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Reolink RLK8-822D4-A 8MP PoE Security Camera System with 3x Optical Zoom $809.27 (Was $1078.99) Delivered @ Reolink

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Original price: $ 1078.99
Now: $ 809.27
Savings: 25%

Get it here: Reolink RLK8-822D4-A

Key Features
* 4K 8MP Ultra HD
* 3X Optical Zoom
* Two-Way Audio
* 100ft Night Vision
* 8-Channel NVR
* 2-year warranty
* Recording: 1)Micro SD Card, not included; 2)FTP; 3)Reolink NVR, included.

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  • Whats the best price for RLC-833A and RLK8-520D4-5MP?

  • Is there much point going poe system vs a solar camera system?

    I only want to record and notify on movement detection, not continuous 24 hr recording.

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      Winter cloud coverage can struggle to keep even the most power efficient devices charged.
      Solar wireless is going to generally have a delay before detecting movement and recording or alerting. Quite a few of the various brands have issues with missed short motion events.
      It has its place but should only be considered if wired is impossible, highly impractical or you cannot justify the cost.
      Poe is extremely more reliable with the added benefit of being able to power cycle from a central location.

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      I agree poe is the way to go. Solar cameras are a supplementary system if you want

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      Do you really want to record on motion? You tend to get a lot of unwanted recordings that way - animals, bugs, trees blowing in the wind, litter - they all count as motion and will give you tons of false alerts. What you really want is "smart recording" when people or vehicles are in the camera's view. And ideally, with some level of sensitivity tuning so you can get exactly what you need.

      Solar cameras can do this, but ones that are any good are pretty expensive. And unless you can locate them in optimal places, they're still likely to need taking down and manually recharging on a regular basis. Which means you will probably need to carefully re-aim them again when putting them back. On top of that, many solar/battery cameras are trying very hard to sip power to yield long battery life, which means they sometimes miss triggers or wake up too late to record the beginning of an incident.

      This is why wired cameras are preferred for all commercial and industrial installations. There is some level of effort/cost for installation, but the reilability and performance are better.

      Honestly, this particular package is probably overkill - you probably don't need two-way audio and 3x optical zoom. They're nice to have, but you can go for a cheaper package with the 820A cameras (no zoom or speaker) and get near-identical results.

      • Reolink has very good AI. You can set it to notify only on human and or vehicle detection so you wont be bombarded with say, the annoying cat from the neighbours house. It has been pretty accurate. Was a swann user and trust me their notifications are as often as the weatherman gets the forecast wrong. Useless bs.

      • Thanks for info. Will be building next year, so will ask the builder to run the cabling but then get my own system. What they want to charge for a poe camera system is ridiculous. So far I haven't had any issues with the solar reolink. Doesn't always connect straight away to the app, but aside from that has been pretty reliable so far.

        • Their poe system is very reliable. Have changed my set once so far and got a few mates onto it as well and all are happy. Poe system is the way to go and you can add a ups to it unlike other systems where thugs cut the power and enter after a smoko

          Edit - upgraded not changed. No issues thus far just wanted to update my system

      • Do you have the link for the "cheaper package"? Thanks,

      • @klaw81 Do you have the link for the "cheaper package"? Thanks,

        • I had a look, and the deal I was referring to has expired :-(

          The package I was referring is this: https://m.reolink.com/au/product/rlk8-800d4/?attribute_pa_ve…

          But the price on that package is nearly identical to the OP's deal, and this deal has slightly better cameras.

          You might be able to do slightly better than that on eBay with the current 15% off deal.

  • Does Swann nvr camera works on reolink nvr?

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      No it does not. Swan cameras are proprietary crap so theyre not interchangeable. Reolink uses standard poe so you can replace cameras for any poe cameras down the road, flexibility for the win

  • Just DIYed my Reolink system yesterday, so far so good.

  • If you aren't DIY savvy who do you get to install these? Data cablers to run the POE?

    • Yep, or more generally, an Electrician (most should have their ACMA restricted cabling license).

  • really waiting on a 16channel deal!

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