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Apple Airtag 4 Pack $144.99 Delivered or $139.99 in store @ Costco (Membership Required)


These are $165 from Apple for a 4 pack so a good saving if you already shop at Costco.
They are also available in store at Costco for $139.99
They have cardboard tokens on the shelf you take to the checkout, get a docket then take it to their merchandise pickup area behind the checkouts.
Other places offered cheaper than Apple
$149 Woolworths https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/1074386058 (via Mydeal)

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    If you don't have a Costco membership, it has been $145 Delivered on MyDeal for some time now:


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    • I saw digidirect marked as expired before posting this. Perhaps you could post that deal if it's back on sale again.

    • Use code VETERANS10 and you get $10 off. I paid $123 delivered the other day from DigiDirect

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    I got a set from digiDirect for $132 last week, should be getting here tomorrow


    • Do you know if I can price beat this at office works? On the website they don’t sell Airtag.

      • On the digitdirect ozbargain post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/14021784/redir someone said officeworks wouldn't price match that deal before it expired.

        • I called around a few OW. They don’t stock AirTags. Such a shame. I might see if JB Hi-Fi or some other store price match. I need more than 1 pack.

          • @1bargain: I think it was only those that pre-ordered airtags from JB that got them. JB and similar stores suddenly took them off the shelves and decided not to sell them because of the safety issue related to be batteries being too easy for kids to remove and swallow.

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    Cheaper as listed above.

  • I got these for $135 delivered yesterday (didn't realise it was a deal so didn't think to post it). I got from MyDeal.com.au (which sells for $145), via the app you get $10 off (using code: SHOPAPP) so cost $135. No need for some poxie weird membership and cheaper.

    • It's possible to do better, if you have a Commbank Credit Card and Woolies Rewards card (see below)

      • Oh good, even better!

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    getting it shipped from costco so i don't have to wait in line for hours during the weekend.

  • It's possible to get these for effectively $115 net (inc $5 Rewards points) delivered.

    • Order via MyDeal - $145
    • Use SHOPAPP code (with a new account) on the app for $10 off
    • Payment via Commonwealth Credit Card with current $15 cashback for $100 MyDeal spend in Commbank Rewards
    • 1000 Everyday Rewards points for first $100 purchase on MyDeal (worth $5)

    MyDeal now also emailed me another $10 code (probably unique) that I can use on a future purchase.

  • I really like these things, got 3 to track some items.
    I wish they made one thin enough to put in a wallet card slot. Its a shame the 3rd party ones dont offer replacement or rechargeable batteries.

    • One of the thin card chipolo alternatives is $60 and can be replaced for half the replacement cost which could be around $30 which is way more expensive than Airtags and CR2032 batteries. The 3rd party ones would also be a lot harder to find without ultrawideband for more precise location detection.
      Airtags are about the same thickness as three one dollar coins so still fit in the coin compartment of larger wallets.

      • I don't carry a coin compartment :-(

  • Is it worth consider getting Mili Mitags for $23.33 each (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/796070) compared to these Apple AirTags that works out around $34 each?

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      I have both. The MiTag is smaller than the Airtag on the keyring but the airtag without holder is smaller in the wallet.
      The MiTag has battery level indication in the Find My App but Apple removed the battery level indicator for AirTags except for when they need replacing.
      AirTags have ultrawideband which is useless to me at the moment but will be handy in a couple of years when I upgrade to an iPhone that also has ultrawideband.
      AirTags have a bug where they chime on the way to work of a morning if you leave them in the car overnight. Hoping MiTags don't have the same bug.
      MiTags are safer around babies and toddlers as the battery is harder to get out. The cover on AirTags comes off surprisingly easily so you can accidentally lose the battery cover and battery.

  • Someone reported this deal as "Expired/Sold out/Closed" but it still shows as current on their website.
    Perhaps the wrong deal was flagged accidentally.
    The similar MiTag deal does show as out of stock on the Costco website so that has been marked as out of stock.

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