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$30 off Minimum $50 Grocery Delivery Order @ Uber Eats


Found it in the promotions section of Uber Eats under account in the app

This offer is for $30 off your next order for groceries from a participating store in the ‘Grocery’ category via the Uber Eats app, where each order value of groceries is $50 or more (excluding fees and excluded items) (Offer). This Offer excludes alcohol and pharmaceutical items. Service Fee applies to orders delivered by Uber Eats and is based on total order value (including excluded items) before promotion is applied. The amount of $30 will be deducted from your total order value as a promotion at checkout. Limits may apply to an order size. To redeem this Offer, open the Uber Eats app, search for a participating store in the ‘Grocery’ category, add 1 or more grocery items to your cart totaling $50 or more (excluding fees and excluded items), check the Offer has been applied at checkout, and then place your order. To accept this Offer, you must successfully complete an order redeeming the Offer in accordance with these terms. Limited to intended recipients only. You may redeem this Offer once only. The promo code will be automatically applied to your account. Subject to stock availability, operating hours and availability of participating merchants in your area via the Uber Eats app. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. Offer may be withdrawn at any time. Valid only in Australia where Uber Eats is available. Offer expires at 11:59PM AEST on 30 Sept 2023, unless withdrawn earlier.

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    Is uber eats app and website down? I can't open the app or webpage to check if I have this deal

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      App not loading for me either

    • Yeah something's up. managed to open the app but getting a ton of error messages.

  • Should mention if item/items are out of stock and not supplied meaning your total drops below min spend after the fact they will adjust your account accordingly.

    • From past experience, they would still honour the $30 discount. They failed to do that once - I reached out to Help and they refunded me at the end (took few days)

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    Oh wow, just used it yesterday and now there's another one. Thanks OP!

  • Not in mine, must be targeted :(

  • Pro tip:

    Go to your local Coles where the order will be delivered from and see what is OOS (oil is usually good). Add however many of OOS items to your cart to get to total to as close to $20 as you can, and then $30+ of whatever you actually want. Your total will be $20 (maybe a bit more depending what you order) + fees after your discount is applied. When the shopper gets there, they'll see that the oil is OOS and mark it as such. You'll get a full refund for the OOS item and get to keep your discount code. If you spent exactly $50 and $20 is OOS, then you'll only be paying the service fee for your items

    • You'll get a full refund for the OOS item and get to keep your discount code.

      Wdym by this? Like I can use it again for another order?

      I usually do the latter you mentioned (spend $50 and $20 OOS) so basically get $30 worth of groceries delivered for a small fee.

      • Oops, keep your discount code value*

        • I see. But spending $50 with $20 OOS would be the best way to maximise it, no?

          • @foxes28: Correct! Total should only be a few dollars after adjustment. Oils are usually my go to as often OOS at my local

    • Ok to save 20$, goto the coles to find oos items 😂 man what is your times worth? Nothing?

      • Nah do it while doing my normal shopping and then uber eats my $30 of snacks hahah

  • I never get these offers!

  • +2

    Also note it’s not coles picking your order it’s a random Uber driver and they have no idea what they are doing and they don’t care about you or coles reputation. I used this deal recently and it was a nightmare. The Uber driver literally walks around finding the things, pays for it himself, and gives you the receipt. It’s a joke of a system I don’t know why coles would allow it

    • Lmao, I placed my order like 20 mins ago. Did mostly normal stuff except for 3 items. Am now concerned it'll be wildly inaccurate (in terms of the uber driver not being able to find the items in their locations)

      • +1

        I’m sure it will be fine mate I just want people to know how it actually works so they understand

        • +1

          No it was wrong.

          3 of the items were:
          Thins salt and vinegar X 1
          Thins original x 1
          Nestlé Milky Bar block x 1

          The uber driver said both the salt and vinegar and original were out of stock and gave me replacements.

          On top of that he said the milky Bar block is out of stock but didn't even replace. All items were marked as replaceable too.

          I found this odd, so I managed to get through to the store who confirmed that the chips etc are in stock.

          Absolutely stupid service. On top of that the uber driver wanted me to come down to collect even though I wrote to meet at door.

          I've just written to uber eats through their support requesting refunds - it would have been way less of a headache if I just went myself.

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            @eltito: If things are half price then the uber driver will just be checking on the shelf for the item. All popular specials (especially half price) will be located on an end cap or display elsewhere, which is why it is showing as in stock for coles. Also stock levels will show stock out the back too. Next time put in your notes that they will be located at the ends of the aisle (chips usually front of store). Did you get charged extra for the replacements if they were more expensive?

            • @nicholasv: So now it's my job to tell them where to go within Coles through the notes section? I'm not trying to be rude, but surely you can see my point of view?

              The replacements was the same brand - so same priced chips.

              Also, the Nestle block could have easily been replaced by any other block - no idea what went wrong here.

              Absolutely annoyed at this poor level of service. Uber got back to me and said no refund due to items being replaced, but my argument is that the original items are indeed in stock, it's not my fault the guy can't do his job correctly.

              I don't know where to go from this, I can head down myself with the items I don't want and get it refunded/exchanged. I'm also annoyed that I'm unable to leave feedback for the driver. It gave me the option at the start but as I was trying find support, I skipped it and unable to leave feedback now.

              The topping was him telling me to come down to collect the order.

              • @eltito: No I totally agree that it isn't your job to tell them where items are, but just leaving the note will let them know in case they are unaware. If I was being a driver then I would definitely go to the end and check but maybe that's just me. I'd send a message to uber support about it and hopefully they can do something for you

          • @eltito: Sorry to hear that. I hope you get your refunds. This service is stupid

      • I did a shop from Spudshed for 13ish items, got all of them and the price was spot on from when i ordered so was pretty pleased, and they got 3 paper bags that I didnt see a charge for so i thought it was done by the shop lol. I didnt see anywhere that let me view the actual receipt though

    • +1

      Yeah I second this. If you get a crappy driver who dgaf, they will more likely screw your orders. I'm not pissed as much if they got the wrong item, because Uber will refund me if I complain about it and I get to keep the item. The worst part is if the driver said an item is unavailable but it's more like they just cbbs to find it.

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    Beware. I asked OOS item to refund, it didn't care and just put alternative item no matter what.
    I was expecting $39 for the order, I got charged $56 with discount.
    They just put the exat amount from the receipt as a "adjustment" even though there are items you don't want.
    You need to go Coles and return&refund if you don't wanna pay useless thing which meant there is no point using delivery system.

    • +1

      That adjustment my problem, the driver claims he “accidentally” scanned two cartons of coke even though I only got 1. No one knows this except the receipt holder as like you say it’s just a “adjustment” on Ubers system. Half a day of arguing with Uber for a refund of the over charges. I had other issues as well. He probably kept the extra case of coke

  • The Uber driver forgot to include the Coles receipt in the bag. I was not sure what the rules were, so I contacted Uber Eats. It seemed that he should have given me the receipt. Perhaps he scanned his Flybuys card and didn't want me to see it, which is fine with me. He can benefit from it if I can't.

    • The receipt is very important as it’s the basis for any adjustments they make to your Uber bill and without it you’ve got nothing to argue

      • I also did not get the receipt, and I was charged an adjustment fees. Uber told me that the items you bought were not the same price in store. I bought baby formula which was 30 each, total 60 and 4.75 adjustments lol I did not care as there was like a 30$ discount and I got a free delivery too. But I won't order it as a normal order! Can use prime.

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