions. IMO, the plain peanuts from ALDI is way better.

  • +1

    Not in the DoorDash app for Coles.

  • Heading to Coles now..

    • hopefully they have it same price for $1 in store as well, please report back if you find it. Thank you in advance.

      • Bahaha… Nothing in the store I stopped by.. everything else other than this is available.
        The guy said they probably don't stock it..I was wondering how do they do click and collect, because there was an option to add to basket with that store selected….!

  • +4

    Placed 12 bags of NUTS and some other stuff to bump up to $50.50 for click&collect tomorrow morning, let see what they will substitute if they do not have stock.

    • +1

      I did exactly the same and am hoping for some nice substitutes.

      • +1

        Hoping is free :)

      • I got zero nuts.
        Reminds me of a joke.
        What do u call nuts on your chest? (Chestnuts) What do you call nuts on the wall? (Walnuts) What do you call nuts on your chin?

    • no substitute available, only given other stuffs I ordered, so NO NUTS.

      • might have gotten lucky with mine. got 12 x roasted peanuts and cashews as subs

    • I got 2x 350g bags of honey cashews for substitute! Nice!
      %Coles Smokey BBQ Peanut & Cashews 800g Out of Stock 1 0 1.00 0
      %Coles Honey Cashews 350g Substitute 0 2 8.00 1.00

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Couldn't find the Smokey BBQ flavour at Richmond or Prahran in Victoria, but the latter had Korean BBQ flavour which scanned at the same price. There's 1 pack left.

  • I wonder what the expiry/best before date is, can anyone confirm?

  • +7

    I work at a reasonably busy Coles and we got these in about a ~year ago and I legitimately do not remember if we got another crate of it outside of the initial shipment. They have not moved at all. I dare say they're so cheap because they're going to be deleted? Will check tomorrow.

    • well 9 bucks for peanuts with the worst flavour ( being smokey anything) i imagine yeah they wouldnt leave the shelf, howlong do products have to sit before being decided to clear at low low price?

      • +1

        Usually for the big visit or audit or stocktake, they decide to clear at low low price.

    • +5

      Username checks out!

  • I can't find a way to add them to cart? Created an account, set store, even time for pick up, still can't see an add to cart button

    • +1

      Ok worked it out, seems that the show didn't have any in stock, changed through a few shops and found one. Isn't really clear, the add to card button just changes to 'similar items'

  • Currently unavailable for me (QLD)

  • +1

    I had those a couple of monthe ago. They were horrible as if they were months after best before date. For $1 one could give it a try and could compost if they didn’t like it.

    • +1

      Might kill off any plants you put that compost on. Better to donate it to a local food bank

  • +1

    Horrible so salty and burnt soy sauce taste.

  • Nothing in my local store.

    • Same here, none at my local 😒

  • I think it's meant to be $8 save $1

    It won't be priced at $1 in store.

    • People have literally bought it in store for $1.

      Like Cachew earlier, my local has had this range sitting around for months gathering dust. No doubt it's getting within a couple of months of it's Best Before date now and Coles are clearing them out,

      • Ahh apologies I missed that.

      • Ones I bought are 28 Feb next year, so still over 6 months.

        • 31 October 2023 for the stock at my local.

  • Ah awesome deal Scrooge

  • $1 is cost price
    No where to be found in store

  • Can’t find any in SA

  • good price

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