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Samsonite Oc2lite Suitcase 75cm 20% off: $260 (or 45,360 Points or Points+Pay Combo) + $12 Shipping @ Qantas Marketplace


I just bought one of these for $272 all up delivered.

Pretty decent suitcase if you're looking for something not too expensive and light.


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    Coincidentally I got this one and thought it was great value:


    • Will this get on any Qantas flights? Qantas has a 158cm limit for total dimensions of a single luggage on an international flight. This one you bought is 167cm. I'm keen on this bag, but I want to take it on Qantas. Does anyone know how closely Qantas monitors luggage size?

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        I don't think I've ever seen any airline ever monitor checked luggage size unless its obviously oversize. Anything that still looks like it could be bought as a large suitcase from a store is probably not going to get a second look.

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        Never had an issue on Qantas flying regularly with larger suitcases. I've got a bunch of upcoming flights on other airlines internationally and they all seem to have similar rules which is a little worrying but Google seems to suggest most airlines don't enforce those rules if it's still a reasonable size and not something outrageous.

      • I took a flight with Qantas last month, internal flight, and they were checking WEIGHT. not SIZE. Anyone over 7kg had to check them in.

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          Anyone over 7kg had to check them in.

          I doubt anyone under 7kg would even have their own suitcase.

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        Qantas not accepting a bag they sell would be ultimate Qantas.

    • Interesting, Always wanted to try a hard shell suitcase, havent had one in decades. Also is larger than the normal samsonites and Antlers i seem to get my hands on. I find all my 4 wheeler suitcases i have bought in the past decade seem smaller than the suitcases i used to have before then even though i am buying the largest size they had in that model.

  • Is this like a week away or weekend away suitcase?

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      A week: 75cm is in the "Large" category (around 75-80cm). "Medium" (mid- 60cm) for a weekend / midweek works for me anyway

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      This is more like weeks to months, go a backpack for a week or less

  • this? Or Kmart el cheapo for check in luggage?

    Samsonite don’t do warehouse sale anymore :/

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      I recently got some luggage from TK Maxx - no regrets 😊
      (and half the price)

    • Really? I've been holding out to replace my beat up suitcase

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      The risk of el cheap luggage breaking mid trip is enough to avoid it. Antler, American Tourister, or Samsonite are the only brands I will buy personally.

      • I had two of my American Touristers crack, the Samsonite said not to be polycarbonate cases as the cold in the cargo hold makes them brittle. Polypropylene is the material to get, which this is.

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      So i used to just buy Kmart luggage as they’re like 100 bucks for the large 75cm ones. I found them to be very bad quality and the wheels broke after just one trip. This one will likely last me longer and is lighter than the others I’ve looked at in this price range, thus value for money

  • hard case with a clasp for check in.

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    Use code QANTAS10 for further 10% off

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      Sigh I wish I saw this earlier…

    • Thank you ! Just in time :-)

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    Weight: 4.1kg

    Not really light if you ask me.

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      I agree, American tourister airconic is a better option, weighs only 3.2kg

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    Got it last year @ Amazon for $234.50

    Amazing suitcase

    • Damn nice deal! Was it black friday or just a random sale?

      • Nah, super random. 25th Aug 22. Was monitoring it for a couple of months and then BAM!

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    Given that Chinese suppliers are the same, I recently bought the $99 Kmart for my missus, which looks identical…

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    Samsonite/American Tourister etc. VS Kmart or Ebay cheapy:

    Having travelled extensively for work over the past two+ decades, my experience in the last 10-15 years (since the shift away from actual hard-shell suitcases) has taught me the following:

    While even the expensive brands are prone to breaking, including issues with zippers and cracking of the case, they still outperform the cheaper options in several crucial ways. Notably, the cheaper, Kmart-style suitcases tend to fail much more rapidly, especially when it comes to their wheels.

    For someone like me who frequently travels with a fully packed and often heavy suitcase, this discrepancy in wheel quality makes all the difference.
    The ability to effortlessly guide a suitcase with one hand, as opposed to struggling to drag it behind you due to malfunctioning wheels, can make an enormous difference – particularly after a long flight, during a lengthy trek to a rental car park, and/or in hot/cold/rainy weather.

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    Available for $217.95 on the Iconic right now (until 10 pm) if you've never ordered from there before. Go through Shopback and use the promo code HEYICONIC50 at checkout.

    https://www.shopback.com.au/the-iconic Click the third option here under all discounts https://imgur.com/a/tfIVEES

    So it becomes $292.95 - $50 (coupon) - $25 (cashback)


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